8X10 Kodak negative carrier, single sheet of slightly scratched glass. I removed the hardware in order to clean the glass out to the edges. Glass is 8 3/8 X 10 3/8" in size. Made of really high quality vintage wood, probably mahogany. This would be a good one for your homemade enlarger......and I used it for such. See the 8X10 horizontal projection enlarger on my 11X14, 8X10 and 5X7 ENLARGERS and accessories web page.

10X10 hinged negative carrier. I do not know what enlarger this fits. The overall size is 12X12". Window opening is 9 1/2 X 9 1/2" square. Included glass is worthless. There is one glass retaining clip missing. Another good one for your homemade enlarger. $65.

5X7 Kodak glass carriers. The black carrier is metal. The green carrier is wood. Each has a bottom sheet of glass. A top sheet of glass is required to hold the negative flat. The glass in the metal carrier is scratch free, $100. The glass in the wood carrier has a 1/8" scratch, $70.

4X5 Eurogon negative carrier, accepts glass or glassless inserts, with 6X6cm glassless inserts, built-in 4-bladed mask, for the enlarger made by Industrie Fototecnica Firenze (Florence, Italy), distributed by Leedal (Chicago), rare, Ex, $50

4X5 sandwiching type negative made out of stainless steel or plated steel or brass, locating guide slots at one end, handle at other, 4 film guide pins and holes on other half, do not know what enlarger it was made for, will photograph it for you, Mint-, $15

2 1/4X2 1/4 glassless negative carrier for 4X5 enlarger. I do not know what enlarger this is made for. $25.

Heat absorbing glass for the same unknown 4X5 enlarger that the above carrier fits. In case you want it for the glass, the glass is 5 X 6 5/8". $50

Kodak Precision A 2 1/4X3 1/4 glassless carrier, box, $40. The Kodak Precision A is one of my favorite enlargers. It is simply beautiful; that is, beautiful because of its simplicity. The negative carriers are some of the best.

Other carriers found on Omega, Durst, Beseler and Leitz enlarger lists.


Negative carriers can make or break an enlarger. Few negative carriers are well designed. Cheap glassless negative carriers like Omega and Beseler allow the film to buckle under heat, crop too much of the image and reflect light off the inside edges of the carrier opening making even more of the perimeter of the image unuseable. Expensive glassless negative carriers like some Durst carriers have beveled interior edges, but still crop into the image and allow buckling. Glass carriers prevent the film from buckling, but still oftentimes cut off some of the image. Of course, with glass carriers you have 4 extra surfaces to keep clean and may encounter Newtonrings. I have developed a glassless stretching type negative carrier that holds the film taught without glass and yet still allows printing of the full image--even the full negative. I have built 2 such carriers for use with an 8X10 Durst. I can build carriers for other enlargers and other formats. I may be able to build an insert to fit inside your carrier. I should be able to build a carrier to fit most sheet film enlargers. The design will not work with rollfilm. The cost will vary with the effort required. The 8X10 Durst carriers are priced at $500 and $2000. Here are the listings for the 8X10 Durst carriers:

CUSTOM GLASSLESS STRETCHING TYPE NEGATIVE CARRIER FOR 8X10 DURST, film is held taught without glass, allows printing of entire negative, requires use of Condit 8X10 diagonal punch, or some other small hole punch to punch holes in corners of negative as the negative is held in the carrier with small springs that must go through small holes in the negative corners, made of hardwood with velvet bearing strips around the perimeter of the top and bottom to protect your enlarger negative stage, negative may be oriented vertically or horizontally, carrier may be inverted, with handle, may be made for other formats and other enlargers as well, NEW, a GLENNVIEW product, $500


FOR ENLARGER NEGATIVE CARRIERS OR WHATEVER, can supply in sizes to 8x10". 8X10 sheets, $40 each, $75 for 2. 5X7" sheets, $30 each, $50 for 2. Custom sizes available. Can be cut like ordinary glass. 0.090" thick.


Elwood enlarger lensboards, Ex/Ex+, $35-60. These are wood, 5 1/8 by 6 7/8" with one end rabbetted and rounded, 7/16" thick.

5X7 and 8X10 Saltzman flat lensboards, with 1" pilot hole, Mint-, $75

8X10 Saltzman 5" recessed or extension lenscone with with 58mm capacity Caesar Saltzman universal diaphragm lensholder neatly attached, Ex+, $250. Lenscone by itself, 77mm hole + 4 screwholes where the universal diaphragm lensholder was attached, $150. Universal diaphragm lensholder by itself, $100.

8X10 Saltzman rare 12" extension lenscone, can be used for reductions or the enlarger may be used as a very stable macro or copy camera, Ex+, $200

Saltzman 5X7 lensboard with 58mm capacity Caesar Saltzman universal diaphragm lensholder neatly attached, Ex+, $175. Lensboard by itself, 77mm hole + 4 screwholes where the universal diaphragm lensholder was attached, $75. Universal diaphragm lensholder by itself, $100.

5X7 Eastman autofocus lensboard with flange for 190mm F4.5 Kodak Enlarging Ektanon or Kodak Anastigmat, with lightpipe to illuminate F-stop scale, Ex+, $25

5X7 Eastman autofocus lensboard without lightpipe, but with holes for lightpipe, 2 5/8" hole, Ex+, $10

Meopta Axomat II macro adaptor, 70mm tall extension tube replaces lensboard, designed to accept ~23mm threaded lenses, catalog #78430, boxed, instructions, Mint, $20

wood lensboard, 5x5.5", with rabbetted edges along 5.5" sides, with light pipe to illusminate F-stop scale, olive drab, 2 3/4" hole, Ex, $20

Other lensboards found on Omega, Durst , Leitz and Beseler enlarger lists.


Lightbox, 16X44" viewing area, Graphiclite GL-44, daylight balanced D5000 Standard Viewer. It has the same slim profile as the GL-20 viewer illustrated below. You see it with 2 8X20" negatives on it. It is sitting on a shallow shelf that is an extension of my desktop. $400

Lightbox, 16X20" viewing area, Graficlite GL-20, daylight balanced D5000 Standard Viewer. Channel below viewing area holds your film. $150

10X10" Lightbox, MacBeth, model PLT510, daylight balanced D5000 Standard Viewer, original bulbs + 2 new daylight bulbs, VG, $120

10X10" Lightbox, Kodak Illuminator, model 1A, daylight balanced with blue glass and ordinary lightbulb, 60W recommended, Ex+, $OLD, but I have replacement blue glass for it, small chip out of corner face of glass does not affect performance, $15

Macbeth print viewer, 5000 K, 2 intensity levels, for judging color prints up to 11X14", viewing area shielded to keep out extraneous light. This sits on my desktop right next to the 16X44" light box. VG appearance due to dented nameplate panel, perfect functionally, $OLD

Kodaslide Table Viewer, model A, for 1-3 person viewing of mounted slides on 8X8" rear projection viewer of most attractive streamlined "Moderne" styling, vintage ~1950, VG, $100. The operation of this viewer is as simple and elegant as the design. Slides go into the spring loaded compartment on the left. Push the center handle in to load a slide and turn on the light, and pull it out to eject a slide to the right side and turn off the light. There is storage for the power cord recessed into the bottom of the viewer. Great used as a presentation viewer. I use this to show clients slides I have taken for them and prospective clients examples of my work. The only drawback to it's use is that your slides had better be up to the quality of the viewer.


Phototone reflection densitometer, solid state, compact, with probe, for continuous tone, line or halftones, Ex+, $150

Optical density meter. $50

Carlson transmission standard TS1, calibrated transmission check films, densities of .96 and 2.06, Ex+, $45

Kodak Photometer transformer for Kodak process densitometer, model 2, Mint-, $35

New bulbs for Kodak color or Kodak process densitometer, rare, NEW, $10 each

Weston Densitometer model 877 instruction book, a great resource for use with any densitomerter, lots of information, tables graphs, charts, 22 pages, softcover, + blank time-gamma graph chart, original, $30, copy, $15

Sargeant Welch Densichron Transmission light source parts and accessories. A consistent light source is the basis of a densitometer. The photo is of a Sargeant Welch Transmission light source being used with a Pentax 1 degree digital spot meter. This unit has been sold, but I have a lot of parts and accessories for it. The use of a Pentax 1 degree digital spot meter was my idea. I like those meters a lot. They are most reliable and consistent. The 1 degree spot reading is well suited to use on a densitometer. Your readings are only accurate to 1/3 of a stop, but that is good enough for the photographer using it to aid him in making good prints. If you need greater accuracy, I can adapt a Minolta spot meter, which reads out to 1/10 of a degree, to your light source. Below find a number of parts and accessories for the Sargeant Welch Densichron Transmission light source. You may buy them individually or you may have the whole lot for $200.

B&W ANALYZERS and printing aids

F22 Press Darkroom Computer--B&W Printing, with instructions, in vinyl case, Mint, $15

Enlarger attachment for Sekonic Model L-428, in case with instructions. A light attenuator is missing. $15.

Ilford EM10 exposure monitor for B&W and color, in box with instructions, $30. It will not take you long to save $30 worth of paper. The large version of the instructions is large enough to print out.


Color Process Computer analyzer by Optographic Lab, for analyzing slides or prints, color or B&W, negatives or transparencies, with a source grey filter that you may use over the camera lens at the time of exposure to create a greycard slide or negative that makes your printing job extremely easy, also with integrating filter for use in darkroom for when you neglected to make a greycard slide or negative, great instruction book, Ex+, $100. Note: you may use this to analyze prints or transparencies made with an inkjet printer.

Caltura Professional Color Matrix, a non-electric color analyzer, Ex+, $40. The instruction book is an education in itself. Like new in box with various aids. This and the below listed Beseler kits are the easiest way to analyze color prints--with a very simple visual grey comparison.

Beseler tricolor calculator kit with tricolor filters, Ex+, $20

Universal Color Calculator Test Print by Beseler, expose 4x5 print through about 127 colored windows, directly read exposure adjustment, instructions, Mint, $15

Color by Beseler #8916 Subtractive calculator kit complete, includes diffuser, diffuser (and filter) holder, subtractive color calculator and grey comparator, instructions, Mint-, in-box, $20

Kodak Color Print viewing filter kit, instructions, vinyl case, indispensible for evaluating color prints with the eye, Mint-, $25


Tim-o-lite 750W capacity timer. Resets itself. 1 to 60 seconds, outlets for enlarger and safelight. You may stand it upright or lay it down on its back or wall mount it, Mint-, $50.

Industrial Timer Corporation 15 second series TDAF time delay timer, designed to be panel mounted, no shell, 115V, 1000W, instructions, schematic, new-in-box, $25

Industrial Timer Corporation 60 second timer, model asc361, 115V, VG, $15

Graphic Technology, Inc. 10 Amp capacity solid state timer. This came in with an 8X10 Durst that I purchased from a Printing firm. It works, and even though there is an abbreviated instruction sheet that pulls out from the base, it is still difficult to operate. It has injputs at the rear for exposure probes; perhaps an exposure probe is required for operation. The % and density functions are very promising; perhaps this could work as a drydown timer with the % function. The manufacturer exists. I found them on the web at GRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY, INC., but I did not contact them. I will price the timer cheaply and let you do the research. I might be interested in purchasing a probe and instruction manual for this timer. $50.

Lektra TM-8 1500W capacity timer, .1 second to 111 seconds, outlets for enlarger, safelight and foot pedal or remote controls, with indestructible stamped feet on the bottom and back sides and with keyholes on back side, you may stand it upright or lay it down on its back or wall mount it, Ex+, $225.

Spiratone Darkroom Director instruction book copy, $20

Creative Phototronics CP Timer, digital, solid state, for enlarging and processing, 9 programmable steps, 1000W capacity, programmable audible beeps. This is the one I use. With instructions. $150

Creative Phototronics power supply, not working, for parts, $10. I never had one of these timers go bad. I shipped one out to a maverick "self-proclaimed electrician" who managed to ruin this one somehow.

Creative Phototronics Touch Timer instruction book copy, $20

Kenro timer for 120V lamp, 30 second max, Ex+, $15

FOOTSWITCH for BESELER CB7. Will also work with just about anything else that utilized that same 2-prong connector. The footswitch closes the circuit. RARE. $35

Omega footswitch, power plug has outlet on top of it, for any enlarger, catalog # 7901, 10A, 125V, for 2 prong household plugs, $40. At 10 Amps, this has a large capacity. Although designed for an enlarger, it could be used for whatever. I am currently using it with a lathe.

Eseco footswitch #RF2. Robustly built with easy to find large metal footswitch levers. 4-prong connecting plug. $50

Intermatic Time-All model A211-4 15 Amp 24 hour appliance timer, Ex+, $15

Audio Electronic Timer by Analite, emits an audible signal, 500W capacity, plug into wall and plug enlarger into Analite, or plug analite into timer and enlarger into analite in order to add an audible signal to your timer, Mint, boxed, $25


Sola 3000VA 3000W voltage stabilizer, formally listed as "constant voltage transfomer harmonic neutralized, type CVS, U. L. listed power supply 685H," series 82D, input 95-130X175-235X190-260, input amps 34.6X19X17.3, output voltage 120X240, frequency 60 HZ, VA3000, computer grade voltage stabilizer (even higher standards than photo grade), weighs 162#, Ex+, $550.

Sola 1000VA 1000W voltage stabilizer. Utilizes an extension cord for the power cord. $250

Sola Solavolt 500VA 500W variable output voltage stabilizer, fixed stabilized 115V output or variable 0-130V stabilized output, weighs about 75#, Output 500VA max, 7.5 amps. max. $200

Sola 250VA 250W voltage stabilizer. $150

Honeywell Wein Regulite WP-250W VS solid state voltage stabilizer. 95-135VAC input, 118VDC +/- 1% output. 250W maximum capacity. Instructions, boxed, Mint, $100.

400W Vivek voltage regulator model 100. Solid state. 105-129Volts AC, 60 Hz. input. 100volts AC(RMS), 60 Hz. output. 400W maximum load. Regulation +/- 2%. Instructions, boxed, $150 for the one illustrated, which probably has not been used. 2nd one looks like it has been slightly used, also with box and instructions, $135. 3rd one used, but very clean, no box, copy of instructions, $120.

Unicolor solid state voltage regulator, model 742, 100W capacity. Read specifications off the front of the VS. $100

Unicolor solid state voltage regulator, model 750, 360W capacity. Read specifications off the front of the VS. $150

Sola 60VA voltage stabilizer, Mint-, $35. See image of 60VA stabilizer along side the 3000VA stabilizer above.

Omega voltage stabilizers for Chromega color heads--see Omega list.


De Vere 115V Control, power supply for model 5108 1200W color head. The female lamp outlet has 8 terminals (4 horizontal and 4 vertical). Tested--works. This an extra. Rarely available by itself, Ex, $300

Durst TRA 305 power supply, for Durst M306 color enlarger with EFP lamp, input: 115V, ,9AMP, output: 11V 86VA or 12V 100VA, 7 pin connector, being sold as-is because I don't want you to plug in your defective head and blow the power supply, Ex+, $300

Chromegatrol, (combination voltage stabilizer, timer and power supply), Omega catalog number 412-037, for use with 4X5 or 5X7 Super Chromega Dichroic or Dichroic II color head, Ex+, $300

Vivek Model 350 regulated power supply (front and center in photo) for use with Chromega dichroic color heads, quiet, Mint-, $OLD. All else is still available, including 2 Vivek Vivacom Computerized enlarging System model 450 electronics interface units with computer cables but no computer, floppy disk, some paperwork, $50. The power supply works with Omega Dichroic heads w/o the other items. I have no way of testing the other items.

General Electric 120V 600W Stabilized Transformer for use with Mercury Vapor lamp, old, screw terminals, I have no way to test this, VG, $25

12V FILTERED DC POWER SUPPLY, 117V input, 13.8V DC 4.5 Amp output (for 12V appliances, fuse protected, Tripp Lite Powerverter model PS-4, by Trippe Mfg. Co, Chicago 60610, Mint, $25

Kodak Photometer transformer for Kodak process densitometer, model 2, Mint-, $35


Leitz enlarger easels are listed on my Leitz Enlargers web page.

Beseler Universal 14, 11X14" 4-bladed easel, catalog #8501,1" autofocus height, with instructions. NEW-IN-BOX, $150

Saunders borderless adjustable to 11X14" easel, $50.

Saunders 4-bladed 11X14 easel, lift and lock hardware missing. Surface is black. When working with some materials, you do not want any light going through the material, bouncing off the surface and coming back to degrade the image. $100. Remove the adjustable 4-bladed masking device and you have a single size 14X17" easel.

Saunders 4-bladed 11X14 easel masking insert, for parts. One of the handles on one of the 4 masking blades is missing. $25.

11X14 Speed Easel, with MDF base that brings it up to autofucus height and gives it stability, boxed, Mint, $35

All metal 2-bladed easel for paper to 8X10" in size, a little rust, Ex, $15

Airequipt 4-in-1 all metal easel for 8X10, 5X7, 4X5 and wallet size paper, a little rust, $15

Leitz easels on Leitz Enlargers web page

8x10 speed easel, boxed, Ex+, $20

8X10 Speed Easel, 2 sides, with provision for adding a caption along 10" side or 8" end (make your own captions on film in darkroom or on transparency film on laser printer), Ex, $20

5x7 speed easel, boxed, Ex, $15

5x7 speed easel, VG, $10

2.5x3.5 speed easel, boxed, Ex, $10

6-up test strip print easel for use with 4X6" paper. This will save you even more. $10

Ilford mounted slide proofing easel, allows you to proof 36 mounted slides onto one 8x10 sheet of paper, base with 2 masks, Mint-, $30

35mm film proofing easel, for film cut into strips of 6, glass cover plate with metal film holding clips over foam sheet with metal base, Mint-, $30

Masks for Lucht 11" paper roll easel, in sizes 11X14, 8X10, 7.5X9.5, 5X7, 4X5, 3.5X5", Ex+, $40 each or $150 all

Find registration easels listed below under registration equipment.


8X10" Condit in-camera registration system including Condit diagonal film punch and pin-registered filmholder has been $OLD, but I leave the page up so that you may see what it is--see link below.


8X10" Condit diagonal film punch. I have one, but it is being reserved for the person who buys the next GLENNVIEW 8X10 stretching type carrier from me. I am willing to buy more.

Condit pins, 1/16" diameter brass pins on 1" square thin brass plates, designed to be taped to working surface, Ex+, $150. These are difficult to find. They tend to get lost.

Condit 5X7" or 6.5X8" registration frame. Actual inside dimensions are 7X9". There are Condit 1/16" registration pins located 3" apart inset into the glass. Clean glass. $150

Condit 8X10" registration frame. Actual inside dimensions are 10X12". There are Condit 1/16" registration pins located 3" apart inset into the glass. Clean glass. $250

Very special pin registered negative carrier for Omega. With Kodak registration pins. For use with 4X5 (or smaller) film. Note that the pins are farther than 5" apart. You tape a piece of punched film to the edge of the film to use this. This is, by the way, common practice....alter all who wants to punch holes in their film? Quite rare! New-in-box, $400.

Kodak register punch. Mounted onto a 13.5 X 16.5" maple finished 4 sides MDF cored panel. Rarely found today in such clean, good working condition. Note the clean holes it punched in the film. It utilizes carbide punches and a die plate. Holes 2.5, 6.5 and 9" apart--on center. If you think it punches too large holes too far into the edge of the film, you may use it in this manner: punch the holes in a strip of film that you then tape to the edge of your image film. $OLD.

Proper mounting of Kodak register punch. I have bought and sold many Kodak register punches over the years. Never have I found one properly mounted. The punches came with small smooth mounting holes designed to accept small screws that fastened to a substrate. In punching film you use a fair amount of force. The punch needs to be well fastened to the substrate. I enlarge those mounting holes and tap them to accept flat head screws countersunk in the substrate. The substrate will not scratch your table top. The screws will not pull out. $100 for the maple board sustrate and the proper drilling, tapping and mounting of your punch. If you want to drill and tap the holes in the punch yourself, the price is just $75 and you will not have to ship your punch to me.

Note: Kodak register punch punches holes 2.5, 6.5 & 9" apart. Large vacuum Register board and large transfer board have holes spaced 9" apart. Small registration boards and small transfer boards and 11X14 register print frames have holes 6.5" apart.

8X10 pin-registered negative carrier, very high quality, highly machined black anodized aluminum frame, 10.75X14.25" OD, 7.875X10.125" ID, 2 registration pins, 5.42mm diameter, 120mm apart, single sheet of glass, glass holding clips to hold down your top cover glass, on the back side it is marked 18X24 and 7X9.5, Mint-, $75

5X7 pin-registered negative carrier, very high quality, highly machined black anodized aluminum frame, 11.25X9.5" OD, 2 Condit compatible 1/16" diameter registration pins along the short side, spaced 3" apart. $75

5X7 pin-registered negative carrier, very high quality, highly machined black anodized aluminum frame, slightly larger than 8X10" OD, 2 Condit compatible 1/16" diameter registration pins along the short side, + 2 more along the long side, each pair spaced 3" apart. $100

Bychrome magnetic pin registration kit, includes stainless steel registration pin bar on magnetic strip and 10 prepunched plastic strips that you tape to the film you are working with. boxed, this is extremely compact, simple, practical and trouble free, no punch is needed, Ex+, $75

Durst 4X5, 5X7 and 8X10" pin registered equipment--see Durst list


Model 1058 Kutrimmer, 22 1/2" capacity, hold down bar, custom, extra long paper width guide, newly cleaned, lubed, adjusted and painted, newly sharpened blade, cuts like the best paper trimmer--which it is, extendable paper catcher. $400. No paper trimmer is equal to a Kutrimmer. The paper guide, the hold down bar and the phenomenal blade provide you with the accuracy and the clean cut that you need. Decades ago, Kutrimmer used to supply their trimmers with a long metal paper guide. Today's short plastic paper guides are accurate, but not long enough for tasks like cutting 16X20 film down to 8X20 film. I made my own paper guide (out of ebonized hard maple with a lacquer coating) that is as long as needed and is double ended. If, for any reason one end is damaged, you may turn it around and use the other end. I made a 2nd paper guide while I was at it, so you may buy the paper guide by itself for $100. I used a Brown & Sharpe square to check accuracy as well as an original Kutrimmer paper guide. The blade sharpening was done by hand because that is the best way to ensure success.........other than returning your Kutrimmer to the distributor for sharpening; I did not even want to think about the cost of that because these things are such a lot of trouble just to package. Your local knife sharpener will look at that and say "No, thank you." In fact, it was not that difficult to hand sharpen the blade and do the job well by running a stone along the length of the blade. The blade was originally hollow ground, so the stone rode on the blade edges leaving the center untouched. This blade cuts like a new blade.

Kodak 12" trimmer, 12X12" ruled and grid-insized natural wood table, cast iron hardware, antique patina, lever action, attractive, basic, functional. Given that it outperforms many new paper trimmers, that it is attractive and collectible, why not buy this instead of a modern piece of chipboard junk. $50

Boston #2612 12" trimmer, 12X12" ruled and grid-lined MDF table, cast hardware, lever action, hold down bar, Mint-, $25

33" paper trimmer, 3/4" thick, 4" wide, 3#, a Glennview product, for use with a packaging knife or single edge razor blade, simple, effective design, I made this for cutting EPDM roofing rubber, works well for other items as well, $60, $20 charge if returned because the idea could easily be copied

48" paper trimmer, 1/5" thick, 6" wide, 5#, a Glennview product, for use with a single edge razor blade, simple, effective design, I made this for cutting EPDM roofing rubber, works well for other items as well, $80, $20 charge if returned because the idea could easily be copied

Number One oval cutter, cuts 16X20" maximum oval in mat board or glass, with several extra glass cutters, instructions, made by Accurite Engineering Co., very high quality unit, baseboard corner damaged and glass cover sheet missing, otherwise Ex+, $400. NOTE: with baseboard and glass replaced, add $150.

Dexter hand mat cutter, in box, with extra blades, Mint, $18, and another w/o extra blades, Mint, $15


1 single drawer steel cabinet 36" from front to rear, 28" wide, 9.5" tall outside dimensions, Mint-, $100

Kreonite manufactured cabinets, 24X24X34" O.D., 5 drawers each, 19X21X4" I.D., set of 2, with 2X8' lacquered Birch plywood top coupling the two cabinets, Ex/Ex+, $350 for the set, picked up


Kindermann Dry Mount Press. 230mm X 283mm platen size. It will allow you to dry mount an 8X10 print. You cannot mount anything much larger all at once. You can mount some larger prints in multiple pressings, with the only limitation being the U-arms that support and connect the top and bottom of the press. So, for example, you could do a 16X20 in 4 pressings. You could press an infinitely long 8" high print in multiple pressings. 750W, 120V. The 2nd plug you see on the back side without a cord attached is for European voltage I am guessing because it is a European standard plug. Variable temperature control will handle color or B&W prints. The felt covered foam pressure pad is in excellent condition. The overhead aluminum platen has the usual imperfections as has every used dry mount press I have ever met. It is just too easy to get a little dry mount tissue stuck to the platen. There is an easy solution, however. Put a sheet of Seal release paper over your print and a sheet of mount board over that to keep any imperfections on the platen from being impressed onto your print. Used like this, the press performs perfectly. Fully checked out. Performing well. Excellent design. This is my favorite small dry mount press. Difficult to find. $300.

Seal Junior 60 Dry Mount Press. What is present is in clean condition, but the electricals are missing. So often the pressure platen has dried dry mount tissue on it, making it impossible to do a perfect dry mount job. Cleaning those platens is impossible. The felt covered pressure pad is in clean condition. $100 + shipping for the whole. The platen by itself is $65. The pressure pad by itself is $35. Because of the cost to ship, you are better off just buying the parts you need to refurbish your Junior 60 Dry Mount Press.

Kodak thermount iron. 3 1/4 X 5" platen. This is perfect for the composite maker. A composite is a whole bunch of individual portraits all mounted on the same board--such as a composite of a sorority house or a nurses graduating class, both of which I have made in my career. The composite business is a good one. You sell the composite to the sorority house. You sell small copies of the composite to each individual. You sell portrait packages to each individual and to the parents and relatives. You spend a few hours photographing one sorority house and sell tons of prints. This would also be useful for woodworkers for installing iron on wood veneer edging. Decades old, like new in box. RARE. $100.

Kodak and Seal MT5 dry mount tissue are virtually the same item and are designed for permanent mounting of B&W prints. One of the boxes of Kodak tissue has a Seal product change note inside of it; Seal may well have made tissure for Kodak. They both require high heat--such as is provided by the Seal Junior 60 dry mount press listed above. It is archival and it works very well. Both of these tissues are no longer available new. If you appreciate them as I do, buy my old stock. It does not go bad unless you melt it. I have not had any go bad in my lifetime.

11X14 Kodak dry mount tissue for permanent mounting of B&W, about 150 sheets, $50. This is in a Kodak film box; The original tissue box must have been damaged, but the tissue is undamaged. All 3 parts of the film box are included.

8X10 Kodak dry mount tissue for permanent mounting of B&W, 150 sheets per box in unopened boxes, $50 per box, 3 boxes available.

5X7 Kodak dry mount tissue for permanent mounting of B&W, 150 sheets per box, 3 unopened boxes at $25 per box. One open box with about 135 sheets in it at $20.

8X10 Seal Fotoflat (the 5 second removable dry mounting tissue) dry mount tissue. 2 100 sheet unopened boxes @ $30 each. One open box with about $130 sheets @ $25.

Seal 8.5X11" Chartex (the 5 second backing cloth) in an about half full open box @ $20.

2 rolls Seal MT5 dry mount tissue for permanent mounting of B&W. 40" wide by 10 yards long. One roll is a full roll, the other roll is nearly full. $100 both rolls.

Seal laminating machine model 25, "the Wizard" desk top laminator, 25" width capacity, 120V, 1600W, Mint-, $250

"Better Mounting," by Seal, Inc., materials, equipment and methods of dry mounting, 2 similar but different vintage 20 page booklets available, ~6X9", $40 ea., copy of, $20 ea.

"Mounting, Laminating and texturing products--Everything you need to make your work a work of art," by Seal, Inc., materials and equipment offered by the current manufacturer, includes contact info for the manufacturer, 18 page booklet, ~6X9", copy of, $20.

"Seal mechanical dry mounting/laminating presses, Masterpiece 500T/500T-X, Commercial 210M/210M-X, Jumbo 160M Owner's Manual," 16 pages, ~5x8.5", includes contact info for the current manufacturer, copy of, $15

"Operating manual Seal Standard 120, Commercial 200, Jumbo 150, Masterpiece 350 dry mounting/laminating presses," 4 pages, copy of, $10

LEAD TYPE FONT SETS for use with gold stampers, etc.

#133 GOLD by The Emblem Co., full set in nice wood box with lid and type in marked divided compartments, 3/8" high capital letters, type style is similar to Arial, such as you should find on this web page, if all is working properly between my computer and yours, basically a very clean type style with no frills, easy to read, Ex+, $50

full set (1/2" high capital letters) in metal type drawer with divided rows, type style is similar to Arial, such as you should find on this web page, if all is working properly between my computer and yours, basically a very clean type style with no frills, easy to read, Ex+, $50. Note: both of these lead type sets came from the same place, the original owner and user of the type. Because the type was not moved around, bought and sold several times, it is altogether.


Staticmaster 2.75" wide brush, I use it to clean dust off of my LCD monitor, long outdated, otherwise Mint, boxed, $15

Staticmaster 1" wide brush, long outdated, otherwise Ex, boxed, $5


30 12" cloth wound perforated plastic core water filters, new-old-stock, $4 each, 10 for $30, 15 for $40

3 10" Leedal 30 Micron Filterall replacement elements (filters), catalog #4440-R, new-old-stock, 3 for $12


B&J Watson daylight 35mm bulk film loader, built-in counter, no felt to scratch your film, boxed, Mint, $15

Western daylight 35mm bulk film loader, built-in counter, no felt to scratch your film, Mint, $14

Boes daylight 35mm bulk film loader, built-in counter, no felt to scratch your film, boxed, Mint-, $10

Pakon P-80 slide mounting kit, about 40 in the box, plus a couple more, NEW-IN-BOX, $8


Optical bench components: are found on my Scientific Optics web page.

Gemini transparency mounts, quantity 50, 7.5X9.5" opening size, 10.5X12" overall size, new-old-stock, boxed, $10

Ultraviolet light, ~10X8X4" steel housing, 3X3" filter slot, in-line switch, 120V AC, Ex, $75

GAM ortho phototube, on ~30' long cord with 3 prong Amphenol connector, Ex+, $20

K&M wood filter cabinet for 3X3 gel filters in Kodak filter mounts with chart that tells you what filters to use to render given colors as white or black on ortho or panchromatic film, holds 20 filters in gel filter frames + a few filters in original envelopes, Mint-, $50, Ex, $25

SAFELIGHTS and safelight filters

Good Illumination in the darkroom can greatly enhance not only your output, but your pleasure. The filter color of choice for me is red because it is safe for all B&W (except panchromatic materials).

Bright star film loading light. Note the brassing on the switch. That is a sign of quality. All the metal hardware on this flashlight is brass or copper. Fresnel lens. Belt clip. The 3 filters are stored in the base. Utilizes 2 D cells. Works. Bulb included. Batteries not included. $40.

Thomas Sodium Vapor safelight, with bulb, red orthochromatic filter set for use with all B&W materials except panchromatic, designed to be hung from ceiling for whole room illumination, $OLD, but the buyer bought only the housing. The bulb is still available for $30. The bulb is one that I bought new and used very little. The bulb has mercury in it. It is illegal to ship mercury. Must pick up or come up with an alternative to shipping it. NOTE: The amber filter is for graded paper; it will fog variable contrast paper. VC paper has 2 emulsions; the high contrast emulsion is sensitive to bluish light, the low contrast emulsion is sensitive to yellowish light. You may use the red filter with variable contrast paper. Inspect your filters; what kind of condition are they in? Thomas filters tend to be very old and/or they did not hold up well. I can supply a superior quality red filter.

Set of 2 ortho filters for Thomas Sodium Vapor safelight, for use with all B&W (except panchromatic materials), a GLENNVIEW product, Mint-, $40

Aristo Red Neon or fluorescent safelight model CRS26, 8.5X26" reflector housing with built-in power supply, designed to be mounted on ceiling, presently in use in my darkroom--they are quiet and long lived, Ex, $150 each, 2 available. SAFE FOR VARIABLE CONTRAST PAPER.

Red screwbase safelight bulbs--suitable for ortho and all B&W (except panchromatic materials), 15 watts, 2 available, $7 each. SAFE FOR VARIABLE CONTRAST PAPER.

Super Ortho Cherry Red Safelight Shield made by Delta 1 CPM, Inc., for use with 24" white fluorescent lamp (such as the F20T12), very high quality tubes with end caps that have holes for the end connectors, $15 each, 4 available. Want 6 F20T12 white fluorescent lamps along with these sleeves?--add $5 each--I'll put them inside the sleeves and ship them at no extra charge. Photo is of the end of a regular white FT20T12 fluorescent bulb and of an identical bulb inside one of the safelight sleeves. I stopped at Home Depot and found that they had several fixtures available with F20T12 bulbs. They were all very compact--being designed as under cabinet fixtures for use in kitchens, etc. and would work very well in a low ceilinged darkroom. The prices varied from $13-24 for a fixture with a single bulb. These fixtures could be mounted vertically or horizontally on a wall or ceiling. SAFE FOR VARIABLE CONTRAST PAPER.

Sylvania F20T12/R 20" red fluorescent lamps, I do not know if these are sufficiently safe for ortho or even for VC B&W photo paper--I would actually doubt it--but I did buy them from a photo lab going out of business, case of 6, $20

Kodak very small safelight. With light amber and green filters. The green filter is used for panchromatic film inspection during development. This utilizes a night light bulb (included--on the inside) and screws into regular medium screw base sockets. Mint. $25.

Kodak bullet safelights. 5.5" diameter Amber filters. These use 7.5 or 15 Watt medium screw base bulbs (included). Working, clean. The one with a switch in the line cord is $30. The one w/o a switch in the line cord is $25.

Kodak bullet safelight, like the above, but designed to screw into lamp socket, choose your filter from those 5.5" diameter filters listed below, Ex, $12, 2 available

Kodak 5.5" diameter series 00 filter, light yellow, for flashing halftones through contact screens for contrast control, Ex, $6

Kodak 5.5" diameter series 1A filter, light red, for orthochromatic materials, also good for all B&W paper except panchromatic, packaged, Mint, $8, 3 available

Kodak 3.25X4.75" series 3 filter, dark green, for panchromatic materials--such as film inspection during development, packaged, Mint, $3, 6 available

Kodak 3.25X4.75" series 13 filter, amber, for panchromatic B&W papers and some color papers, new-in-box, $3, 5 available

Kodak 3.25X4.75" series 0A filter, greenish yellow, packaged, Mint, $2, 6 available

Kodak #13 10X12" safelight filter, amber, for panchromatic B&W papers and some color papers, new-in-box, $30

Agfa 9 11/16" square filter for B&W papers, boxed, Ex+, $12

Film inspection lightbox, green filter, safe for short periods while developing, 8x10" filter size, Ex+, $150.


Kodak color print viewing filter kit, with instructions. 18 color filters. Used for judging prints during and after the printing process. This is the key to making color prints. Even with a good eye for color, you need this to see slight color shifts and know which direction these color shifts are in. This helps you judge how far off your color may be as well as the direction of the color shift. It is an essential aid. Without it you are shooting in the breeze. $30.

KODAK PROJECTION PRINT SCALE. gives an accurate test strip with just one exposure. Scale divided into 10 sectors of varying density. Each sector indicates different printing times. $30.

KODAK TRANSMISSION DENSITOMETER CHECK PLAQUE. Metal plate with 8 color filters set into windows. Boxed, with plastic sleeve for check plaque. $80.

KODAK REFLECTION DENSITOMETER CHECK PLAQUE. Metal plate with white zero adjust target, red check target, green check target, blue check target, and black photometric check target, with instructions. Boxed, with plastic sleeve for check plaque. $60.

KODAK COLOR CONTROL PATCHES, 7 inch size, with set of 20 Kodak retister marks (soiled, but still usable). $10.

KODAK COLOR CONTROL PATCHES, 14 inch size, with set of 30 Kodak retister marks. $25.


BESELER UNIVERSAL COLOR CALCULATOR TEST PRINT. 4X5" framed transmission printing aid with about 127 color tinted windows + density window. With instructions. $15.

MARSHALL'S transparent liquid PHOTO RETOUCH COLORS for use with color prints and other reflected art. 8 eye dropper bottles of the necessary basic colors + flesh and black. Boxed, unused, with instructions. $40


This paper came from a large commercial lab that closed. It was in storage in the cold storage room at the lab, but w/o the cooler being in operation. This was on the ground floor of a 3 story big old brick building that did not get very hot due to the mass of the building. This paper has not been in cold storage since Spring 2001. The paper (except for the new-in-box paper is in the cardboard boxes without any protective wrapping inside. Before I ship it out I will wrap the paper in black plastic. I have tested the B&W roll, but I have not tested the color paper because I do not have an RA-4 line set up. I did measure the paper with a vernier caliper in the dark. Those measurements are included in the descriptions. The paper is being sold as-is, with no return priviledge. Hopefully the low price will make the paper attractive. This paper is so old that I have begun to use it as background paper for my tabletop studio. I use such boxes for shipping light stands and tripods. It is great for those purposes. You get the paper + the box it came in. On the internet you wil find videos of photographers shooting RA4 paper in large format cameras and processing in B&W developer followed by RA4 chemicals. The result is one-of-a-kind art, much like I used to do with Cibachrome-in-camera. This can be great fun and quite profitable. My customers especially liked the idea of one-of-a-kind art. If you are shooting RA-4 paper-in-camera, but do not have proper temperature control, etc., you are not going to get perfect color in your images whether you use fresh paper or outdated paper, so this paper is great for experimentation. Oh, and did you notice the LOW PRICES!

Afga Laser Paper, process RA4, Matt CN 312 mR, 127cm X 50m or 50" X 64' Ei, Em. No. 0301 43 AES 5EUNC, new in sealed box, box weighs 43#, $180

Ilford Ilfotrans 2000 Professional Color Translucent Film for digital/analog photo printing, IT 2000 + F7 Plus, process RA-4, dated 8/2002, 43" wide partial roll, tight roll on tube measures 4.475" diameter, wall thickness of tube of paper and core is .73", paper is 0.010" thick, paper in box weighs 20#, $35

Ilford Ilfoflex 2000 Professional Color Deluxe Media Super Glossy for digital/alalog photo printing, IL2000.1K process RA-4, dated 10/2002, 50" wide partial roll, tight roll on tube measures 3.6" diameter, wall thickness of tube of paper and core is .32", paper is 0.010" thick, paper in box weighs 9#, $15


The FRESH STOCK paper listed below was purchased from a distributor at great prices only because the boxes are slightly damaged. The other paper was obtained from different sources, studio buyouts, store closeouts, etc. It is untested. It is not guaranteed. There is no return on sensitized goods. You may buy all the non FRESH STOCK paper for 1/2 the total price. You may buy all the FRESH STOCK paper for 1/2 of the listed prices. Note: The FRESH STOCK is now a number of years old and I have reduced the prices accordingly.

Kodak contact paper, catalog #1943703, 8X10", single weight, one unopened box and partial box with about 40 sheets, dated 7/89, This stuff, being high contrast is not likely to go bad so soon, $17

Agfa Portriga Rapid, 8x10", double weight, about 40 sheets, in Kodak box with handwritten label, expiration date unknown, $6

Kodak Kodabrome II RC, 8x10", grade F5, 11 sheets, $1

Kodak Bromide paper WSG.2D, 8X10", grade 2, double weight, mostly full 100 sheet box, no date, $15

Agfa Rapidtone P1-3 ortho camera paper, 8x10", 100 sheets, unopened, not dated, but priced at $70, my guess is that it is positive paper, code H4HYP 75602 M, $20

Agfa Rapidoset ATP phototypesetting paper, 1X100' roll, unopened box, dated 9/93, no doubt high contrast and single weight, $20

Agfa Rapidoset ATP phototypesetting paper, 8"X100' roll, unopened box, no date--purchased with the above 9/93 dated paper, no doubt high contrast and single weight, $15

PAL speed PE 104, 11X14" grade 4 extra hard, resin coated, medium weight, cold black tone, unopened package, 25 sheets, undated, $12

PAL Flexigrade FX1,11X14", variable contrast, resin coated, medium weight, unopened 10 sheet package, undated, $5

PAL Flexigrade FX1, 12X16", variable contrast, resin coated, medium weight, 100 sheets in unopened packages, undated, $80


Most were purchased new. Some were purchased in darkroom buyouts. In unopened containers--unless otherwise noted. Click on images to enlarge to read labels for quantities and other info. All have been sitting around my darkroom for awhile. No return on chemicals. S&H&I can be relatively expensive for an inexpensive item. Best to buy more items to amortize the cost.

Refrigerant. Orignally, I bought this as canned air to blow dust off of film. Please buy only if you can use it responsibly. $15.

Kodak Citric Acid, anhydrous, 1 pound. $8 each. 4 jars available.

Kodak Color Negative processing kit. $30.

Kodak RS Developer and replenisher for T-Max film. $15 each. 4 available.

Kodak D11 Film Developer for high contrast negatives. I gallon size, $OLD. 5 gallon size, $10.

Kodak Hypo Test Kits. 2 available. Each about 80% full. Only one eyedropper and one test tube between the 2. $6 for both.

Agfa Glycin. Jar is 75% full. $4

Ilford Multigrade chemistry set. Developer, Stop bath and Fixer. I do not remember buying these. Maybe someone who came in to make some test prints on one of my enlargers left them here. If that was you, they are yours. Otherwise, I will put them to good use or sell them. Nearly full bottles. $25 or free with $250 of paper.

Kodak Elon. Open jar; 80% full. $8

Kodak Sodium Carbonate. Open jar; 80% full. $2

Kodak Sepia Toner for warm brown tones on cold-tone Koday papers. Each packet makes 1 quart bleach and 1 quart Toner. Labeled "poison." $3 each packet. 6 packets available.

Edwal Gradol. Hand lettered open jar; 30% full. $2

Edwal Orthazite. Salvages outdated paper. Prolongs developer life. Improves borax type developers. $10 or free with $100 of paper and/or develper.

Mallinckrodt Para-Phenylene-Diamine. Open jar; 90% full. Labeled "poison." $10

Mallinckrodt Lens and Process Screen Cleaner. $4

Defender Hydroquinone. Open jar; 40% full. $5

Victor Intensifier for underdeveloped negatives. Instruction sheet underneath label. Labeled "poison." $10


Double pan balance, Cenco Scientific Co., white glass pans, sliding weights on balance beam to 210 grams, + fine tuning balance weight,+ you may add weights, accurate to 1/10 gram, will mount on lab stand or 1/2" vertical rod. Formerly used in a basement darkroom; some corrosion on metal parts. Porcelain plates or pans. Fully adjustable and functional. I use it regularly to weigh epoxy, etc. $120


Mid vintage fairly compact Lightnin chemical mixer with adjustable clamp, in-line-cord switch, double plastic propeller on rusty steel shaft, Ex, $50 Note: The Kodak Precison A enlarger column mounted on a painted plywood base has been sold and is not included. The shaft with propellers is readily available new as a paint mixer device for a few dollars if you want to replace it.

Mid vintage larger and more powerful Lightnin model 10 chemical mixer with adjustable clamp, w/o shaft or propeller, Ex, $75

1/2" diameter, 28" long SS shaft with propeller, Mint, $40

BRAYERS, or rubber rollers

The image shows all brayers listed below.

Kodak, 15", add your own handle, accepts screw-in handle, heavy cast iron frame, live rubber, Mint-, $35. The image shows all 3 brayers listed below.

5 3/4" brayer, stainless steel frame, wood handle, Ex, 2 available, $10 each

8" brayer, stainless steel frame & handle, Ex, $12


18" long, 5/16" wide blade, Ex, $8

12" long, 5/16" wide blade, Ex, $6

14" long, knife edge blade, Ex, $8

12" long, knife edge blade, Ex, $8


Squirrel cage fans move a lot of air, but they are difficult to find today. Muffin fans have replaced them in many appications, such as enlarger color heads. If you want to seriously move air and ventilate squirrel cage fans are for you.

Dayton 115V squirrel cage fan, 19 available, NEW-IN-BOX, $35 each or case of 4 for $100

Dayton muffin fan, 10" diameter (the largest muffin fan I've seen), thermally protected, model 4C829, 560CFM axial fan, 1650 RPM, .19 Amps, 36 watts, 230V, Ex+, 2 available, $60 each

6X6" square vents. Imperfect design results in light leak at bottom. That can be sealed. 7 for $20


Falcon model FRC resin coated print drying rack, dries 8 8X10 or 11X14" prints, Ex+, boxed, $20


Bausch & Lomb enlarging focusing magnifier, $25

Rondo Focuscope dual-image enlarging focusing magnifier. It has a very high power manification center surrounded by slight magnification $50

Thomas Scoponet 20X enlarger grain focusing scope, plastic base, on left below, $OLD. The one in the middle has a metal base and a corner of the mirror is missing, $40. The one on the right needs a new mirror, $15.

Patterson grain magnifier with non adjustable angle focusing magnifier. Focusing lens, covers for lens and mirror. Plastic with weighted base. $20

Magnasight, moderate power, easier and faster to use, clean glass and mirror, black, $25, another with imperfect mirror, otherwise clean, grey, $15. And now one like new in box for $35.


Note: Mercury may not be shipped due to federal regulations. Heavy fine. Must be picked up.

Kodak Process thermometer, SS-sheathed, Mercury-filled, 55-125 degrees F, the standard of the industry, the best. Digital thermometers, no matter how many decimal places, are not likely as accurate as this one, and certainly if the digital thermometer is off--you may not know it unless you compare it with one such as this, Mercury in a glass tube is accurate, when it is off, you will know it because you will have broken the glass. All sold out.

Kodak Deluxe thermometer, not Mercury-filled. Digital thermometers, no matter how many decimal places, are not likely as accurate as this one, and certainly if the digital thermometer is off--you may not know it unless you compare it with one such as this, Liquid in a glass tube is accurate. Mint. $25

Taylor etched-stem liquid-in-glass thermometer, 70-100 degrees, in protective tube, Mint, $8

Trojan Studio thermometer with probe on long flexible shaft, reads in Fahrenheit from 40 to 140 degrees, manufactured by Albert Secialty Co., looks old, works well, wall mountable, Ex, $50

Similar to above, Marsh instrument, 10 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, shelf mount, with suction cup feet, Ex+, $50

Polychrome Corp. liquid-in-glass thermometer, 10-120 degrees F, with special mark at 68 degrees, Mint, $7

Garden City Istruments mercury thermometer, 204-218 degrees, protective tube, Mint, $25

Fr stainless steel darkroom thermometer, 45-90 degrees, in original packaging, Mint, $12

Fr glass darkroom thermometer, 0-110 degrees, Mint, $10


Many photographic machines require water pressure at a certain flow rate. On demand (tankless) water heaters may deliver precise temperatures with a given flow rate. These flowmeters work equally well with gases, but only the one has a scale for gases.

Dwyer series VFB Visi-Float flowmeter, 6-60 GPH capacity, instructions, made of plastic with 1/8" NPT threaded stainless steel couplings, NEW-IN-BOX, $55

Gilmot #14 Shielded Flowmeter, 10-850 ML/min capacity (also with a scale for gases), 1/2" NPT, glass with polycarbonate shield, instructions, NEW-IN-BOX, $85

unknown brand flowmeter, .5-5 GPM or 1.8-18 LPM capacity, 1/2" NPT, glass with threaded plastic ends, Ex, $35


Fixer settles into the bottom of your washer, whether that is a vertical or horizontal washer, so you will want to dump the washer every once in a while. There are few truly archival designs. Your diligence and over washing will do the job, however.

Stainless Steel tray type 16X20 print washer, made by Robar of Detroit, very well made, with hose & fittings. This has long been my favorite print washer. It is too easy to damage prints installed vertically. Mint-, $250

Wat-Air rollfilm washer for use with film reels up to 100mm diameter. Threaded hose end has a filter and washer and fits faucets with garden hose compatible threads. Plastic is crazed and base is cracked and glued; still functions. $30

16X20 East Street Gallery archival washer water collection base only. Water collection base allows washer to be placed outside of sink; water then drains into sink via hose. Ex, $100.


Patterson Orbital Print Processor. Designed for processing 4X5, 5X7 or 8X10 paper. It has a wonderful agitation system that provides extremely even development, with no streaking or other problems. It is a daylight processor; load it in the dark, then pour chemistry in and out with the lights on. Early on, I saw its potential for developing film and I experimented with it. I do not much like processing sheet film in hangers or in most multi-sheet processing systems. If I go to the trouble to photograph on sheet film, I want to process that sheet film one sheet at a time, or perhaps a few sheets at a time, in such a manner that the film is unlikely to be damaged during processing. Images show it with 4X5, 5X7 and 8X10 sheets of film. I have altered this one neatly to handle film. $250

Fotorite 20" rapid print procesor, 6X9X33", Ex+, $150. Any paper that has developer built into the paper may be used with this processor. The print comes out semi dry and ready for use in 10-20 seconds; commonly used by press photographers, myself included, before the digital age.

Kodak model 11 color processor without a heater, with copy of instructions and parts list, Mint-, $125. These are great for those who like to work with fresh chemicals each time. The film or paper floats on a constantly moving surface of liquid. The Nylon net keeps the paper in place. At the end of a step, the chemical tray is tilted back dumping the chemicals. You temper the process with tempered water that runs into the drum, spilling out as the drum fills halfway. When it is time to rinse, you pull the hose out of the drum and rinse the print and tray.

Kodak model 11 color processor with heater, with copy of instructions and parts list, Ex, $125. These are great for those who like to work with fresh chemicals each time. The film or paper floats on a constantly moving surface of liquid. The Nylon net keeps the paper in place. At the end of a step, the chemical tray is tilted back dumping the chemicals. Looks like the above, but has a heater built-in.

Kodak glass graduates. Classic. Collectible. Usable. Decorative. 32 oz., three 16 oz. (found a 3rd one after photographing these), two 4 oz., your choice, $20 each.

Kodak auxiliary drive, model 4, for Kodak model 4 paper processors, Mint-, $50

2 fiberglass developing trays for 7X17", Ex, $100

Combina tempered water jacket and/or 3 tank processing system, plastic, with 3 1/2" NPT threaded holes with screw-in plugs, 18X6X6", each compartment ~4" diameter by 4.5" high, each compartment with drain spigot, with daylight insert plastic tank for use with 120 or 2 35mm reel (tank has inlet at either end--you put tank into solutions in water jacket and chemicals flow into tank from below), purchased from distributor at moving sale, $80. The daylight insert tank is 3 9/16" inside diameter and accepts standard Nikor SS reels and clones. You see 2 of the blue 1/2" NPT threaded holes with screw-in plugs; the 3rd one is in a symmetrical position at the right end of the water bath. The orange L-shaped piece is for turning the film tank.

plastic 18 Sheet 4X5 processing cage, for use with 1/2 gal 4x5 tank (several 4X5 tank systems listed below under stainless steel equipment), very economical use of developer, space and your time, Ex+, $100

Hard rubber tank, 3 compartment, for 4X5, all one piece, Ex+, $30

3 Elkay Hard rubber tanks, with lids, extremely clean inside and out, 50

Floating lid for 8X10 3.5 gal hard rubber tank, Ex, $7

3 16X20 hard rubber trays, Ex+, $60

Leitz round 35mm developing tank, there may be a divider strip and an agitator rod missing (the agitator rod would be easy to make, the divider strip could be had from a Kodak tank), Ex+, $15

Rondinax 35U 35mm rollfilm developing tank. Complete daylight operation. You do not have to remove the film from the cassette and put it on a reel in the dark. You put the cassette in the tank in daylight. The tank is designed to remove the film from the cassette. There is a thermometer built into the tank. With instructions. NEW-IN-BOX, $85

Surplus film guides for FR daylight adjustable sheet film developing tank for 4X5 and smaller films. These are shown against a white background. The tank, illustrated for your information, has been sold. One is marked "L" and one is marked "R." $20 for the film guides. I can also supply a copy of the instructions for $10.

FR special model 2 plastic developing tank for 2 rolls of 35mm film, reel included, daylight operation, Ex, $8

FR special model 2 plastic developing tank for 1 roll of film up to 120 film size, adjustable reel included, daylight operation, Ex, $8

Semi-Pro adjustable daylight rollfilm developing tank, for 35mm, and Kodak rollfilms 120, 105, 117,120, 127, 128, 129, 620, 828, used, in box with instructions, Ex, $10

Chemical storage tank, Nalgene (white plastic), 12"W X 24"long X 24" deep, inlet and outlet, with lid, Ex+, about $200 new, $50

Wet print viewing stand, 12.5X16.5" inclined white plastic wheet supported by folding metal legs, will stand in sink or on countertop, to hold your print with included clip, Ex, $20


1 reel SS Nikor tank, Mint-, $30

220 SS reel for use in standard size 120 16 oz. developing tank, boxed, RPS brand, Mint, $15, 2 available

220 SS reel for use in standard size 120 16 oz. developing tank, Mint-, $13

GLENNVIEW made 6 sheet 4X5 film cage for use in Nikkor larger diameter developing tanks.

4X5 insert for developing 6 sheets of film in a 2 reel 220 Nikkor tank or in a 4X5 Nikkor larger diameter developing tank. This outperforms the Nikkor cage. You get more even development. It is easier to load. Simple design with less to go bad. No SS band to get lost or damaged. Agitate as you would a Nikkor roll film tank. The 4X5 insert is a Glennview product. I will need to have your tank in order to make this as well as possible. Nikkor made a couple of different size larger diameter tanks. 2 different styles illustrated for 2 different tanks. $100 to $125

2 Omega 120 reels, heavy guage SS, Mint-, $10 each. The Omega reels are on the left. The "taiwan" reels (listed immediately below) are on the right.

2 Taiwan 120 reels, heavy guage SS, Mint-, $10 each. Very similar to and of equal quality to the Omega reels listed above. Illustrated below and above beside the Omega reels.

16mm plastic reel, 3 2/3" in diameter, $5

8 Japanese made 35mm SS reels, Ex, $5 each

German made 35mm SS reel, with black plastic center, upturned end of spiral, Ex, $5

German made 35mm SS reel, with black plastic center--the film grabbing part of which is missing, upturned end of spiral, Ex, $3

Taiwan made 35mm SS reel, Ex, $3, 8 available

SS film benders, bend film for loading onto reels, 1 for 44mm film and 1 120 available, $2 each


What you need to know about stainless steel trays: there is insufficient demand for new ones today to warrant making dies and stamping them. I was at an auction where the auctioneer offered to give dies for stamping SS trays to a SS darkroom equipment manufacturer. The manufacturer turned down the offer because it is no longer economical to manufacture SS trays. So you will have to find your stamped SS trays on the used market. Stamped metal trays are the best because corners and edges are curved and seamless. Look at the trays Calumet offers; hand made of flat stock, bent and welded SS. SS trays for any given format are typically oversize--to allow room to maneuver the print in the tray.

Two 24X30X6" trays inside dimensions, welded seams, vertical sides, Ex, $200

One 22X26X6" tray inside dimensions, welded seams, vertical sides, Ex, $90

8X10 Heath Color Canoe with instructions, and 8X10 Nikor Color Canoe. The Nikor Color Canoe is on the right in the 1st image. The 2nd image shows the interior detail of the Nikor Color Canoe. Your choice, $30 each

2 5X7 trays with ribs, stamped from sheet stock, with rounded corners and edges, Ex, $30 each

3 5X7 trays with ribs, stamped from sheet stock, with rounded corners and edges, Ex+, $40 each

One 8X10 porcelain tray, stamped from sheet stock, with rounded corners and edges, nestles with Columbian ribbed or flat bottom trays. Actual inside dimensions are ~8.5X10.5". $75

One 8X10 SS tray with ribs, stamped from sheet stock, with rounded corners and edges, nestles with Columbian ribbed or flat bottom trays, but this one is not labeled. The ribbing allows you to get your fingers underneath the print or film and allows chemicals to get to the back side of the film as well. Actual inside dimensions are ~8.5X10.5". $75

3 8X10" Columbian stainless steel trays stamped out of a single piece of SS, with rounded corners and edges. Actual inside dimensions are ~8.5X10.5". $75 each. All 3 for $200.

2 10X12" porcelain trays, with rounded corners and edges. Actual inside dimensions are ~11X13". $75.

2 11X14 Cesco Lite plastic trays, with bubbles on base. The bubbles allow you to get your fingers underneath the print or film and allows chemicals to get to the back side of the film as well. Actual inside dimensions are ~13X16". $40

3 11X14 plastic trays. The trays nestle together. Actual inside dimensions are ~13X16". $40

2 12X16X3" trays, made of a very heavy duty SS sheet stock, folded, welded, with the lips or rims of the trays folded over upon themselves--providing a rim that is about 3/16" thick, these rims slope towards the tray, extremely well designed and manufactured trays, Ex, $125 each. The bottom inside dimensions of this tray are 12X16". There is an identical set of 16X20 trays listed below.

One 14X17" stainless steel tray stamped out of a single piece of SS, with rounded corners and edges. The ribbing allows you to get your fingers underneath the print or film and allows chemicals to get to the back side of the film as well. Actual inside dimensions are ~15X18". $150.

3 14X17" Columbian stainless steel trays stamped out of a single piece of SS, with rounded corners and edges. In the 2nd image, the 3 trays are nested together. Actual inside dimensions are ~15X18". $150 each. All 3 for $400.

4 14X17" Porcelain trays. Actual inside dimensions are ~15X18". Your choice, $35. All four for $80.

2 Stainless Steel 14X17" trays, with tempering water jacket underneath. The developing trays have a compartment with a passageway for tempering water to flow through welded to the bottom of the trays. These trays were made for a perfectionist and never used; corks were installed by the manufacturer in the ends of the SS tubing that have never been removed. Foam protectors also cover the tube ends. These could be used anywhere you need temperature regulation (color processing, B&W 2 part compensating developers, etc.) Actual inside dimensions are ~15X18". NEW-OLD-STOCK, $200 each.

Richards tray rack, for 11X14 and 8X10 molded plastic trays or stamped stainless steel trays, rare, Mint-, $125

2 16X20X3" trays, made of a very heavy duty SS sheet stock, folded, welded, with the lips or rims of the trays folded over upon themselves--providing a rim that is about 3/16" thick, these rims slope towards the tray, extremely well designed and manufactured trays, Ex, $125 each. The bottom inside dimensions of this tray are 16X20". There is an identical set of 12X16 trays listed above.

16X20" Cesco-Lite plastic tray. The bottom inside dimensions of this tray are ~18X22". $40.

Robar 16X20X6" Stainless Steel print washer, this is my favorite print washer, wonderfully designed and manufactured. Water comes into the copper tube and shoots out horizontally through small holes towards the front end of the washer, then exits through slots in the base of the divider and exits the washer through a hole in the rear. I find it convenient to work with because it is just like moving a sheet of paper from one tray to another. After the printing session is over, I dump the water and continue washing with fresh water. Interleaving prints is easy because of the reservoir of water and the continuing flow of water. It is as convenient with all size prints 16X20 and smaller. It fits very neatly in the below listed sink. $500

Wet print viewing stand. Folds. 12.5" X16.5" plastic face. The clip at the top is superfluous because your wet print will adhere to the face. $25.

STAINLESS STEEL PERFORATED TRAY. Handles fold down. 21X18X6". Quality stainless steel. $50

STAINLESS STEEL PERFORATED TRAY. Handles fixed. 18X18X5". Ideal for use by a farmer. Quality stainless steel. Weld broken at left rear corner, but SS is so thick and strong that it hardly matters. $40

STAINLESS STEEL TANKS, cut film hangers, etc.

Kindermann 8X10 film loader with 2 8X10 film hangers. This loader also accommodates 9X12 cm and 13X18cm (4X5 and 5X7) Kindermann hangers. This loader holds the film hanger with the film holding pins in the open position. Film guides help you to load the film perfectly aligned. Release the hold open device and your film is stretched taut--held by 4 corner pins. If you have some of these hangers, but do not have the loader, you will want it. I wish I had more Kindermann hangers to offer you. $200. What I say about sheet film development below with the 11X14 film hanger holds true for 8X10 film as well. This hanger design contacts the film in 4 tiny corner areas only.

Special 8X10 film hanger, only one available, fits in ordinary tanks just like the usual hangers illustrated with the rack and tank listed above, $100. This is better than those ordinary hangers. The film is held by pinch clips at the corners. Ordinary hangers hold the film all around the perimeter and cause uneven development all around the perimeter. What I say about sheet film development below with the 11X14 film hanger holds true for 8X10 film as well.

Special 11X14 film hanger, only one available, $150. You shoot 11X14 film to get higher quality. Therefore process each sheet by itself. If you are developing multiple sheets of film at one time, the risk of compromising and/or damaging the film is much greater. Holding the film with a hanger allows you to handle the film during development with less risk of damage. I recommend you build or have me build a developing tank for use with this hanger and a minimum amount of chemicals.

Chemical storage tank, Leedal brand, 10X10X13 3/4" high with floating lid and cover and spigot valve, Ex+, $110

5X7 Kodak film hangers, Ex, $7 each, 48 available

5X7 Carr film hangers, Ex, $10 each, 10 available

4X5 Kodak film hangers, Ex, $7 each, 7 available

3 1/4 X 4 1/4 Kodak film hangers, Ex, $10 each, 14 available

~3 1/4 X 4 1/4 Carr hangers for Eastman film pack, special--for thinner film base, Ex, $10 each, 10 available

99 gal stainless steel tank w/drain, cylindrical, 32" diameter, 51" high, 3 legs, drain and tank bottom 14" off floor, Ex, $250

2 medium size SS mixing tanks, about 5 & 10 gal. ea., cylindrical, with drain hole in center bottom, Ex, just in, inexpensive


Having recently sold my darkroom sink, I converted a 32X42" tray to a sink. The new drain is positioned in the center of the tray because that is the low spot and the most appropriate place to position the drain anyway. The overall dimensions of the stand are 86" long by 35" from front to back by 35" high. I made it extra long and added Melamine table tops at either end to extend the capabilities of the sink. I can put an extra tray or trays at one end and the Robar washer (listed above) on the other end of the sink top. The edges of the Melamine sink top were epoxied and polyurethaned to protect them from moisture. The legs are quite strong and have leveling feet. If the sink is too long for your needs it may be shortened to as little as 35" by 45". You will need no additional hardware or lumber to do that. You will only have to shorten the wood stand as necessary and reposition the legs. The lumber in the sink stand is nominally labeled 2X6". $650

32X42X6" tray, welded with right angle edges. Made of type 316 Stainless Steel (The correct SS for photographic use) by Grafic Equipment Corporation, a renowned Chicago company. This is the tray that I converted into a sink shown above.

SS sink corner triangular shelf. Space is scarce and valuable in your sink. Make use of unused space. I tack it down with a couple of pieces of double sided tape so it stays put, but is easy enough to remove. $25

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