Blackburn makes some of the best saddle bags or panniers. I seldom go anywhere without stuff. I need saddle bags. You can get some attractive looking and inexpensive saddle bags from China, but they are poorly designed and made--so they can be sold cheaply. Don[t waste your time with them. Stick with Blackburn and you will not go wrong.

BLACKBURN SADDLE BAGS OR PANNIERS. Waterproof. Capacious. Optimised to work with the interchange system; may be used with virtually any rack. Note the extra material at the hinge; this serves to keep water out. That is a 4-liter jug in the bottom of one pannier...and there is room for another + other items. Dual handgrips + shoulder strap. You may remove and replace it easily. You may carry it with you and you will not only keep your items safe, but you will also look extremely an urban cowboy. NEW. $110.

BLACKBURN SADDLE BAGS OR PANNIERS. Extra waterproof. Orange fold out waterproof covers for each pannier. Optimised to work with the interchange system; may be used with virtually any rack. Dual handgrips + shoulder strap. You may remove and replace it easily. You may carry it with you and you will not only keep your items safe, but you will also look extremely an urban cowboy. NEW. $100.


BIANCHI VOLPE BICYCLE SEAT. Stock seat with my Bianchi Volpe. Extremely comfortable. Softer than usual foam or gel. Extremely clean. Sexy looking. weighs 13 ounces. $55.

STELLA ITALIA BIANCHI BICYCLE SEAT RACING OR ROAD BICYCLE SEAT. Single piece cover over foam or gel. Comfortable for the type of saddle it is. Reflective red triangle in rear. 270mm long, 135mm wide. Very light weight. Weighs only 3/4#. $35.


BIANCHI STEM HANDLEBAR EXTENSION. I removed this from my Volpe. 100mm extension. $20.

CINELLII STEM. 22mm diameter. Accepts 25mm diameter handlebar. 100mm extension. There is a piece of celephane tape over the handlebar bolt to make sure it does not get lost. $20.

KALIN STEM. 22mm diameter. Accepts 25mm diameter handlebar. Minimal extension. $20.

JAPANESE STEM. 22mm diameter. Accepts 25mm diameter handlebar. 100mm extension. $10.


KALLOY. 27.2mm diameter. 350mm long. $20.

UNO SUSPENSION SEAT POST. 27.2mm diameter. 350mm long. There is an adjustable heavy duty coil spring inside the post. This came off of an A2B electric bike. $35.

DUAL CHROME EXHAUSTS. Designed to make your ride look HOT! Non-functional. $20.


BLACKBURN TRACK STAND FLUID. As good as I have seen. May double as a repair stand. May do triple duty as a bike stand in your van. Stable, heavy, easily adjusted. I made a wood bar to fit between the front and rear ends to keep the stand from folding up unexpectedly. $150.


CANNONDALE BUGGER CARGO TRAILER, NEW-IN-BOX. Never Assembled. Not rusty. No mildew. Complete. I am keeping a used one for myself. My used one has lasted 40 years; it will last the rest of my lifetime. One of the best things about having a new-in-box bugger is that it need not be disassembled and packed for shipment. This new one is packaged in the most economical box size possible. Oftentimes the old ones do not come apart because they are rusted together. Instructions included. This is the model with the full zip up Nylon cloth cargo box. I am using one like it; the cloth has held up remarkably well. The 2 B&W images are from the instruction book. Classic design. Nobody has improved upon the design in my opinion. $OLD. I leave it up for your information.

CANNONDALE BUGGER CARGO TRAILER, well used, still usable, needs restoration. Inner tubes hold air. Swedish made tires: one is fine, one is older, but serviceable. The Nylon cloth cargo box is only in fair shape; the cloth itself is still strong, but the zipper needs replacing. I chose not to replace the zipper on an identical one that I am using; instead I just sewed it together and custom altered it for my purposes at the same time.....adding a Velcro sealed top flap. No hitch or handle, although I make them and sell then separately. The bugger I am using was purchased at the same time as this one and is in about the same condition; it will outlast me. $135.

CANNONDALE BUGGER CARGO TRAILER, well used, still going strong. I use this for hauling camera gear around. I have to sell it with the cabinet that I built to fit it because that cabinet will not fit the other buggers that I have. This model is open at the front and top. It is listed on my 35mm and DIGITAL CAMERA EQUIPMENT web page. You will find it about 40% of the way into the document. The cabinet is removable. When my car was in the shop for an extended period of time I used this bugger to carry groceries, laundry, etc. Soon I will be adding one more bugger cargo trailer.......another version of a photographic equipment hauler......with a built-in combination tripod mount and handle.

REPLACEMENT HITCH for CANNONDALE BUGGER CARGO TRAILER. I have 3 used cargo hauling buggers. All 3 came with broken bicycle hitches. Cannondale used a Polycarbonate plastic for their hitch. Polycarbonate is oftentimes used in "bulletproof glass." Polycarbonate is really tough stuff. You can bend it over against itself (if you are strong enough), but it will not break. The Polycarbonate will flex in use without breaking. To mount my hitch to your bicycle, remove your seatpost, slip the seatpost through the hitch and reinstall your seatpost on your bicycle. It is especially easy to do with quick release seatposts. It is a small inconvenience to pay for the lower cost of the hitch and the greater strength of the hitch. When loaded, bugger hitches ride up the seatpost. Cannondale's hitch had no provision for keeping the hitch from riding up the seatpost and neither does mine. My solution to that was to put a spare light mount on the seatpost that the hitch rests against. The truncated original Cannondale quick release hitch is $50, My single piece Polycarbonate hitch is $30. I also make handles for using the bugger as a hand cart, $45. Note: I offer these hitches strictly for use in hauling cargo. I do not offer them for the purpose of hauling people or living beings. The problem with Polycarbonate is that it becomes brittle with exposure to ultraviolet light. Although Polycarbonate is guaranteed unbreakable, that guarantee is only for 3 years. Polycarbonate is still the best material for a hitch because of its good qualities. Just be aware that you will have to replace it every few years. I have never seen an intact Cannondale hitch other than the one with the new-in-box bugger. The one on the left looks intact at 1st glance, but it is truncated, or shortened. I made the one piece Polycarbonate hitch as a replacement for the original. I could make it with a quick release mount like the original, but I would have to charge too much for it. I made it out of a single piece of Polycarbonate to keep it simple and keep it affordable. The 28mm diameter hole for the seat post is the same size as in the Cannondale hitch; if you need one with a different sized hole, I can provide that for a slight additional fee. The 1st pull handle has been sold. The 2nd pull handle (the one that looks like a stylized cat or owl) is one I have been using for about a year. The Nylon rod that was with the original Cannondale hatch broke; I replaced it with a steel bolt covered with heat shrink tubing.

REPLACEMENT HITCH for CANNONDALE BUGGER CARGO TRAILER. This is my latest replacement Cannondale hitch; It is GUARANTEED NOT TO BREAK! This GLENNVIEW HITCH is 1" thick, 3" wide and 5.5" long. I tried to break a 6mm thick strip of the High Density Polypropylene that the hitch is made of. I was able to bend it, but it returned to its original shape after I let go of the vise grip. The retaining screw is covered with heat shrink tubing. $100

BUGGER SAFETY CABLE. Original equipment. Cannondale knew their hitches could fail and supplied these safety cables for when that happened. Wrap one end around the seat post and the other end around the metal U-shaped Bugger stem that the hitch is bolted to. $20 each.

TRIKE TREADMILL. Exercise with your child. What fun! $80

RECOIL PAD. Ranger brand, marketed by Sears Roebuck & Co., complete with instructions and mounting hardware. 1.75 X 5". NEW-OLD-STOCK. $15


Tentpegs. German made aluminum tentpegs, each in its own protective tube. 4 sets of 4 available. Each set also come with a piece of plastic covered cord and a cloth case. $10 each set.

Pool sticks. Straight. One for $15. 2 for $25. 3 for $33. I converted the 4th pool stick without the plastic tip to a walking stick. I put a steel ferrule on the end where the plastic ferrule had been. I held the steel ferrule on and filled the end with epoxy. The walking stick is $20.

MacGregor "Lloyd Budge" 4 3/4" Heavy Laminated Bamboo Fiberglass reinforced tennis racket. $25.

Slazenger Junior Club 3 4" tennis racket. Want to play tennis with your youngster? Buy this club and the above club for $30 total. $15.

EVERLAST LEAD WEIGHTED HANDLES JUMPING ROPE. Also with ball bearings and leather rope. model 4477. 9 1/2' long. $30.


"Sports," by Neil Leifer, hardcover, dust jacket, 11X14", color photos, 186 pages, 1992, Mint, $35

"Olympia," by Leni Riefenstahl, documentation for the "Olympia" film with numerous photographs of the olympic games 1936, picture sequence (except pages 11 and 12 of the original edition, omitted for reasons of space) and captions as in the original edition of 1937, hardcover, dust jacket, 286 pages, 1988, B&W photos, 10X12.5", Mint, $50

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