Phasing out of business. Nothing lasts forever, including myself. I will be offering items that I never intended to part with. Virtually all that I have is available. You may even buy the building and most of its contents that houses my photo studio and machine shop. I get lots of compliments from visitors including tool and die makers, professional photograpers, artists, architects, etc. The building has 3 5X10' skylights (one of which is also a lightbox with 4800 watts of light available), a 3 car garage, a roof deck and a roof garden. Yes, I still buy and that is a habit I am trying to overcome.

Motor with Speed Reducer . 1/3 HP 110/220V motor with 30:1 ratio gives you lots of torque at a speed of 57.5RPM. All is working as it should. Quiet operation. Heavy and therefore expensive to ship. $300.

Spin fixture jig. Typically used to hold tool bits for grinding on a Tool and Cutter Grinder. 40S collets from 3/16 to 1/2". There is a lock on the revolving section that is used to load and unload tool bits. The revolving section revolves smoothly and freely. $400.

Bridgeport knee crank handle. Look at the item closely. I am guessing that it is probably for an older model Bridgeport mill. If you know differently, please inform me. There are 5 teeth surrounding the 5/8" diameter shaft, which has a groove running down the length of it. Modern Bridgeport knee cranks have 9 teeth and slip over a similar grooved 5/8" shaft and are ubiquitous. If you need one of these older cranks you will be glad to find it. $150.

Handle. Steel. 7 3/4" diameter. 3.5" high dish shape. 5/8-11TPI hole. Weighs 3#. $40

NEW 45* DOVETAIL CUTTER, 1 3/8" DIAMETER X 5/8" SHAFT. I opened the box just to photograph it for you. $60


45* DOVETAIL CUTTER, 1 5/16" DIAMETER X 5/8" SHAFT. USED. USEABLE. SHOWS LITTLE WEAR. SEE IMAGES. Other than an "M" on the flat of the shaft it is unmarked. $35

2 T-SLOT CUTTERS, 1 3/8" by 1/4" . 5/8" shanks. Staggered tooth design. Used. Sharp. It says on one shank "513015 I. T. W., 11-23-55". It says on the other "531264 I. T. W., T1, 4-11-57". Used. Show little use. $60.

T-SLOT CUTTERS, 3/4" by 3/8" . 5/8" shank. Staggered tooth design. Used. Sharp. Like new. It says on shank "TS-2521". It says on the other "531264 I. T. W., T1, 4-11-57". $40.

~3/4" BALL CUTTER. 3/4" shank. This came in covered in plastic. Possibly it is new. Used. Sharp. It says on the shank "418088-T-5, USAF". $150.

.9" DIAMETER CENTER DRILL. 5/8" shank. Nominaly 1", actually .9" diameter. $15.

Binks air pressure equipment. I have not used this. It came in with a lot of stuff. I do not know how well it works. Sold as-is. $40.

Compressed air tools. Dotco and Thor grinders. Weaver, ARO, Ingersold-Rand drills. Onsrud turbine motor. They came in with a lot of stuff. Some work. Some do not work. Some do not have fittings for testing. Sold as-is. $100.

1/2-13TPI Turnbolts. These are designed to be inserted from above into T-slots. Tightening a nut onto them locks them into the T-slot. These fit the 9/16" wide T-slots in my Clausing mill table. They fit my Universal rotary table. They fit the accessory T-slot table on my 15" Delta drill press. I am willing to trade some of them for 3/8-16TPI turnbolts.

GIANT HEAT SINK. 6' long. 8 3/4" wide. 1 1/2" thick. The top plate is .220" thick. The fins have a slight taper and are about 1/10" thick. The fins are about 1/2" on center. I guess it weighs about 50#. It is more than a heat sink. I bought it for possible use as a flat, lightweight, straight component for whatever project. $400.

STEEL CUTOFF BITS. Well ground cutoff bits; may need slight touch up of the cutting tip. 5" long, 7/16" wide, 3/4" high. These ferrous bits were cast, then ground only at the cutting tip. I believe they need to be hardened. $15 for one. 2 for $25.

FENCE FITTINGS or CONNECTORS. 1.7" nominal inside diameter. 78 aluminum + 5 steel connectors. A 20X13X13" apple box of them. Box with connectors weighs 53#. None appear twice. $450.

MAPLE BALLS. About the size of a jumbo egg. The shape is between a ball and an egg. Indelible ink writing on wood will sand off. New. Unfinished. $15.

UNIVERSAL JOINTS. Curtis Johnson Mfg. Co., Springfield, MASS, USA. Catalog # C642. For coupling 1/4" to 3/16" shafts. 2" overall length. Without set screws. $25 each.

EBONY. Purchased decades ago. 20 5/8" long, 1 7/8" wide, 11/16" thick. Weighs ~2#. No splits or cracks in wood. $95

SCHWEITERMAN CENTER FINDER. Works smoothly with appropriate spring action. With 2 extra tips and conical piece. With original hardwood case. Extremely well made. $150.

2 WHEEL HAND CART. Very heavy duty. Solid rubber tires. Hardwood with steel covering going up the front verticals. Extremely well made. Rolls smoothly. Unbeatable for some things. With feet for laying horizontal. No doubt an antique. The design may be centuries old. How many modern handcarts have you seen trashed? This hand cart is very well balanced. You can carry a lot of weight on it because of that balance. The next time a production of Porgy & Bess is put on in Chicago, I will attempt to contact the property manager and offer it to them as this would look right at home in such a period production. $150.


TUBE FLARING PART. For use with tube flaring kit. 13/16" gap. Says "drop forged. Imperial Brass Mfg. Co., Chicago, USA." $15.

DELTA MOLDING CUTTER. Read the instructions to learn about the capabilities. Molding is expensive. Worse than that, the profile you want oftentimes is not even in stock. Make your own molding; save money and time and make it out of the wood of your choice. 4 sets of cutters, wrench, original instructions and packaging. For 5/8" arbor. Made in USA. $75

DELTA GRINDER WASHERS. Or course, they will work with any 1/2" arbor. Made in USA. $10 each.

ACRO SAFETY PARALLEL UNIT. 4" high, 10" wide, maximum of 19" long when used with the connecting bar. Made in Chicago. New, unused. $105.

Small crank handle. The hole is .250" with slot for 1/16" woodruff key. Overall length ~1 5/8". $95

Craftsman hand sander. Model 110.27810. You do not use pressure with this sander. You let the weight of the sander itself, which is not much, do the work. It is designed for producing a fine finish. Primarily it vibrates, but it does not vibrate you because you are exerting little to no pressure upon it. It does not leave sanding marks. It will not gouge your work. Of course, you will not use it to remove a lot of stock quickly. I suspect that this will sell to someone who already has one or more and wants a spare or one they can put a different type of sandpaper on.......or just to have a spare. Excellent for veneer work or finishing hardwood plywood. Utilizes a 7" by 2 5/16" piece of sandpaper. The outer wrapping on the cord is bad in at least one spot, but the inner wiring is still good. I use it as is, but it needs a new power cord. $45

Brass with steel tip plumb bob. There is a hole in the top for an eye or a string with a set screw that engages that at a right angle from the side. Weighs 1# 7 ounces. 4" long. $25

ENCO COMBINATION LIVE CENTER AND CENTER DRILL. Morse #2 taper shank. 4 center drills with adapters included. Made in Chicago. Purchased at a store at a time of transition to new ownership and new modus operadi. Shows no signs of use. Like new in original packaging with original paperwork. $225.

ACRO TRISQUARE CHECKING JIG. Click on the individual images to read what it says on each piece. A trisquare was not included with this checking jig when new, but there is a slot provided for your own prized trisquare. The 0.0001" Starrett dial indicator works smoothly but the cover glass is missing. Super accurate square block may be used to check your other items and setups. I use the jig itself to check the square of my milling machine table with the tilting spindle. Quality hardwood case with brass piano hinge. Made in Chicago. $175.

STARK 4 1/2 LATHE COMPOUND AND CROSS SLIDE + T-BOLT AND LOCK KNOB + CROSS FEED LIMIT STOP. The model 4 1/2 Stark is a 9" swing split bed lathe; the compound will work on other split bed lathes, Hardinge, Rivett, etc. The compound shows no abuse, but plenty of use. Despite the considerable backlash on both screws, this is the cleanest and best performing Stark compound I have seen and the only one I have seen available separately. Newly cleaned, lubed and adjusted. Compound T-bolts for split bed lathes are difficult to find by themselves, let alone with a compound. $500 for all. $400 without the T-bolt and lock knob. T-bolt and lock knob available separately for $150.

8" diameter facemill. Facemills allow you to work faster and achieve a better finish. The 12 carbide bits with 4 cutting tips each are extremely well retained and backed up. Designed for use on milling machines with INT 30, 40, 50 or larger spindles a customer told me; I do not know which size it fits, so measure your milling machine to determine if this will work with it. The machined center hole is designed to fit over a 2.5" diameter shaft. The four 5/8-11TPI mounting bolts are located 2" off center. 6" long by 1" wide key slot. Weighs about 25#. With a machined flat back it should be easy to adapt it to your machine. If you know specifically what machines this is designed for, please let me know. Like new, probably unused. $300.

X-axis STOP for Clausing Mills. I have a spare one. 3 part; T-nut, spacer stop block, and nut. $100.

Y-axis STOPS for Clausing Mills. Did Clausing ever make such a Y-axis stop system for their mills? If so, I have never seen one. It is a great thing to have. I used the X-axis stop system all the time; finally I got around to making a Y-axis stop system. You still have full movement, but you may quickly adjust the stops to anywhere you want by pushing a button on the quick adjust nut and sliding the nut into position. You may also screw the nut into position. $300.

BELTS for Clausing Mills. I just replaced the belts on my Clausing mill. The belts required are as illustrated. I post this primarily for your information. Those are my old belts in the new belt sheaths. New belts cost me $18 at a full service, well stocked, old time hardware store--not at a big box. The well worn, but serviceable old belts are free with $200 order.

LEAD SCREW with NUT and CRANK. Someone in Australia told me that this is a cross slide screw from a Hembrug DR-1 lathe and that it probably also fits the A.I. Hembrug Dr-133. Another item purchased from an SPI dealer. Slightly used. I can feel no backlash. Overall length, 17.25". Length of ~5/8" diameter square threads is ~8". The divisions on the scale are .001". Each revolution of the crank is .125". The nut has 8X1.5mmp threaded hole. Note the spur gear just inside the crank. This is no doubt an European piece made for the American market. This certainly has possibilities in the construction of your own equipment. In fact, that is why I bought it; I may find a use for it. I am considering replacing the longitudinal feed screw on the Stark compound and cross slide with this lead screw and making that Stark compound serve as a threading compound for a Hardinge lathe (where an extra long lead screw that extends past the toolholder block is required to connect with the thread gearing via a universal joint shaft). LITTLE WEAR ON THIS PIECE. $250.

METRIC ARBOR ADAPTER, 15mm to 20mm. Another item purchased from an SPI dealer. Someone emailed: "This is for scripta single lip cutter grinder AL20, AL25 and AL34 . We sold scripta during mid 70's." Item is 33mm long. Flanges are 44mm diameter. Nut is 26mm. New-old stock. 3 available @ $65 each or 3 for $150. One assembled arbor adapter is illustrated behind a disassembled one.

BROWN & SHARPE BENCH MICROMETER Designed to be screwed to bench. 0 to 1/2" capacity. Accurate to .0001". $60.

I moved all Hardinge lathes and accessories to their own page: HARDINGE & ELGIN BENCH LATHES and accessories

7.5" 6-JAW BUCK CHUCK. Tru-adjust. With inside and outside jaws. Note the special feature of the inside jaws that allows you to hold a dime or even a smaller item. Without backing plate. With chuck key. This chuck was $OLD. I leave this listing up because it relates to the below listed backing plate that it came in with.

BACKING PLATE for above 6-JAW BUCK CHUCK. 7.5" diameter, 2 1/4x8TPI. Came in mounted on the above Tru-adjust Buck Chuck. The dimensions of the hole spacing and the outside diameter of the central ring (used with the tru-adjust system) may be seen in the above listing. $150

LUFKIN INSIDE MICROMETER and BLADE SETTING DEVICE FOR PARKS THICKNESS PLANER. You will encounter situations where you need an inside micrometer such as this situation where I had to measure down inside this recessed lensboard. Also included is this jig I made for checking the height of blades on my Parks thickness planer--utilizing the micrometer head. This jig may be recut to fit the diameter of your thickness planer cutterhead if necessary. $200.


To avoid duplication I have moved the below items to my HARDINGE & ELGIN BENCH LATHES and accessories web page.

Dumore Tool Post Grinder #44-011. Dumore Tool Post Grinders are the standard of the industry. Has 1.25" wide by 1/4" thick T-bolt for mounting into the compound T-slot. Distance from top of compound to grinder centerline is adjustable from at least 1-2". Fitted case. 5 pulleys, #1,2,3,4 and 5. Drive belt. Spindle wrench. Spindle collet to accept 1/8" shaft tooling. 1/4" shaft grinding wheel arbor. 2 grinding wheels included. Click on images to enlarge to see motor specifications and spindle speeds. $850.

Dumore Tool Post Grinder #77-011. Distance from top of compound to grinder centerline is 1.25" minimum. Drive belt. 1/2" shaft grinding wheel arbor. Dumore spindle is part number 7x-250. 2" and 3" diameter pulleys. I mounted this on a cast iron pedestal base. I do not have a large enough lathe to use it on, so I am using it with a wire brush and with a grinding wheel for freehand work. The wire brush, the grinding wheel, the work light, the Aluminum baseplate and the pedestal stand are not included. Altough it performs wonderfully for my needs, I am underutilizing this grinder. Buy it and put it to use on a large lathe as it was intended to be used. Click on images to enlarge to see motor specifications and spindle speeds. $800.

Tool Post Grinder. Very high quality ball bearing high speed spindle mounted on a plate designed to accept a small motor. Has T-shaped bar on the bottom to mount into the compound T-slot. Distance from top of compound to grinder centerline is 1.5". $150. This need not be used as intended. I have anther tool post grinder that I am using as a super high quality pedestal mounted grinder.

POLISHING LATHE. "Alternating Current Laboratory Lathe, The S.S. White Dental Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, PA. This must be quite old when they specify "alternating current." Great old 2 position rotary switch. 3/8" shafts, one with an internally threaded end, the other with a tapered threaded end designed to accept felt disks and other such accessories as seen on the below polishing lathe. Those levers just inside the endcaps are on high pitch threads to quickly release whatever is on the shafts. It still works great. 110V, 5.1 amps. Made in the USA. An oldie, but goodie. Actually, it may qualify as an antique. Very quiet and smooth running. $100.

POLISHING LATHE. Bought from jeweler's estate. 115V. 2 speed. 3450RPM and 1725RPM. With felt disk. Very quiet and smooth running. $150

MORSE TAPER #3 DISENGAGEABLE PULLEY. Push in on the bull nose and the pulley turns freely. Pulley accepts 3L or smaller size V-belt. Works smoothly. $30

MORSE TAPER #3 ball bearing CENTER. Revolves smoothly. 2.890" maximum diameter. $65

MORSE TAPER #3 SOLID CENTER. Does not and was not designed to revolve. 2.225" maximum diameter. $38

MORSE TAPER #3 SOLID CENTER. Does not and was not designed to revolve. There is an "N" in the trade mark, which is visible in the picture. Made in Japan. It is labeled "No. 2," however, it is a #3 shank. "U. S. A. Patent P. 480316" Diameter of 1st cylindrical step is .483". The diameter of the 2nd cylindrical step is 1.06". $40

MORSE TAPER #3 BALL BEARING CENTER. Revolves roughly. New "shield bearing number 5503" needed. Ideal Industries, Sycamore, IL. Type S. $10

MORSE TAPER #3 WITH TANG SOLID CENTER. Does not and was not designed to revolve. $30



SET OF 4 LATHE TOOL BIT HOLDERS: 2 straight, one left hand and one right hand. Right hand labeled "J.H. Williams, USA, TH-I-R." Left hand labeled "J.H. Williams, USA, TH-I-R." Armstrong straight labeled "Armstrong tungsten carbide tool holder No. T 1-S." Other straight is not labeled. All have shanks 1 1/8 to 1 1/4" high. All accept 5/16" square tool bits. Set of 4, $100.


3 5/8" SQUARE SHANK CARBIDE INSERT TOOLHOLDERS. 2 by Carboloy and the 3rd one is labeled "SVHCR 102B". The 4th toolbit, by Carboloy, is welded onto the shank. All for $40.

3/4" SQUARE SHANK CARBIDE INSERT TOOLHOLDERS. By Kennametal, Kendex and the 3rd one is unknown, but the required insert is labeled on the tollholder. All for $40.

SPI TOOLING. SPI 80-573 9. Cut off tool or grooving tool. Cuts 0.040" thick kerf, 0.160" deep. Shanks are 3/8" high. I like that because I mostly use 3/8" tooling with my Hardinge lathes. I do not have to change the height on the toolholder when switching from a boring or facing operation to a cut off operation. I have tried one on steel; SWEET! NEW-IN-BOX. 10 available. $20 each.

Circular form tool cutters. These can really speed up your work. Grind your circular form cutters to the profile of your choice and go to work. The particular cutters installed on these are included with them; these cutters are both labeled 1/2-13 and are no doubt are for cutting threads--perhaps Acme or square cut threads because they are not ground to a point. The cutters themselves are worth the price if you can use them; they are no doubt factory made. Look at the base: they are designed to be adapted to whatever you wish with user made custom plates like the one you see on the right. T-bolts included. $50 each.

JIG AND FIXTURE DESIGN (BOOK). Edited by Edwin Jones. Lost technology series, copyright 1984. Original copyright 1920. 326 pages. Jigs and fixtures are underutilized today. Jigs and fixtures can save you lots of time and free up your valuable resources like milling machines for other work. Set up a jig for a particular operation and then perform that operation on a drill press. $20 with one of the below fixture jigs or $30 separately.

Medium fixture jig or pump lock jig. Clamping range about 3.9 to 5.9". There are 5 factory made holes that will serve as drill guides + 2 reducing drill guide bushings installed in the top. There are numerous holes in the base that held various work positioners; these may be reused by you with your custom made work positioners. You can do small work on a larger fixture jig by using spacers. Quality construction in good working condition. $150.

Large fixture jig or pump lock jig. It is buried at the moment. Will list details and photos as time allows. You can do small work on a larger fixture jig by using spacers. These fixture jigs are just the basic shell of your customized jig; you must complete them for your particular use. The SWISS MADE REGLUS UNIVERSAL DRILLING JIG was the ultimate fixture jig; that was sold, but I still have some literature on it listed at the bottom of this page. The Reglus sold for more than many milling machines sell for. If you utilize them well, fixture jigs can be most valuable. I highly recommend you buy the book listed above with a fixture jig. $350.

STARRETT BANDSAW BLADE STOCK. I estimate there is about 65' remaining on the spool. 3/8" wide blade. 18 TPI. Excellent for mild to mildly hardened steel. $65.

Polycarbonate insert for Delta 14" wood or metal cutting bandsaw. It has several advantages over the Delta inserts. It is more accurately sized and sits flush with the tabletop. It is spring loaded and stays in place without vibrating and making noise. When your blade gets off track it hits plastic instead of metal. You can see through it for checking adjustment and cleaning. In the last picture is a molded pot metal insert recently bought from Delta, my Polycarbonate insert and a decades old steel insert, which is not available anymore. An exclusive GLENNVIEW product. $25.

DELTA MOTOR: 1/2HP, 3 PH, 208-220V/440V, 1725/1425RPM, 5/2.5 AMP, 3/4" keyed shaft, C66Y frame. Includes push button start/stop switch and reset switch in box. I sold the drill press to someone who needed a single phase motor. Tested. Works well. I made notes of what color wires go to what terminals on the start/stop switch. Motor plates with wiring connections are great to have; not all motors have this info. Made in USA. $150

HILD FLOOR MACHINE 3/4HP MOTOR, 1 PH, 115V AC, 9 amps, 1725RPM, Model GHP-18. Very strong running motor. 12mm keyed shaft with 28mm diameter, 18mm long helical gear included. Drops into 7.750" hole. Built-in cooling fan. Made in USA. $80

LELAND 1/2HP MOTOR, 1 PH, 115/230V AC, 7.6/3.8 amps, 1725RPM with built in heavy duty switch. I used one just like it for years, then sold it with the lathe I used it with. Very strong running motor. 5/8" keyed shaft. Clockwise rotation only. Pulley not included. Made in USA. $80

5000RPM BODINE MOTOR with 288:1 speed reducer: 1/80HP, 1 PH, 115V AC or DC! .48 amps, 17.4RPM after speed reduction gearing. This was used to turn a heavy 3' diameter chrome plated drum used to dry glossy photo prints. I used such a device in the last century. It was variable speed. I connected this motor to a variac; it does indeed function as a variable speed motor. One of the brushes is missing an end cap; the brush is held in place with duct tape; simple repair that works. A threaded end cap is required for a proper repair. Made in USA. $80

The above and below motors together are $100 and include the accessories with the below motor..

1125RPM BODINE MOTOR with 288:1 speed reducer: 1/150HP, 1 PH, 115V AC, .52 amps. 5/16" diameter shaft. Made in USA. $30 The accessories someone added to the motor, the 1/2" diameter mounting post and the chuck, are an additional $20.

7" DIAMETER V-BELT TYPE 2 DOUBLE VARIABLE WIDTH PULLEY. Cast and machined aluminum. Very high quality. 3/4" diameter hole with bushings at both ends to reduce the hole size to a 5/8" diameter hole. Set screws at both ends. 2" maximum belt width. $100.

7.5" DIAMETER SPRING LOADED V-BELT VARIABLE PULLEY. Cast and machined steel. Very high quality. 3/4" diameter hole with key slot and set screw. Will accept 3/4" shaft to a depth of about 2" at pulley end. The other end is spring loaded; I am exerting a good deal of force to open the pulley to its maximum, which is at least 2". Grease fitting at the spring loaded end. $100.

12" DIAMETER V-BELT PULLEY. Cast and machined. 5/8" diameter hole with groove for key, with setscrew. Plenty of room to bore out the hole if needed. Such quality is rarely found today. Such a large diameter is also rarely found. $100.

CRAFTSMAN 18" THROAT SCROLL SAW 103.23151. 1/6 hp (plenty of power), 1725RPM, 115V motor, very smooth and quiet running. Tilting table. Adjustable blade guides underneath and above the tabletop help in making very accurate cuts. The upper and lower blade clamps have 2 screws each; this allows you to center the blade more perfectly. The saw accepts 5" standard scroll saw blades, jeweler's saw blades, jig saw blades, and files. The over arm may be removed to facilitate use as a jig saw or die filer. Mounted on steel stand with casters. I use this occasionally; it works extremely well--as well as you set it up and use proper technique. It will cut 3/4" plywood just as well as thin metal stock. The Robust construction and the hold down foot dampen vibration so that you can see well and work accurately. You may turn the blade clamps 90+ degrees in order to cut at right angles to the C-frame if necessary. Incredibly well thought out machine design. Instruction manual and parts list and a dozen blades included. I frequently use it instead of trepanning on the lathe because it is more efficient. I make a shallow 0.080" wide trepanning cut on the lathe to serve as a guide to follow on the jig saw. $250.

DELTA 14" FLOOR MODEL DRILL PRESS, older higher quality, all cast iron floor model, multiple speeds, with an intermediate pulley to allow for an even greater speed range, manual rise table, tilting table, front rod connects to rear switch, 5" spindle travel with adjustable locking stop, #2 Morse taper, 1/2" jacobs chuck, chuck key, drift pin, belt cover, smooth and quiet running. These 2 photos show one of the advantages of a floor model drill press.....the ability to work with larger items. Great drill press. You couldn't trade me a brand new one for it. This is the drill press I use most often. $600

DELTA 17" DRILL PRESS, Delta, Milwaukee, serial #49-6009, older higher quality, all cast iron floor model, 5 speeds, crank rise table, tilting table, Delta 1/2 hp, 1725RPM, 115/230V, front rod connects to rear switch, one owner until I purchased it upon that owner's retirement, always used at slowest speed, 5" spindle travel with adjustable locking stop, #2 Morse taper, 1/2" jacobs chuck, chuck key, drift pin, belt cover, work light, very smooth and quiet running. In the last 2 photos note the vise mounted to the below listed T-slot table and properly centered under the bit for a deep drilling operation. Great drill press. You couldn't trade me a brand new one for it. The secondary belt guard adds additional protection and it holds the light. Wanted for this drill press: Foot operated quill accessory. $1000

T-slotted Machine table. ~9X10.5" top, 10.5X12.5" overall. 9/16" wide slots; this will accept T-nuts that fit the Clausing 8520 or 8530 mills. Note that there are slots on the bottom for keys if needed. Unless you buy this 1st, I will, when needed for a particular job, clean this up and use it on the above listed 17" Delta drill press so that I may use the several vises, rotary table, etc. that I use on the Clausing. The drill press has a lot more space than the Clausing Mill between the spindle and the table......and the drill press table will rotate! The long slots on the sides will make it easy to mount to most anything. 1 5/8" thick. OK, I did it: I drilled and tapped 2 holes in the base and machined a centering washer. The 5/8-11TPI attaching bolt is beefy enough to hold the T-slotted table to the drill press table by itself. One hole centers the 2 tables; the other hole centers the T-slots under the drill spindle. Note that the drill bit used to bore the holes is one with a #2 Morse taper shank. I needed a 17/32" bit for the job. I only had that diameter bit in a #2 Morse taper shank. I am glad I still had the #2 Morse taper bits listed below. This T-slotted table will fit many other machines as well. It would work equally as well on my 2 different Delta 14" drill presses (with an appropriate centering washer). $175 or $150 if purchased with the above listed 17" Delta Drill press.

Machine table. 12.5X15.5" top, 5X5.5" mount with 1/2" pin and 1" OD tube with 3/4" hole spaced 3" center-to-center. This would fit the 17" Delta drill press listed above with little or no alteration. $50.


JACOBS 18N 3/4" DRILL CHUCK. It says on the chuck: "Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Jabobs Super Chuck No. 18N capacity 1/8" to 3/4". Jacobs Manufacturing Co. Hartford, CT United Stares of America." With Jacobs chuck key. With #3 Morse taper shank. It says on the Arbor box "No. 3 Morse Taper Arbor with No. 4 Jacobs Taper part No. A0304 for use with chucks having a No. 4 Jacobs Taper mounting hole. The Jacobs Manufacturing Company. West Hardford, Connecticut, U.S.A. Code 7814-04828 All NEW-OLD-STOCK. $300

JACOBS No. 3a 5/8" DRILL CHUCK. It says on the chuck: "Jacobs Chuck No. 3a, Hartford, CT Made in USA capacity 1/8-5/8"" With Jacobs chuck key. With #2 Morse taper shank. Works. $130

JACOBS 100 3/4" LATHE CENTER REST CHUCK. Designed to take the place of a lathe center rest. It says on the chuck: "Jabobs Chuck No. 100 Center Rest capacity 1/4" to 3/4". Jacobs Manufacturing Co. Hartford, CT United Stares of America." Keyless. With #1 Morse taper shank. Note the brass jaws with a rounded workpiece interface. $160

JACOBS No. 32 3/8" DRILL CHUCK. It says on the chuck: "Jabobs Chuck No. 32 capacity 0" to 3/8". Jacobs Manufacturing Co. Hartford, CT United Stares of America." With Jacobs chuck key. With #2 Morse taper shank. Works. $60

ALBRECHT 0-3/8" or 0-10mm capacity KEYLESS DRILL CHUCK with #1 Morse Taper shank and #2 to #1 taper shank adapter. It says on the chuck: "Albrecht Germany 0-3/8 0-10" It says on the shank: "Arbor Part No. IR2, Supreme, Chicago, IL, No. 1 morse taper" It says on the adapter: "Midwest 350-1, 2-1 M" Works. $110

JACOBS No. 1a 1/4" DRILL CHUCK. It says on the chuck: "Jacobs Chuck, Hartford, CT Made in USA capacity 0-1/4"" With Jacobs chuck key. With #1 Morse taper shank. Works. $70

ALMOND No. 65 17/64" capacity DRILL CHUCK. It says on the chuck: "Almond Company Ashburnham, MA No 65" With Almond chuck key. With 1/2" straight shank. Works. $40

JACOBS MULTI-CRAFT 0 to 1/4" capacity DRILL CHUCK. It says on the chuck: "Jacobs USA Multi-C raft DCIG61 0-1/4" cap. 0-6.5mm cap. 3/8-24 THD" With Jacobs chuck key. With 3/8" straight shank. Works. $30

UNION 0.185" capacity KEYLESS DRILL CHUCK. It says on the chuck: "Union Manufacturing Company Newport CT, USA" With a taper shank that is between a Morse taper #1 and #2. Works. $20

QUALITY MITER GAUGE. Manufacturer unknown. 9" long. 4" wide. 3/4" X 1/2" bar fits many saw slots, including the Delta Unisaw table slots. Swings to 60 degrees either side, although it is only marked to 45 degrees. $35.

HAMMOND MACHINERY BUILDERS MITER GAUGE. I have a Hammond printer's saw. It is very high quality. This mitergauge does not work with it, however. The aluminum bar that is with it is not original. Obviously, originally a hand or thumb screw went through the slot in the top and engaged the bar, which could be installed perpendicular to the face or parallel to the face. Plus, you may swivel the miter gauge 90 degrees to either side. A set screw locks the swivel while staying out of harm's way. The aluminum bar with it is about 7" long and is sweated in place. The face is about 4" wide. The aluminum bar with it is 3/4" wide, but the slots for the original bar are only about 1/2 wide. I have been using it on 2 different machines, but I just acquired a more appropriate miter gauge for one of the machines and I seldom use the other 3" table saw. $50.

DELTA MITER GAUGE CLAMP PART WANTED. I am pointing to the wanted part in the 1st picture. Looks like a die cast part. In the 2nd picture you see it is missing on another miter gauge......replaced with jury rigged parts. Officially the latest and best version of this clamp assembly was called "DELTA 34-568 Miter Gauge Clamp." One of the similar parts with the hold down screws would probably do the job. I was wasting too much time looking for the original part, so I made my own. Works well. Feel free to copy design.

DELTA UNISAW ARBOR. The bearing is still good, but it is well used and it would make sense to replace it before installation. The arbor has 5/8-12TPI left hand square threads. You get the dished blade hold down washer and arbor nut as well. The broken casting that this arbor was housed in also has a good, albeit well used, bearing and is available with arbor at no extra charge, but will add to the shipping cost. Arbor shaft 0.675" in diameter. The pulley listed below fits this arbor. $75

DELTA UNISAW MACHINED (NOT CAST) TRIPLE SHEAVE or ARBOR PULLEY. I have seen cast pulleys worn to knife edges. This machined pulley shows no wear although it came out of a well used decades old Unisaw. It will outlast any number of cast pulleys. Also note that it is designed to fit over an arbor shaft 0.675" in diameter. $85

DELTA UNISAW SWITCHPLATE. I scanned this on a flatbed scanner; it is absolutely flat. $50

DELTA UNISAW FENCE RAIL BOLTS. The Nylon spacers concave surface mates with the fence rails. The bolts go through the rails to hold the rails to the saw tabletop. The barrel heads on the bolts are .465" in diameter and have 5/16-18TPI threads. $20 for a set of 4. $60 for 14 bolts and spacers.

DELTA 6" DADO BLADE SET, CATALOG NO. 633, fits 5/8" arbor saws, cuts any groove up to 13/16" width, 2 1/8" outside blades, 1/16", two 1/8" and 1/4" chipper blades. Came in with a Unisaw. Click on those images of the booklet to be able to read and print them. The blade set will work as is, but it needs to have the pitch cleaned off of it and it is rusty and it needs sharpening. The table saw is not included. The miter gauge is not included. The table saw blade insert is not included. If you have never before made finger or box joints, this kit will get you started. I have found the adjustable miter gauge face jig helps a lot. Accurate set up is essential. $75


TUTORIALS ABOUND, BUT THEY ARE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND WHILE THEY ARE STILL LACKING. I am not attempting to replace those other tutorials, but to provide a few basics that may add to your understanding. I used adjustable jigs like you see above initially. If your technique is lacking, an adjustable jig is a good you can make adjustments. Then, I needed to make a tall box out of 3/4" plywood. The longer the joint, the better your technique needs to be, because any errors in your technique will multiply--the longer the joint. I needed a 22" joint, so I grabbed a couple of scraps of 27" long plywood to make a test joint. That unglued test joint is illustrated. If the 27" box joint looks this good, the 22" box joint will look great! A photo of the dry fit box is now posted, with images of the process by which I got there. The key to making box joints is precision. I used a milling machine to precisely machine the fingers that I used for setup. You can get that precision otherwise, even if it is by trial and error. I used hardwood for the fence and the fingers because a softwood would quickly allow the attaching screws to loosen. I shimmed the mitergauge runner that slides through the tablesaw top to eliminate all excess play. The mitergauge fence was adjusted to be square with the blade. Even with all of this care there may be too much play in your setup to cut an accurate long box joint, in which case the ultimate solution is to cut one slot at a time alternating between mating sides and checking alignment after each cut, correcting as necessary, indicating where the next cut needs to be made, and aligning the cut mark with the dado blade.

CRAFTSMAN UNIVERSAL JIG for use with bench saws. The base slides in 3/4" wide by 1/2" deep standard table saw grooves. The top slides on the base--to and from the blade. Illustrated on Unisaw. The L-brackets and the hold down clamps are repositionable. Presently it is set up for cutting grooves for splined miters. See a splined miter in a walnut frame that I made. If you find it difficult to see the spline it is because the spline is also made of walnut. Use the CUT-N-CLAMP set listed below to cut the miter and glue up the frame. $30

MITER FRAME CLAMPS. Craftsman brand, 1970's vintage. The Walnut frames illustrated were assembled using these clamps. One complete CUT-N-CLAMP set of 3 corner clamps and one miter box and frame clamp, NEW, $50. 12 used corner clamps total available, 4/$35, 8/$60, 12/$100. Buy all 16 new and used @ $125

DELTA UNISAW EXTENSION TABLE LEGS. These came in with Delta's fancy fence. Unused. 32" long legs, with eight 22.5" L-strips, plastic leg tips and set of nuts, bolts and washers. 2 galvanized and painted legs only. Use for a table that is attached to the wall at one end. Use for a tablesaw extenstion. $20

MECHANICAL MULE, heavy equipment mover, pallet mover, hand operated, steel wheels, easily ~2000# capacity, weighs about 200#, ~24x24" platform can easily be enlarged if needed, ~7" high, with articulated pull handle that when pushed down raises up the platform ~2", foot release lever lowers platform, Ex, $300. I needed it recently when I sold a 1500# saw that had to be moved from my shop to the garage for pickup. I photographed it in use. I could not get the saw through the door between the shop and the garage. I had to take it out the front door and through the alley with a rough surface. With those large steel wheels, it rolled very easily.

PORTABLE WALK BEHIND ELECTRIC FORK LIFT and DIE LIFTER. Labeled "Economy Hydraulic Worklifter." wih large and capable 12V battery. About 1/2 ton capacity. It has forks and a platform that you may slip over the forks to convert it into a die lifter. There is a quick set and release locking foot. There is a cover over the rear. Platform size 25" square. Lifting range 6" to 56". $600. Being able to switch between forks and platform is a big plus. In one photo one fork is being used to hold a metal drawer housing up against the underneath side of a lathe benchtop. Although the drawer housing only weighs about 20#, you would not want to manually hold the drawer housing up while installing the retaining screws from beneath it. In another photo, the forks straddle feet at the corners of a wood platform that raises a tool and cutter grinder up to a more comfortable working height. That wood platform also makes it easy to move the tool and cutter grinder. With the steel platform installed on the forks, the forklift serves as a die lifter. I frequently use it to move small, heavy pieces of equipment from one location to another. Raise the platform to the height of the surface the equipment is on, move the equipment to the die lifter platform, adjust the height of the platform to the height of the new location, wheel the forklift to the new location and easily move the equipment sideways to the new location. It is foolish to prove your manhood by manually lifting and carrying heavy equipment when you can use a forklift and die lifter to do the heavy lifting. This die lifter and forklift will save you 1000 times the inconvenience of a single hernia. Some of the biggest, strongest, and smartest people I know have had hernias. That is a group I do not want to join. So the next time you want to install your rotary turntable onto your milling machine table, use a die lifter. I do not know what its capacity is. To be safe, I treat it as a 750# capacity unit. When it was time to put the Greenlee 5HP, 1500# table saw onto the mechanical mule listed above, I used this forklift and the below listed die lifter to do the job.

DIE LIFTER. Similar to the above listed walk around forklift and die lifter, but it is strictly mechanical in operation and it is manually powered. It has a fixed in place platform. No battery to maintain. No hydraulics to maintain. Large manual crank with about a 24" swing. Crank handle is removable and stores on the die lifter. This is the 1st such device that I bought in the early 1980's and it has never needed any servicing. I do not know what its capacity is. To be safe, I treat it as a 750# capacity unit. I am using it to install a turret tailstock onto a lathe bed. I value it equally to the electrically operated lift listed above because there is no battery to maintain. $600.

SOMETIMES 2 DIE LIFTERS ARE REQUIRED. The Hardinge lathe on the metal cabinet with underneath drive belts is too much trouble to disassemble for moving. I had this lathe delivered. It arrived strapped to a pallet. I used 2 die lifters to lift the lathe off the pallet. I then removed the pallet and put a dolly underneath the lathe. I wheeled the lathe from the garage into my shop, where space is tight. I placed the lathe as close to its final position as possible, then lifted the lathe off the dolly and lowered the lathe onto some rollers. I rolled the lathe to final position and removed the rollers.

BIG JOE. Designed as a walk around fork lift, it has had the battery powered motor and battery removed and replaced with a 110V AC electric motor. It has forks but no platform. Actually, it has a 6' high wood platform, which I built when I was using it to lift drywall up to the ceiling. Hey, when you have a good tool, you use it as you see fit. Presently, it is being used as an elevator. It lifts me and my tooling up through a roofhatch. I do not know what its capacity is. I treat it as a 750# capacity unit. $250.

Starrett 3" travel dial indicator, 3.5" diameter main dial, 2 smaller dials, by .001", Mint-, $125

MAGNETIC TRANSFER RING. 2.416" OD. 1.711" ID. 1.242" high. $50.

MAGNE BLOX. Stepped magnetic transfer angle plates for use on magnetic chuck. 7 5/8" long by 3X3" with various sized steps magnetic transfer blocks. Manufacturered by Geo Sherr Co., New York. Distributed by Grinding Machinery Co., Detroit. $265.

HARDINGE VISES are to be found on my HARDINGE & ELGIN BENCH LATHES and accessories web page.

ROTATING CENTERING VISE with REVERSIBLE JAWS. With accessory jaws that allow you to hold up to 12.875" wide work piece. With handle. The drive shaft is 1" square. Illustrated on a Clausing 20" industrial drill press table. The vise is too heavy for me to want to remove it to photograph it on a plain background. Vise probably weighs about 150#. Again, it is too heavy for me to care to remove it to weigh it. Also, it is in position to be used. I do use it occasionally. A centering vise can be very useful. Center it once and forget about it. I use it to bore large diameter centered holes in square mahogany lensboards. I now have another machine that will serve me as well for this task. It is not badly rusted. There is just a slight surface rust that will readily clean up. There is also some congealed oil and some mahogany dust on it. I do not find a name on it, but it is extremely well made. It is an older piece probably made in the USA. Each of the univeral jaws underneath the reversible jaws has a serial number and each of the jaws is individually adjustable. This is a very high quality vise. It is also quite unusual. I have never seen anything quite like it, but then it is definitely out of the small shop league. This is a serious industrial piece of equipment. I added some images of an 8X8" mahogany lensboard being bored on it; the clamps hold a backing board in intimate contact with the back of the lensboard to prevent tearout. $700

WILTON VISE. A truly universal vise. Designed for use with flat or round metal or wood held horizontally, vertically or at any angle. The hefty mounting block rotates and locks. The woodworking jaws are 5X7" in size with a built-in a retractable dog and are designed to have 1/2" wood faces attached to them with screws. The metal working jaws are 4" wide with pipe jaws beneath them. The jaws open to 5.5". Substantial! Weighs 41#. Mount this on the underneath side of the workbench so that the top of the woodworking jaws are flush with the workbench top. When I needed to neatly bore some properly aligned holes in the ends of some 30" long tripod legs, I found this vise to be a better choice than any of the 8 or more machine vises I own. Again I found this vise the best choice for a boring operation on the Clausing Mill, so I have taken the vise off the market. I leave it up for your information. BTW, does this not speak highly of the versatility of the Clausing mill?

CAHER RIMAN CHICAGO vise. Patented Oct 27, 1903, No. 10". 10" wide jaws open to 12+". 4.5" high jaws. This vise has a quick release feature; you may open it any distance in a flash. Another Chicago made vise; in the past we made many things in Chicago. This vise has been in constant use. I bought it from a century old Chicago hardware store that closed when the city condemned an area for redevelopment that never materialized. I bought it about 20 years ago and have been using it ever since. It has many more years of use left; it will probably outlive me. I am not going to remove it to weigh it; I guess it weighs about 40#. It is designed to have a wood face screwed to the movable jaw. When I have the need for soft jaws, I just throw in some wood or whatever. I offer it for sale only because I have so many other vises (not to mention vices). I have an all wood vice of about the same size on the other side of my workbench. An extra long vise comes in handy; in the 3rd photo I am pressing a bearing onto an 8" jointer cutterhead. $120. BTW, notice the triangular joinery on my self built workbench. You see no end of weakly joined parallelogram workbenches. I don't get it; put geometry to work for yourself.

BROWN AND SHARPE V-BLOCKS. Set of 2. Catalog No. 750B. No. 209. The V's are 1.57" wide and 2.5" long. The waists are 1.7" wide. $90.

BROWN AND SHARPE V-BLOCK. Catalog No. 749. No. 209. 1.5" square by 2" long. A 2nd V-block not made by B&S that accepts that same clamp is included. $50.

L. S. STARRETT V-BLOCKS, set of 2, with clamps. No. 278. The larger V's are ~.75" wide. The smaller V's are ~525" wide. The waist is ~1.06" wide. $75.

5c collet lock. Part of a 5c jig. Internal threads mate with 5c collet threads. $20

Square. ~4X4X1.4". Shop made. $50.

Round stock hold down. Nicely made by E. W. Van Bezey in 1943. Dimensions of block are ~ 5X3X3". $125

Coil winding jig. Probably mistakenly left behind by the electrical engineering firm that used to reside in my shop. The owner was a machinist as well. Nicely made, adjustable. The rail is 7" long. The center height is 2 3/16". $95

Drill guide jig. Aluminum disk with medium strong magnets and drill guide bushings ranging from 1/4" to 5/8" set into it. Wood case. $65

Jig plate. Steel. ~6X9" top with 8 each: 10/32-TPI, 1/4-20TPI, 5/16-18TPI, 3/8-16TPI, 7/16-14TPI, and 1/2-13TPI threaded holes. 3/8" thick. Shop made. $20


Adapter for use with Hardinge steady rest or center rest or some other Hardinge component and an unknown 8" or 10" lathe. I provide dimensions so you can determine if it is for your lathe. This Hardinge steady rest is for a 9" lathe, so a 1/2" adapter makes it suitable for a 10" lathe. If you are using it to adapt a Hardinge steady rest for a 7" lathe, then it would bring the center height up to 8". Well made of aluminum. The steady rest is listed on my HARDINGE & ELGIN BENCH LATHES and accessories web page. Adapter, $50

SINEBAR. 5" from center to center of the rods. 1.275" wide. The small holes are 1/4-20TPI threaded holes. Shop made. $75.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT V-BLOCK. ~2-3" maximum height, with scale. Width of V is 3". Shop made. $60.

BLOCKS designed for use on a magnetic vise, set of 2. ~1.825" by 1.9" by 3". Made by Brsosowski in 1964. $60.

HOLEY BLOCKS, set of 2. ~0.9" by 2.9" by 2.9". Made by Elasser. $30.

BLOCKS, set of 2. ~0.975" by 2" by 2.95". Shop made. $20.

BLOCKS, set of 2. ~1.235" by 1.985" by 4.050". The below listed set is the same size. Shop made. $40.

BLOCKS, set of 2. ~1.235" by 1.985" by 4.050". Note damaged corner on one block. Shop made. $30.

V-BLOCKS, set of 2. 8" high, 8" wide, 6" long with 5/8-11TPI threaded holes in top. They are being underutilized holding up a roll of paper. Buy them and put them to good use. Steel with a nice even light coating of surface rust--will clean up. $100.

V-BLOCK, designed for use on magnetic chuck. ~2.4" by 2.4" by 4". V is 1.14" wide at top. Shop made. $70.

RIGHT ANGLES, set of 2. ~2" by 4" by 0.3" thick. 1/4-20TPI HOLES. Made by John and Paul Izewski. $20.

RIGHT ANGLE BLOCK. About 3X3X3X.5". 1/4-20TPI HOLES. Shop made by C. R. $20.

N&W hammer. Probably made in a Norfolk & Western Railroad repair shop. $20.

C&NW RY shovel. $30.

FEDERAL MANDREL FIXTURE JIG. Model 100B-20, serial #1. Perhaps a one-of-a-kind item. Includes 36 mandrels similar to the one illustrated mounted in the jig. These mandrels have different diameters; there may be some duplicates as I did not measure them. These mandrels may have been finish polished on this jig. Below the mandrel is space for clamping a lapping plate. The rail rider is designed to accept a dial indicatior. ~20" tall, 22" wide and 11" from front to back. Together with the mandrels, it weighs about 100#. It has some oil and dirt on it, but it will clean up. $200

USED END MILLS. 7/8, 3/4, 5/8" SHANKS + AN UNKNOWN TAPER. USED AND ABUSED. NEED SHARPENING. Not all are necessarily sharpenable. 7/8" shank, single end cutter. 3/4" shank, with only one possibly viable end. 5/8" shank, with only one possibly viable end. Lettering on unknown taper cutter says "1 No.7 L.H. High Speed 6979 The C.T.D. Co. Cleve. O. USA" + there is a capital letter "A" inscribed within a rectangle. See photos for condition. I am selling them because they fit none of my machines. The taper shank is neither a Morse Taper 2 or 3. In diameter it is somewhere inbetween. The information on the shank should tell you what size the taper is......if you can translate that information. $20 postpaid.

Morse Taper #2 shanks with tang drill and tap holders, 5/16" tap holder, D drill size, D drill size, 13/64", 13/64", 17/64", 21/64", made by Sculley Jones, Chicago, Ex+, all 7 for $30

Morse Taper #2 center drill. 9" long overall. $20

Morse Taper #2 stubby center drill. This is a 39/64" drill bit that has been repurposed into a stubby center drill. You will get no flex with this center drill. $10

Morse Taper #2 drive centers with 4 replaceable points. $45

Morse Taper #2 and Morse taper #1 5/8" arbors. Morse Taper #2 arbor, $50. Morse Taper #1 arbor, $40.

Right angle milling/drilling machine attachment with #1 Morse taper shank; driven shaft also accepts #1 Morse taper shank. The back side of the driven shaft has a hardened point to serve as a bearing support. Manufactured by Krebel & Butler, Norristown, PA, USA. Patented. RARE. $120.

REED PIPE THREADER, with 5 dies, 3 1S-1/2"-14NPT and 2 1S-1"-11 1/2NPT, in good working condition, $40

PARAMETRICS 1/2HP 1800RPM 4.7A 90V DC MOTOR WITH VARIABLE SPEED CONTROL, 5/8" shaft, Ex+, $200 (Parametrics, 284 Racebrook Rd., Orange, CT 06477, 203-795-0811)

SPEED REDUCER. 20:1 ratio. One revolution of the shaft facing you is the result of 20 revolutions of the other 2 shafts, 1/2" diameter shafts. $100

GRAHAM 1/2HP 1725RPM 2.5A 180V DC MOTOR model 690502143, 1/2" shaft, (mfg by Stowell Industries, Menomene Falls, WI 53051), 2 motors with variable speed control unit (will control both motors) with on off switch, Ex+, $350

SCULPTOR'S TABLE, solid oak base, hand wrought hardware, craftsman style construction, splayed legs with cross bracing, mortice and tenon joinery, 27.5" high, 24X24X2" solid maple top, weighs ~80#, top revolves--but not too easily because you want your workpiece to stay put, decades old--from university sculpting laboratory, top is newer, because the top is removable, it may be shipped via UPS. $400. This table is really well built. Sculptors pounded stone on this tabletop; it is designed to support hundreds of pounds. When I got it, the original top was a bunch of oak wood fibers loosely held together because of the pounding and weight it had suffered over the years. The legs, however, are as sturdy as new. I am currently using it in my machine shop. The piece of equipment on it in the 1st photo weighs about 150#; it will support a whole lot more. I now have a 30" diameter maple butcher block tabletop available that you may have in place of the square top. Although, personally, I would prefer the square top with clipped corners--resulting in an 8 sided top to more closely match the base; I'll neatly clip the corners of the square top for you for $50.

MILWAUKEE 1/2" 7amp 450rpm 120VAC DRILL with model 1000 "THE HOLE THING", designed to clamp to workpiece and drill holes in and at right angles to flat or round stock, rack and pinion lever operation, case, Ex, $300

MILWAUKEE 15AMP 9" HEAVY DUTY SANDER/GRINDER, model 6086, 5000RPM, 120V, with agressive cutting 6" knot wire cup brush, the mother of all hand grinders, weighs 17#, Ex, $80

Collet for 1/4" diameter shaft tooling. I do not know what tool it fits. Measure yours and compare. $10.

Collet for 3/16" diameter shaft tooling. I do not know what tool it fits. Measure yours and compare. $10.

Armstrong 1" square drive ratcheting wrench. Armstrong makes some of the best tools. Made in Chicago. $35.

Armstrong 1 13/16" open end wrench, probably for 1 3/4" nuts. Armstrong makes some of the best tools. Made in Chicago. This fits the Greenlee 495 saw arbor nut with 1.25" diameter arbor. $35.

Greenlee #5 box wrench, 2 5/16" between the flats, probably for 2 1/4" nuts. $45.

"MASTER MECHANIC" long hacksaw, 22" blade, 10 TPI, very high quality forged steel construction, handsaw type wood handle, ~5" depth of cut. The wood handle is sound, just missing some finish. $30

MILLERS FALLS BREAST DRILL #120A, for use with brace drill bit shanks as you see on the Goodell Pratt gasket cutter below or with straight shank drills to 1/2", 2 gear ratios, Ex, $75

MILLERS FALLS BREAST DRILL, for use with brace drill bit shanks as you see on the Goodell Pratt gasket cutter below or with straight shank drills to 1/2", gear ratios, adjustable length crank arm, built-in bubble level, appears older in design than the above (instead of rod between breastplate and chuck, there is a cast iron shaft with open spaces), Ex, $60

CRAFTSMAN SPEED READER. Triagular ground end point. Also with 2 rubber tipped accessory tips. Simply hold it against the center of the rotating shaft or chuck or whatever. $25

Starrett High Speed Steel 1/4" pilot drill number A014D, fits all Starrett Hole saw arbors. New, $3 each. Box of 10, $20.

STABILA LEVEL. 4' long. Very accurate and as you know, Stabila levels are quaranteed for life. Extruded aluminum with machined working surfaces, plastic handholds and endpieces. May be used vertically. $60

GREAT LEVEL. 18" long. Cast aluminum construction. May be used with either side down, vertically, horizontally, or @ 45 degrees. No name on the level. I bought it for use. It is a great size and weight and super convenient. With the original cardboard sleeve. $30

BOAT SWITCH PANEL on stainless steel backing plate. Set of switches with illuminated red fuse lights (will serve as "ON" indicators). You need not use them for a boat. Cool looking. 3 switches bad, so only $30

SIDING AND FLOORING SAW. Manufactured by George H. Bishop & Co., Lawrenceburg, Ind., USA. "Especially designed for cutting openings in sidings and flooring. A handy saw for repair work. Extra Quality--Wanranted." Purchased from a collection of antique tools. The owner was forced to sell due to debt. I had to pay dealy for it. Rare piece. Also very useful. It is sharp and working well. $100.

Kodak thermount iron. This is perfect for the woodworker. 3 1/4 X 5" platen. Useful for installing iron on wood veneer edging. Decades old, like new in box. RARE. $100.

Radiator vent 3-in-1 tool. 1/8 tap for renewing the threads in the radiator. Extractor for removing broken vent stuck in radiator. Die for renewing vent threads. Ace brand. USA made. Most useful for those with older steam or hot water heating systems. $15.

Scaffold part? Designed to clamp onto a 1.5" diameter round post. The arms fold down and rest on that round post providing a 50" horizontal beam. If you have a name for this item, please tell me so I can better describe this item. $25.

Stanley #36 level, cast iron construction, 12 X 2 1/4 X 13/16", horizontal bubble and one vertical bubble good, other vertical bubble broken, otherwise Ex+, $70

PHOSPHOR BRONZE, 1/16" thick, 6" wide, 96" long. Lyon industries product PB-64. It is as you would receive it from Lyon. $100.

THROW OUT FINGERS + MISCELLANY. The item in the lower right has a 1/2" shaft, with an arm with a 3/8" clamp. Just above it is a part that accepts a threaded 7/8" shaft at the bottom and a smooth 7/8" shaft above. The other 7 items are throw out fingers that accept 7/8" shafts. Lot for $40.

VIBRATION MOUNTS. Dense Heavy Duty Rubber. 4.25" square, 1.5" thick, with 1/2" through hole. 7 available. Only 3 remain, for $30.

CHAMPION AIR COMPRESSOR. I call it "deep throat" because it has a low pitch. It could also be called "old reliable" because it is obviously old and it has been most reliable. I have had it for about 20 years. I bought it at an estate sale. They do not make them like this any more. Look at the beautiful castings. It was set to shut off at 175# when I bought it and I have left well enough alone. 2HP 110/220V single phase motor is newer than the air compressor. I have done nothing to it other than change the oil and clean the air filter and periodically drain it. It is very heavy. It stands about 7' tall. Made in Chicago, IL. $600.

CHRISTIANSEN, CHICAGO, IL WOOD VISE. GENUINE ANTIQUE. The Nylon nut is what makes this vise so special. Wood nuts break along the grain. This Nylon nut is virtually unbreakable. About 12X29X6" overall dimensions. About 12 X 2" jaws (clamping area). The 3 larger screws hold the nut to the bottom of the workbench. The 3 smaller screws hold the vise to the edge of the workbench. In one image the vise is illustrated mounted on a workbench. Workbench not included. I replaced the wood nut with a Nylon nut that is far superior to the wood nut. The Nylon nut is made to much closer tolerances than the original wood nut and it will outlast the other vise components. Photos of the nut itself and the making of the Nylon nut may be found on my HARDINGE HOLY GRAIL web page. $300.

SHOP MADE KNURLING TOOL. Capacity to 1.45" diameter by any length. That means that any diameter round bar that will fit into an ordinary 5c collet may be knurled. You can even use it without power, but why would you when it is so much fun to watch it knurl any length that will fit in your lathe in a single pass. Outperforms any commercially made knurling tool I have used. The price is based upon its usefulness. If you do much knurling it will pay for itself quickly. It is largely hand made. Notice how the dowel axles are peened in place; very practical! Essentially, this is MACHINIST FUNCTIONAL FOLK ART. I sold several Hardinge knurling tools I had once I discovered this knurling tool. $400.

MECHANICS CREEPER. You will look like an experienced pro mechanic when you use this vintage wood creeper. 4 swiveling wheels. It works well and is comfortable. $40.

INTERMATIC TIMER. Designed to control multiple circuits each with it's own time schedule. Made in USA. Appears new, unused, but it is not working, so only $10 for parts or free with $100 order.


Stanley #12 Veneer Scraper, fixed mouth opening for scraper blades, screw adjustable blade, 6 3/8" long, 3 7/16" wide, 2 15/16" wide blade, cast iron construction, weighs 3 pounds 1 oz., with scraper blade, 11" wide handle. This should save your hands a lot of wear and tear. $50

Stanley #82 Cabinet Scraper, adjustable blade angle, ~14.5" long, 2 1/2" wide, accepts virtually any scraper blade, cast iron construction, wood handle and knob, weighs 1 pound 4 oz., without blade. This will allow you to get a lot more leverage into the job. $90

Goodell-Pratt Cabinet Scraper, fixed blade angle, ~12" long, 3" wide, wood handle and knob, with steel blade sandwich, weighs 1 pound 8 oz., with blade. This will allow you to get a lot more leverage into the job. Very simple, effective design. $40

Stanley #151 Spokeshave plane, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 1X3" baseplate, 11" wide from handle to handle, 2 3/16" wide blade, cast iron construction, weighs 1 pound, with plane blade, this is a nearly new piece whereas most of the other planes listed here are antiques, made in Sheffield, England, $20

Stanley #80 Cabinet Scraper, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 2 3/4X3 1/2" baseplate, 10" wide handle, accepts up to 2 3/4" wide blade, cast iron construction, weighs 1 1/2 pounds, without blade, $45

Lakeside Special Plane, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 9" long, 2 3/8" wide, 2" wide blade, cast iron construction, weighs 3 pounds 4 oz., with Lakeside Special plane blade, "Made in USA" behind front knob, similar in quality and construction to Stanley, made by Stanley for Monkey Wards, $40

Parplus Plane, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 9 7/8" long, 2 7/16 wide, 2" wide blade, cast iron construction, weighs 2 pounds 7 oz., $40

Stanley Bedrock #605 Jack Plane, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 14" long, 2 7/16" wide, 2" wide blade, cast iron construction, weighs 4 pounds 13 oz., with Stanley plane blade, Bedrock lever cap, two patent dates behind the frog. There are good reasons why Bedrock planes are collectible. They are higher quality and cost more new and therefore many fewer were sold. The extra heft of these planes does not make them more effort to use. They cut so much better that you will use less energy with a Bedrock. Of course, the tune of the plane and the technique of the operator are most important. This one has an aged patina. It has no broken or damaged parts. You could clean it and make it look like new, but I would leave it as is, only sharpening the blade. $400

E. C. Simmons Keen Kutter, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 8" long, 2 1/2" wide, 2" wide blade, wood sole and cast iron construction, very comfortable to hand hold, $40

Stanley Handyman Plane, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 14" long, 2 1/2" wide, 2" wide blade, $40

Stanley #5 Jack Plane, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 13.5" long, 2 3/8" wide, 2" wide blade, cast iron construction, weighs 4 pounds 6 oz., with Stanley plane blade, Stanley lever cap, small part of top of wooden handle missing, $50

Fulton Tool Co. smoothing plane, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 15" long, 2 3/4" wide, 2" wide blade, wood sole and cast iron construction, weighs 4 pounds, with Fulton Tool Co. plane blade, lever cap, rear wooden handle cracked in middle--since epoxied back together with West System epoxy. I find the wood body comfortable to use. $60

Bailey #6 Jointer Plane, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 18" long, 2 7/8" wide, 2 3/8" wide blade, cast iron construction, weighs 5 pounds 13 oz., with Stanley plane blade, Stanley lever cap with red background appears too small, 1/2" by 1/8" bite out of rear of mouth, $20

Stanley #220 low angle block plane, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 7" long, 2" wide, 1 5/8" wide blade, cast iron construction, weighs 1 pound 7 oz., with Stanley plane blade, $40

Sargent #606 low angle block plane, adjustable mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, 6 1/16" long, 1 3/4" wide, 1 5/16" wide blade, thumb and finger indents on sides, cast iron construction, weighs 1 pound 4 oz., with Sargent plane blade, Ex, $150

Sargent low angle block plane, fixed mouth opening, screw adjustable blade, #306 and 307 stamped on back side of cap iron, 7 3/16" long, 1 15/16" wide, 1 5/8" wide blade, cast iron construction, weighs 1 pound 5 oz., with Sargent plane blade, cap iron quick lock part of casting broken--requiring screwdriver to lock down blade, otherwise Ex, $25

Craftsman tiny low angle block plane, 3.5" long, 1.25" wide, 1" wide blade, weighs 3 oz., screw lock blade, with Craftsman plane blade, with extra plane body. I sold the complete plane. The plane body without the blade and the hold down is available for $5

Alumo 2B fillister or rabbet plane, fixed mouth opening, screw lock blade, 9.5" long, 1/2" wide, " long, 1/2" wide, 9/16" wide blade, removable edge guide, cast Aluminum construction, weighs 1 pound 4 oz., with plane blade, $60

Stanley #78 rabbet plane, cuts 1 1/2" rabbet, 2 fixed mouth openings--one in bull nose position, screw lock blade, 8 1/8" long, 1 1/2" wide, 1 1/2" wide blade, notcher, no depth stop, $80

Stanley #191 duplex rabbet and fillister plane, cuts 1 1/4" rabbet, fixed mouth opening, screw lock blade, 8 1/8" long, 1 1/4" wide, 1 1/4" wide blade, notcher, depth stop, edge guide, $50

Stanley #95 edge trimming block plane, cuts 13/16" depth, fixed mouth opening, lever lock blade, ~6" long, with Stanley blade, Ex+, $275

Stanley #71 plough plane, with 1/4" wide cutter and with 1/2" wide cutter, with shoe, with fence or edge guide, with black painted wood knobs, made in USA, ~4" long, ~8" wide. The part shaped like an engine valve is something that I made. $150

STAINLESS STEEL PERFORATED TRAY. Handles fold down. 21X18X6". Ideal for use by a farmer. Quality stainless steel. $50

STAINLESS STEEL PERFORATED TRAY. Handles fixed. 18X18X5". Ideal for use by a farmer. Quality stainless steel. Weld broken at left rear corner, but SS is so thick and strong that it hardly matters. $40

OPTICAL COMPARATOR SCREENS, 14.125" diameter, one with degree markings around the perimeter, the other with 1/000" markings from center to edge in 20/1000" increments, Mint, $50 & $75 respectively, both $100

SINGER SLEEVE SEWING MACHINE, small arm under foot allows sewing around perimeter of sleeve, no motor, with accessories. Note the pulley by the handwheel. It is quite possible to hand sew with a machine; just turn the wheel by hand. The bodine motor listed above on this web page would make an interesting motor for this sewing machine. $70

MUSIC STAND, professional metal stand, with double jointed arm holding the music sheet tray, allows the base to be completely out-of-way, music shelf may be 2' + from stand center, music shelf has adjustable angle, shelf is plenty strong enough to hold a laptop computer, weighted base, removable rubber tipped tripod legs, weighs 28#, grey paint and chrome column, Mint-, $65

HEAVY DUTY STAPLER Writing on the tool: "Markwell Giant Nailer. Markwell Mfg. Co., New York. Made in USA. Sixteen." There are 3 holes at the rear for bolting to a tabletop. The front end is designed to stand free above the tabletop surface or perhaps to be cantilevered out over the edge of the tabletop. I tested it on 2 sheets of corrugated cardboard--which it handled with ease; the cardboard, however, was the cheap asian variety and it tore as you can see. This calls for Markwell SPECIAL staples. $25

DIGITAL Power Control 861-D. Plug it into 3 phase and get single phase output. 19" rack mount. See photos for details. $100

General Radio Decade Resistor. This is a very useful laboratory test instrument. As with all the images, click on it to see an enlarged version so you can read the capacity. $80

SIMPSON VOLTMETER AND OHMMETER. No probes included. No batteries included. The negative battery connectors for the 2 smaller batteries are probably damaged as they appear to be just blades whereas they were probably once L-shaped. I have no way of testing this. Assume it does not work. $20

Westinghouse rheostat variable transformer, type 125601, 50/60 hrtz, 1 phase, input voltage 240V, output voltage 0-280V, 28 amps, 7.8 KVa, $125. I do not know for sure, but this may allow you to run motors as low speeds without losing torque. \\There is a hole caused by arcing on the electrical panel base plate. I see no reason why it would not work, but I do not know if it does work. I do not know how to connect it up to test it. It weighs 72# and most of that weight is the copper winding. At today's price of copper, that is significant.

Powerstat Variable transformer, style #874509, 40 ohms, input 2.4 amps, output 10.4 amps, 125 volts. Copper windings. 2 connecting cables. $50.

TILTING SERVICE STAND. Oftentimes used in the electronics industry for the repair of plat panel displays, etc. Metal frame is 19X25", plywood base 22X25". Adjustable angle; folds flat. There are 4 holes in the metal frame for adding whatever you want to it. Sturdier than most. Would make a great artist's tabletop easel. $60.

ADJUSTABLE MACHINE LIGHT. Soft light with the plastic diffuser, which is removable. 3 joints, L-bracket mount with holes to attach to wall and/or tabletop. There is a toggle on/off switch and a momentary push-on switch. $60.

ADJUSTABLE BULB SOCKETS. Aim your lights where you like. Could be used for industrial look track lights or whatever. I have 18 of them in use. $10 each or 18 for $150.

WATER PUMP. This was used as a drinking water pump with a ground water well. There is a 5-10 galon above ground water storage tank included. Wagner 1/2 HP 115/230V 6/8Amp. continuous duty induction motor. Meyer HK Ejecto Pump, catalog #HK-50D, serial #45657 pump. The inlet and outlet pipes are at least an inch inside diameter. Worked when last used 10-20 years ago. Gauge goes to 50PSI. $100.

VACUUM PUMP, Wegner by W.M.Welch Mfg. Co., model #1410, GE 1/3HP motor, belt drive, 1/4" slip over hose fitting, quieter, less powerful and older looking than the Gast, on steel base, in-line switch, needs line cord plug, Ex, $50

GAST VACUUM PUMP, GE 1/3HP 110V motor, more powerful vacuum than the above, noisy, Ex+, $100

GAST VACUUM PUMP, model 0521-V26-G180xxxxx (cannot read last figures), GE 1/3HP 110V motor, compact integral unit, 3 filter jars, rubber feet, from Berkey Direct Screen System in case you need a replacement, Ex+, $125


ELECTRIC TILT-TOP DRAFTING TABLE, clean & smooth 48X64X1.5" maple top, 5' parallel rule, heavy steel base, 38" high for standing or tall chair, solid construction, Ex+, $400

LIETZ LEVEL, with hard metal case with rubber seal, with tripod with special leveling head, with extendable calibrated pole with sliding marker, 24X scope, lenscap, lens shade, quality piece, the scope is near mint with mint glass, the tripod and the scope case show usage, still work fine, $350. Surveyor's rod (long telescoping calibrated pole in good condition) not illustrated, but is included.

Double pan balance, Cenco Scientific Co., white glass pans, sliding weights on balance beam to 210 grams, + fine tuning balance weight,+ you may add weights, will mount on lab stand or 1/2" vertical rod. Formerly used in a basement darkroom; some corrosion on metal parts. Porcelain plates or pans. Fully adjustable and functional. $75

FAIRBANKS MORSE 1000# CAPACITY PORTABLE PLATFORM SCALE, model 41-3132, balance beam type--no springs, adjustment screw, 18X27" platform sits 8" above ground on hidden steel wheels located underneath platform, 43" high post and balance beam, with extra weights to go to 500#. Additional weights needed to go to 1000#. Weighs ~150#, $300

HANGING BALANCE, a balance beam of the purest form, weighs to about 1000#, cast iron, very well made, note the V-notches in the cast and machined eyes that rest upon the corners of the square pivot points, probably designed to weigh game, with an auxiliary weight, the left pivot point is 2" from the center pivot point, the right pivot point is 8" from the center pivot point, Ex, $25

SAUSAGE MAKING MACHINE 6&8 quart size, with large and small pressure plates, interior perforated cylindrical liner, manual crank, with the interior perforated cylindrical liner, which is designed to be used with the smaller pressure plate, you can probably also use this as a fruit press, although this is more substantial than your usual fruit press, weighs 40#, surface rust, will clean up easily, complete, Ex+, $90

CATTLE DEHORNER. Geared guillotine type. 38" long overall. Blades are sharp and are easily removed for resharpening. It cut this board easily enough. $30

Framework Molecular Models, by Prentice-Hall, set of color coded tubs and connectors, build your own, with instruction book, in box, Ex, $10

MORRIS COUPLING, designed to couple 8" diameter pipe, instructions, new, $20

Baker's rack. KelMax Equipment, Model NSF. 70" tall, 20.5X26". Accepts 18" wide trays or pans. On wheels. Fairly clean, but I intend to use it as a storage rack, so it will need a cleaning before use as a baking rack. $90

10+ POUNDS OF SMALL METAL PUNCHES. Used. Some rust. Some dirt. Some worn out. 1st photo shows all. Subsequent photos show no duplicates, although some may be made to same specifications. $40


Home Shop Machinist magazine, 12 issues from march/april 1994 through may/june 1996 (less May/June 1994 issue), great condition, + copy of issue march/april 1993, $50 or $10 for individual issues.

Aciera literature: I had an Aciera F1 milling machine. I ordered some parts and literature from Aciera. All the machinery was sold. I have color copies of the original literature available. F1 brochure, $25. F3 brochure, $25. Brochure of several machines by Aciera, $10. I have a standard B&W pdf file of the 44 page operating manual and parts list for an Aciera F1 for $50.

Bridgeport manuals, 1955 and 1964. Both manuals illustrate the same head. The 1964 manual index page is illustrated. There are fold out pages in each. Both are in great condition. The 1964 manual has more pages and covers more accessories. 1955 manual, $60. 1964 manual, $90

CALIFORNIA BOOK OF MAPS, 17x23" and many of the maps fold out to larger sizes, sectional maps, metropolitan maps, composite map, zone maps, SF area, LA area and San Diego area maps, extended area maps, issued by the PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION OF the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, color and B&W, ca. 1975, Ex+, $50

The Passive Solar Energy Book, a complete guide to passive solar home, greenhouse and building design, by Edward Mazria, hardcover, ca. 1979, w/DJ, 8X10", 435 pages, Mint, $20



SWISS MADE REGLUS UNIVERSAL DRILLING JIG, model G, for workpieces up to 3 7/8" diameter and for drilling holes to 1 3/16" diameter, 14 3/16" high, ~120# with cabinet full of accessories, including about 20 drill guide bushings for 1/16" to 1 3/16", allows you to drill holes in spheres, rods, or just about any shape, for use with at least 15" drill press, converts your drill press to a precision machine, instructions, $OLD, but I can supply the instruction book and 2 brochures covering 4 different models and accessories for $50. Note: I use this with the 17" Delta drill press listed below. The table on the drill press is bored and tapped for 1/2" bolts that hold the jig down.

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