OPTICAL BENCH with HELICAL GEARED RACK AND PINION FOCUSING RAIL, adjustable gibs and locks. 610X57mm rail. 101X57mm mounting blocks, each with two 1/4-20TPI threaded holes + 2 dowel pin holes. I bought this new from Edmund Scientific decades ago. Black anodized aluminum. $200.

IHAGEE OPTICAL BENCH with GEARED RACK AND PINION FOCUSING RAIL From the manufacturer of the Exacta camera. This was probably part of a photo rail system. Tight......with no play to speak of. 11.5" or 290mm long rail. Rail rider will go to either end and a little bit beyond. 1/4-20TPI and 3/8-16TPI threaded holes in mounting block. One knob drives the block, the other knob locks it. $50.

WIDE FIELD10X BINOCULAR BENCH SCOPE. Microsope quality focusing rack. Interocular adjustment. Adjustable angle. As you see it on the stand, it is adjusted to focus on the baseboard, which is about 10" from the subjective lenses. The objective lenses are labeled "NSK" and "Cross." Built-in illumination in need of a power supply. With an RCA type plug on the wire, that is no doubt a low wattage direct current bulb. The stand with a custom made copy arm it is mounted upon is a very high quality Italian made Durst enlarger stand with many useful features which you will find listed and well illustrated on my COPY CAMERAS web page. $400

Water Distiller. Exceptionally well made in USA. I used this for many years, but no longer have much need for distiller water. Shortly begore I quit using it, I replaced the timer with a factory new part. I replaced the spigot and the top knob with better than new parts. The heating element is still in great shape. This is good to go for many years. Gallon bottle not included (unless you want it) in order to save you money on shipping. I used the distiller at the side of my sink; the rubbermaid catch drain tray was put underneath just to catch the occasional spill during filling, etc. The Rubbermaid catch drain tray is in use now for another purpose and is included only if you want it and as long as it is still viable. $SOLD

Fisher ISOTEMP DRY BATH model 145. Tested. 100% functional. See photos for all details. $100

EXTREMELY ACURATE MERCURY THERMOMETER, accurate because it has a limited range 15- 22.5 degrees centigrade (59-70 degrees fahrenheit), the scale that covers this range is 5.25" long and therefore easy to read and accurate. Mint, $40

OVEN THERMOMETER, dual scale, range 65-175 degrees centigrade (150-350 degrees fahrenheit), Ex, $10


8X10 Linhof Kardan Color camera and optional optical bench. This camera has been sold. Some of the illustrated optical bench accessories are listed below.

OPTICAL BENCH COMPONENTS: 67" long, 8.5" wide Durst enlarger wallmount girder with 5 custom sliding camera mounts. I use it in the horizontal position on a tabletop as an optical bench and for moving a camera to and from a wall mounted copyboard. Once the copyboard, girder and camera are aligned, you may easily slide the camera to and from copyboard whitout losing alignment. The German optical bench components listed above will mate well with this girder, although not specifically adapted to this girder. The 2 components listed immediately below are adapted to this girder and optimized for use with the Linhof Kardan camera listed above. Ex+, $300. See photo above with Linhof monorail view camera and optical bench.

OPTICAL BENCH COMPONENTS: 1.6X14.1" linear ground glass with centered metric rule (graduated 125mm to each side of center), with 2" geared left to right movement, with swing-away white opaque center focusing target, with extra adjustable mounting hardware, Mint-, $125. See photo above with Linhof monorail view camera and optical bench.

LENS COLLIMATOR by Gamma Scientific, model 7301-2T, includes 150mm F5.6 Rodagon coated enlarging lens, extremely high precision reticle, adjustable diaphragm, rear filter holder with orange filter, stainless steel construction, 120V lamp and adaptor to mount it on the rear of the collimator, Mint, $OLD. Wanted: a similar item to this. This serves as an infinity test target; focus on the transilluminated reticle inside this collimator and your lens is focused at infinity. It will also show up some lens abberations, if present in your lens. See photo above with Linhof monorail view camera and optical bench.

OPTICAL BENCH COMPONENTS: Extremely high quality French made lens or front surface mirror gimbal mount model SL8ABHC. Ball bearing swing and tilt movements with solid locks. The swing and tilt are spring shock mounted. Weighs 3# 10 ounces; very solidly built! The hole through the tilting lens/mirror holder is 3.15" or 80mm. The optical center is about 100mm above the base. Overall height about 6.125" or 156mm. Overall width about 6 11/16" or 170mm. Base is 80 X 115mm. $450. You may get the specifications directly from the manufacturer's web site: Newport Research Corporation. While you are there check out the new price of this!

Bausch & Lomb microscope, with 3 objective lenses, (16mm 0.25) 10X, (4mm 0.65) 43X, and (1.9mm 1.25 oil immersion) 91X, one eyepiece, 10X, below stage built-in focusing condenser, mounted on base with built-in fan cooled quartz illumination system, large XY axis stage, coarse and fine focusing (each unit corresponds to a .002mm change), all optics newly cleaned and all gearing regreased, scratches on some of the lenses--although there is no apparent effect, $300 or $225 w/o the base illumination system. Lenscap for objective lens. Micrometer adjustable X,Y specimin table. In addition the the ordinary micrometer focusing system as found on any quality microscope, this B&L microscope has an extra fine focusing drive where each division = .002 millimeters; that is = .00008" and that is phenomenal.

Microscope illuminator, as illustrated above with microscope, $75. In its former life the base illumination system was a microfiche projector.

Olympus microscope stage, mechanical stage with opaque base, 120mm movemenet left to right, 60mm movement front to back, movement scales with verier accurate to 1/10 millmeter, dovetail mount on bottom, Mint-, $100

Other microscope accessories, including Nikon Multiphot, Leitz Aristophots and American Optical Orthophot found on COPY CAMERAS list. Enlarging lenses found on ENLARING LENSES list. Camera lenses found on VIEW CAMERA LENS list. Other items scattered throughout my various lists.

AZIMUTH BEARING CIRCLE RING by OPTIC ELECTRONIC CORP., made for U. S. Navy, solid brass, painted black with incised markings painted white, about 3/16" wall thickness,weighs 2# 3 ounces, 10.25" outside diameter, NEW-IN-BOX, $150.

OPTHALMOLOGIST'S DEVICE. I do not find a manufacturer's name on it. It was probably made by Zeiss or Bausch & Lomb. One thing is for sure: it is very high quality mechanically. It is probably very high quality optically too, but I have no way of testing the optics. I bought it for the mechanics. The base by itself would make a great X,Y + rotation positioning stage for photography or whatever; cast iron construction with adjustable ways. There is also a vertical Z adjustable screw thread of equally robust design. And there are a couple of microscope quality adjustments in other parts of this device. There is a photo of a similar device made by Zeiss found on my Stereo photo equipment web page. $200 altogether or $100 without the X,Y base. The X,Y base has geared movements of 83mm movement in one direction, 36mm in the other. If you wanted to you could jack up your car with this device.

Fujinon 7X35 Binoculars, 11 degree angle of view, fully coated optics, large central focus wheel for both lenses + helical focus for one lens, fold down rubber eyecups for eyeglass wearers, full set of lenscaps, case, strap. The single lenscap for the eyepieces is most convenient. I bought these new because I knew I could trust Fujinon, a great camera lens manufacturer, to make good binoculars, and they did not let me down. I have kept good care of them. They are virtually like new. $100

22X24X1/4" front surface miror, in borderless rubber shielded metal mount, Mint-, $100

LIETZ AUTOMATIC LEVEL AL-2 with hard metal case with rubber seal, with tripod with special leveling head, 24X scope, lenscap, lens shade, very high quality piece, the scope is near mint with mint glass, the tripod and the scope case show usage, still work fine. The leveling head is quite convenient and can save a lot of time in the field. Note the manual sight, the bubble level, the large diameter leveling head, etc. The tripod goes higher than most transit tripods. With both leg locks engaged the working height may be 65". A tripod with fixed legs will be more stable, but as adjustable tripods go, this one is very stable. I would be tempted to put the tripod to use as a photographic tripod, but it is unique to this level. Most of the hardware on this item is stainless steel whereas most of the hardware on antique transits is brass. See the specifications inside the case. This was in use by an engineer until his death. I bought it from his widow. $300.

DIETZGEN MICRO-LINE PHILADELPHIA TYPE LEVELING ROD. Quality straight hardwood ~12' long telescoping calibrated surveyor's leveling rod. Collapsed length 82". $150 by itself or $100 if purchased with the above Lietz level.

DIETZGEN TRANSIT PARTS. Some parts are listed on my Tripods web page. I have many more parts. These parts are militray surplus. I have parts lists. I have an original 9 page shipping document dated 1945 from the US Government with an original signature made with a fountain pen. I have exploded diagrams. I have a blueprint. Some of the literature was mailed to me by Dietzgen in an envelop dated 1987. This literature package is available for $100.


DIETZGEN TRANSIT COVER GLASS. 4.358" in diameter. 0.072" thick. $60.

TRANSIT TRIPODS AND RELATED PARTS. Besides the large lot of Dietzgen parts I have several tripods and miscellaneous parts listed on my Tripods web page. Berger legs. Warren-Knight tripod, etc.

BILBY STEEL TOWER FOR TRIANGULATION. Special publication No. 158. Booklet with double and triple centerfold of tower drawing. If you have one of these towers and want to service it, this may be very useful to you. I include a couple of illustrations I found interesting. $50

CHATILLON PUSH-PULL FORCE GUAGE. Full complement of accessories. In case with full complement of accessories. Tested. Works. $30

GAM PHOTO ORTHOTUBE. Vacuum tube in housing with long cord with 3-prong Amphenol plug. I took the cover off the tube housing in order to determine the tube designation. I found the tube insulated against shock with foam. I decided not to disturb the set up and put it back together. Tube looks great. At least 20 foot long cord. I do not know what this is for. If you know, please inform me so I can inform my customers. $50

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