35MM F2 TRIPLE CONENSER PROJECTION ENLARGER for unperforated (or perforated) 35mm film in rolls on spools (or in strips), 65mm F2 General Scientific Co., Chicago, coated lens (General Scientific Co. is a frequent government supplier of high quality optics. They made lenses for Mauer Aerial Cameras, as did Zeiss.) in focusing mount with fixed ideal aperture, glass pressure plate film carrier, cranks for advancing and rewinding film, rise and fall (about 3/4") allows you to easily align image with paper. Utilizes a 200W 120V CVX bulb; two bulbs included. Larger wattage bulbs are available in the same shape, but I do not know if larger wattage bulbs may safely be used in this head. The optical system includes a mirrored parabolic reflector, a heat absorbing glass, 3 condensers, and a double glass film holder. With the parabolic mirror behind the clear glass bulb, the triple condenser optical system, and an F2 lens, this is a very bright head. There are 2 fans mounted above the bulb to draw in cooling air and expel it at the side. This head is designed to be mounted with screws at the front--surrounding the lens. Everything about this screams high quality. The person who sold it to me said it was government surplus. I made a right angle mount (mounted using those 4 screw holes surrounding the lens). You could very simply mount the head on a tripod and horizontally project. I analyzed the wiring system and completed it. I provided 2 power cords, one for the lamp and one for the fans. The fans are smooth and quiet running, but even so, add some slight vibration into the system. The fans are exceptionally well designed--keeping dust out of the condenser system. With the 2 power cords, the lamp could be plugged into a timer and the fans could be plugged into the safelight outlet on the timer--coming on whenever the lamp is not on. The power cord with the tag attached is for the fans and the other cord is for the lamp. Large blowups made from properly made negatives are enhanced by the grain and set themselves apart from digital images. Grain trumps pixels! Ex+, $2000


This 35MM POINT LIGHT SOURCE PROJECTION ENLARGER could be used as an unbeatable vertical or horizontal projection enlarger WHEN COMBINED WITH A 5X7 DURST ENLARGER CHASSIS. The 5X7 Durst enlarger enlarger chassis has a superb alignment system. I have mounted this head on an arm that I built to fit into a Durst column. The arm is made of thick walled Aluminum tubing. The arm is extra long so that the head may be extended out far from the column for making wider prints on the baseboard. The weight of this head is approximately the same as a 5X7 Durst head and therefore it is well balanced by the Durst built-in counterbalance system. The Durst 5X7 chassis allows the head to be raised and lowered + the baseboard you see may be lowered 2+ feet from the illustrated position. The Durst is designed to allow the head to be turned 90 degrees for horizontal projection. The 5X7 Durst chassis comes with factory mounted wheels designed to be moved to and from the wall on a dual track system. The custom made arm for 5X7 Durst is $500. The 5X7 Durst chassis is $1000. At $1000, the 5X7 Durst head is not part of the chassis. You might consider buying a 5X7 Durst enlarger or 5X7 Durst enlarger chassis converted into a copy camera and making dual use of the chassis. You will find these items on my DURST ENLARGERS web page. I comparison tested this enlarger against a Leitz Valoy II enlarger with a Leitz Focotar 50mm F 4.5 lens (stopped down to F8, the best stop for this lens). The Valoy II was with a vintage 150W Osram bulb meant for this enlarger. The triple condenser projection head has a 200W bulb and a 65mm F2 lens. The exposure with the Leitz enlarger was 2 minutes. The exposure with the triple condenser head was 0.6 seconds. It was difficult to see the projected image with the Leitz enlarger. It was easy to see the projected image with the triple condenser head. Also, the image made with the triple condenser head was 1/3 larger than the image made with the Leitz enlarger. Note that it is a fairly dense Kodak Tri-X negative developed with Kodak D76 developer. I show you 3 views of the projected image from the triple condenser head. One view is made in mid afternoon on a clear and sunny day in Chicago--with non image forming ambient light coming in from all directions--and you can still see the projected image! Another view is made with most ambient light out--with a hand held camera with a 55mm lens at F16 at 1/80 second. Not only was the image bright, but exceedingly sharp--both qualities needed for huge blowups. The 3rd view is horizontally projected onto a wall to about 4X6' in size. I made a 4X5 print of the eye closest to the camera (which is the eye that I focused upon when I made the negative). That eye filled the 4X5 print; the exposure was 7 seconds. The large black thing in the upper right hand corner is the triple condenser projection head itself.

6.5X9cm Dichroic Quodgon color enlarger made by Industrie Fototecnica Firenze (Florence, Italy), distributed by Leedal (Chicago), head may be swung 90 degrees for horizontal projection, tilting lens stage, no negative carriers, no lens board (accepts commonly available 77mm diameter Durst lensboards such as those used on the L138 and the L1200), 24X26" baseboard, purchased from distributor at moving sale. Project onto the baseboard or tilt the head from 0 anywhere up to and a little beyond 90 degrees and project onto the wall--any wall, that it, because the whole column rotates. Raise and lower the spring counterbalanced head with a rack and pinion geared crank. Lock it in place if you like. Note that the color head has a white light position that disengages the filters. The color head takes a standard 120V ELH dichroic reflector quartz halogen lamp. There is also a regular screw base bulb socket on an adjustable mount for use with a condenser head (not included). This would make a great copy camera column. $300

Durst, Omega, Leitz and Beseler enlargers on their own lists

ENLARGER HEADS and other accessories

6X18.5cm PANORAMIC DICHROIC COLOR HEAD for 6X17cm images produced by the Fuji or the Linhof panoramic cameras or for 6X18.5cm images produced by my custom built GLENNVIEW panoramic cameras. With NEW dichroic filters, NEW bulbs, NEW custom Nylon bellows. 600W, 120V. No power supply needed. Voltage stabilizers available separately. 6X18.5cm glassless carrier, 6X17cm glassless carrier, 6X12cm glassless carrier, 190mm long glassless carrier for 35mm film (5 frames), remote exhaust fan with hose, 1/4-20TPI mounts front and rear, for vertical or horizontal use, 1000 units of color filtration provide no more color than another enlarger--just far greater precision and repeatability, produces prints 15" wide by up to 4' long from 120 film and produces prints 7" wide by up to 4' long from 35mm film from the included 150mm F5.6 El Nikkor lens. Will work as a variable contrast head too. By channeling all the light into the panoramic format, this head provides 3 stops more light output than a Durst 5X7 CLS 301 color head. Uses the same bulbs as the Durst CLS 301. These bulbs have built-in reflectors; change the bulbs and you change the reflectors. Head only, Mint, $3500. For shaft to fit this head and the 5X7 Durst chassis, add $250. For head mounted on Polaroid MP3XL 5' tall column mounted on Mahogany 28" deep by 4' wide baseboard, add $350. Also available is a quality steel base cabinet 25" deep, 28" wide, 32" high with several adjustable shelves to which the easel locks via 4 quick release clamps, Ex+, $150. When mounted on this cabinet, the easel is 33.5" above floor and the head is 97.5" above floor when fully raised. The cabinet sits on a removable 4" high stainless steel base. The enlarger on the easel is 65.5" at maximum height. The enlarger only requires 58" of height to the top of the column, with the head at less than full height. This lens will allow you to make a larger print.

4X5/5X7 AMPLIATOR COLOR DICHROIC HEAD, made by Industria Fototecnica Firenze, 600W, uses 2 ELH bulbs, white light switch, with 4X5 mixing box. This was purchased directly from the distributor in a moving sale. No power supply needed because the bulbs are 120V ELH dichroic reflector quartz halogen bulbs. Some wiring will need to be done; the end plug will need to be changed at least. $500. Add $350 if you want the mixing box converted to 5X7. Add $250 if you want it rewired. This would be a great choice for a 5X7 Durst.

SMALL FORMAT COLOR DICHROIC HEAD. Probably made by Industria Fototecnica Firenze for Leedal. Designed to use a 12V, 75W dichroic reflector quartz halogen bulb. It has a bulb, but the power supply is missing. You could change the bulb and socket to convert it to 120V. This would make an excellent choice for use on a Leitz 35mm enlarger or some other condenser enlarger, with this being used in place of the incandescent lamp. $50.

14X17 TO 20X24 ENLARGING HEADS. Designed as tranilluminated copy boards for copy cameras, these will also serve as enlarging light sources. Find them on my COPY CAMERAS web page.


LIGHT BALANCING DIFFUSION DISK, for Omega or Beseler, 6 7/16" diameter, thicker in the center, simply replace your condensers with this or replace the opal plastic diffusion disk supplied with your Aristo or Zone IV cold light head. Think you don't need it? Guess again. Make a flash test by focusing on the negative plane and making a midtone grey print with no negative in the enlarger. You'll probably find that you have a serious hot spot in the center. This light balancing filter is a new item made by GLENNVIEW, available nowhere else, $100. Similar item in 5X7" format, $250. Similar item for Aristo model 810 cold light head, 8.75X10.75" in size, the largest size I can make, $400. Expect 1-2 stops less light ouput with this diffusion disk. The plastic in the 2nd photo has the paper that comes on it as new to protect it. You can see the paper through the edges of the disk because the plastic is thin at the edges. The plastic is smooth under the paper; that side goes down. The machined side goes up. Are you a machinist? Try machining a thin sheet of plastic. You will find it is not worth your time to learn how. I have sold these to Europe's largest photo equipment distributor. I never thought I would be selling a machined product to the Germans.

4X5 COLDLIGHT ROUND DIFFUSION DISK, for Omega or Beseler or Zone VI, 6 7/16" diameter, original disk for a Zone VI cold light head. This has a uniform thickness. It is slightly scratched from short term use, but still useable, $15.

FLASHED OPAL GLASS, available in 4X5" and larger sizes to 20X24". Also available in 2X2" size for use with slide duplicators--see my Copy Cameras web page. 4X5", NEW, $20.

Adapter, 9 3/8" diameter metal plate with rectangular suport frame for 7 3/8" by 5 3/8" Aristo model 57 5X7 cold light, probably designed for use in 5X7 Beseler Diffusion & Vignetting enlarger or 5X7 Elwood enlarger, Ex, $60

NUARC POINT LIGHT SOURCE with new bulb, 6 level power supply, 0-60 second timer, Ex, $300. The bulb is mounted in a Kodak bullet safelight housing. I have 2 Kodak bullet safelight housings available. One has a housing with an eye that is designed to be hung from the ceiling and has a 3X3 filter holder beneath the housing. The other is somewhat custom with a pipe flange for screwing to the ceiling and w/o a filter holder. Note: designed for use above glass contact printing frame, can be adapted to enlarger.


AGFA COLOR-MAGNOLAR 105mm F4.5 coated enlarging lens in high quality helical focusing mount on lensboard for Agfa Varioscope 60 enlarger. Clean glass. A Schneider lens cap fits it and is included with it; very likely it is a Schneider lens. Mounted with 4 screws. Would be easy to mount to any flat lens board. Would make a great macro lens for a camera. Would allow you to use the lens on enlargers that a lens w/o a focusing mount would not work upon. Diaphragm has click stops. I have considered mounting the lens on a Hasselblad or a Pentax 6X7. $300




I have a 4X5 Ilford variable contrast head for Omega. Please see my OMEGA ENLARGERS web page.


COSAR MORNICK COLOR HEAD #395 with power supply, Mint-, $650

COSAR MORNICK ADAPTOR, adapts Cosar Mornick colorhead to Omega B22 or B66 chassis, Ex, $50

COSAR MORNICK ADAPTOR, adapts Cosar Mornick colorhead to Beseler 23C chassis, Ex, $50

Please see my LEITZ ENLARGERS web page for Mornick color heads and accessories to fit Leitz enlargers.


#211, 75W for most small format enlargers through 4X5, usually in stock, $10

#212, 150W for most small format enlargers through 4X5 and some 5X7's, usually in stock, $10

#212, 150W for most small format enlargers through 4X5 and some 5X7's, appears not to have been used, $10

#213, 250W for most small format enlargers through 4X5 and some 5X7's, usually in stock, $10

Bulbs for Durst enlargers on Durst list

Bulbs for Leitz enlargers on Leitz list, 211, 212, and 213 bulbs also work with Leitz enlargers and some Dursts


I rebuild color heads. I can reline mixing boxes, replace filters, sockets, lamps, convert heads with no good 24V power supplies to 120V, supply new custom variable density diffusion outlet sheets, supply remote blowers or eshaust fans, etc. I can build custom heads also.


MULTICOATED OPTICALLY CLEAR GLASS FOR ENLARGER NEGATIVE CARRIERS OR WHATEVER, can supply in sizes up to 8X10". 8X10 sheets, $40 each, $75 for 2. 5X7" sheets, $30 each, $50 for 2. Custom sizes available. Can be cut like ordinary glass. 0.090" thick.

5X7 to 11X14 and even larger enlarger components are found here: Please see my 11X14, 8X10 and 5X7 ENLARGERS and accessories

Durst, Beseler, Omega, and Leitz enlargers have their own pages.


Go to my TRIPOD AND VIEW CAMERA ACCESSORIES and my 11X14, 8X10 and 5X7 ENLARGERS and accessories web pages.


16X20" Stouffer contact printer, floor model, oak and steel cabinet. 15 illuminating bulbs adjustable in 3 dimensions, glass sheet for placing dodging materials, plexiglass diffusing sheet, safelight bulb, Mint-, $1000. Originally highly mecahanized, similar to the 14X17" listed below, but with a vacuum system and a roll paper feed mechanism as well. I discarded the complicated and heavy mechanical parts of this contact printer, simplifying the printer and making it more reliable and more user friendly for the photographer who wants to print small quantities. The film/paper sandwich is held in intimate contate by a free floating top sheet of plate glass behind cotton cloth that is in contact with the film/paper sandwich. There are 2 power cords, one for the exposing lights and one for the safelight. The exposing lights are connected to a dimmer. Virtually any timer may be used with the contact printer. The oak plywood top and lid are new and w/o any extra garbage on top so that when not in use you may store things on top of the contact printer. There are new swiveling casters on the contact printer. Because of the weight of the steel cabinet, it is plenty stable.

On my DARKROOM EQUIPMENT web page you will find a Kodak 11X14 registration print frame that is a contact print frame with registration pins that do not get in the way of ordinary contact printing.

5X7 contact printer platen. This is the important part of a contact printer: glass with a double hinged pressure plate. A box with a lamp is required to complete. The pressure plate sponge rubber material needs replacing. $40


4X5 negative numbering machine, for use with film while in film holder, allows you to input any info, even hand written info, Ex, $75

Universal negative numbering machine, for use with film outside of filmholder, allows you to input up to 5 numbers and one letter onto any film, Ex, $75


Enlarging lenses may or may not have flanges; for many applications flanges are not needed because the lensboards or enlargers are threaded. I'll most likely be able to set you up with what is needed. Caps are provided whenever possible.

Set of lenses from 11X14 Consolidated Enlarger:

set of Apo Saphir (BoyerParis) lenses on turret from 11X14 Consolidated enlarger (360mm, 240mm, 180mm), Ex+, $500

360MM F5.6 COMPONON, coated, perfect glass. The number of a complementary piece of equipment is lightly inscribed in barrel. With special flange that has built-in 3-point alignment adjustment system. $800 mounted on an 8X10 Durst lensboard. In Spring of 2001 I delivered an 8X10 Durst enlarger to lower Manhatten. On the way, I stopped to ask directions where a security guard told me "Ypu cannot stop here. This is the World Trade Center." and then proceeded to give me directions. I set up the enlarger in the lab of a professional photographer whose lab manager put a Zig Align on the enlarger and showed me that the enlarger was slightly out of alignment. I offered to sell them the LASDAP and VADAP (tilting table accessories), which would have allowed them to align the enlarger (you will find them listed on my Durst Enlargers web page). Still, there is no provision for aligning the lens stage with the negative stage. Given the precision of the Durst enlarger, that is not a significant source of misalignment, but it is not likely to be perfect either. Most, myself included, prefer not to use the tiltling table accessories on the 8X10 Durst because the fixed table is more solid and provides more enlargement capability. You shoot 8X10 because you are looking for the ulitmate quality. You do not want to work with a misaligned enlarger any more than the New York professional could afford to provide any but the highest quality product. If you test an enlarger inferior to an 8X10 Durst, you are likely to be shocked at how far out of alignment it is. This special mount will allow you to align all but the worst misaligned enlargers. I can transfer it to another lensboard for you if necessary--for a fee. I also have a 360mm Durst Componon in shutter listed on my View Camera Lenses web page.

360MM F9 GOERZ Red Dot Artar, coated, barrel, no flange, Mint glass, Mint- barrel, $350 or $400 with front reversing prism

360mm F9 Apo Nikkor, coated, barrel, lens has filter slot that accepts included gel filter holder, Mint, $450

360mm F10 Apo Saphir (manufactured by Boyer, Paris), coated, filter slot, will cover 11X14, no flange, Ex+ barrel, Mint glass, $250

305mm f9 Apo Nikkor, coated, barrel, filter slot, Mint-, $250

305MM F9 GRAFIC KOWA, coated, NEW, $200.

305MM F9 RODENSTOCK APO COPYGON, coated, Mint, $200

300mm f5.6 Componon-S, coated, in barel, with your choice of the 2 flanges shown. The barrel is originally from a 355mm F9 G-Claron so that the F-stops will be off. The F9 F-stop will be closer to F5.6. This will make no difference in the darkroom. Rear lens cap only. Mint-, $700. This lens originally came in a shutter and is listed on my View Camera Lenses web page.

300MM F5.6 COMPONON, coated, Ex, $300. Add $80 for lens neatly mounted on 8X10 Saltzman lensboard, or buy lensboard by itself for use with your 300mm Componon for $100. Add $200 for lens mounted on large black anodized Durst lensdisk to replace the turret. Add $200 for lensboard for Devere.

300mm f9 Apo Nikkor, coated, barrel, filter slot, filter slot adjusting post missing (it can be adjusted with most any small pointed object such as a toothpick), some slight cleaning scratches will in no way affect the lens' performance, some dust inside, $200. Also available with Durst lensboard; see Durst Enlargers web page.

300mm F9 Apo Tessar, coated, barrel, filter slot, mounted on small Durst lensboard to fit Durst TRIPLA turret or Durst VAPLA or UNIPLA lensboards (listed below), many very slight cleaning scratches front element will affect the lens' performance slightly, but it started out as such a great lens that it will still outperform most others, otherwise Ex, $225. Also available with Durst lensboard; see Durst Enlargers web page.

240MM F11 RODENSTOCK APO GRAPHIGON, coated, optimized for the 1:3 to 3:1 range, Mint-, $OLD, but I can still supply the lens boards. Add $250 for lens mounted on large black anodized Durst lensdisk to replace the turret. Add $100 for lens mounted on 77mm black anodized Durst lensdisk to fit on turret. The only way to use this lens mounted on a small lensboard is to mount the front element on the lensboard, mount the lensboard onto the enlarger, then screw the rear element into the rear of the barrel from above.

180mm F4.8 Rodenstock Apo Rodagon. Multicoated. With Durst 77mm lens cone that allows the lens turret to be rotated with the lens mounted. For my money, this is the ultimate lens for printing 5X7 film on a 5X7 Durst. You may use it to print 4X5 film as well. Mint, $500

180mm F10 Boyer Apo Saphir, coated, tested--good performer, Leica screwmount threads, with filter slot with sliding cover, without flange, Ex, $250. Add $100 for lens mounted on Durst 77mm lensboard. I can probably supply the lens mounted on just about any lensboard you wish.

161mm F4.5 Kodak Enlarging Ektanon, coated, with jamb nut, Ex+, $100

150mm F5.6 Rodenstock Rodagon, coated, Mint, $250

150mm F5.6 El Nikkor, multicoated, Mint, $350

150mm F5.6 Componon, coated, barrel, mounted on ~77mm diameter lens cone for Durst enlargers, some atmospheric haze around perimeter of elements, will still make good images at F8 or F11 working aperture, may be opened up and cleaned because there are no dented rims, There are also no scratches in the glass, $100

150mm F5.6 Componon front element group only, coated, rear element group missing, some slight flaking of paint at edge of glass, otherwise Mint, $35

150mm F9 G-Claron, coated, barrel, will cover 5X7, speck of dust between front elements, Mint-, $175

150mm F9 Konica Hexanon GRII, coated, will cover 5X7, Mint, $200

135mm F4.5 Rodenstock Omegaron, coated, illuminated F-stop scale, Mint-, $125

135mm F5.6 Componon, coated, in Compur shutter. Enlarging lenses are made to higher standards than camera lenses. Enlarging lenses have a flat field. You will notice no problem using an enlarging lens on a view camera. You may use this lens on your camera and on your enlarger. Mint, $300

135mm F5.6 Componon, mounted on Durst lensboard, coated, Mint, $250

133MM F6.8 Ilex Paragon projection anastigmats, 6 matched lenses available, coated, no flanges, Mint, $40 each.

113MM F4.5 Kodak Printing Ektar, coated. Designed to be used wide open--no diaphragm. Pretty clean glass. Lens threads into the outer barrel and is fixed with 2 set screws. High quality flat field lens designed for printing medium format 120 rollfilm negatives to typical magnifications. Would also make a good macro lens. $20.

AGFA COLOR-MAGNOLAR 105mm F4.5 coated enlarging lens in high quality helical focusing mount on lensboard for Agfa Varioscope 60 enlarger. Clean glass. A Schneider lens cap fits it and is included with it; very likely it is a Schneider lens. Mounted with 4 screws. Would be easy to mount to any flat lens board. Would make a great macro lens for a camera. Would allow you to use the lens on enlargers that a lens w/o a focusing mount would not work upon. Diaphragm has click stops. I have considered mounting the lens on a Hasselblad or a Pentax 6X7. $300

105mm F4.5 Schneider Comparon coated enlarging lens. The Comparon is optimized for 4X enlargement size. With mounting flange. $100

100mm F5.6 Schneider Componon-S. Mint. $300 mounted on Durst lens board. Lensboard only, $60. Lens with retaining ring, $275.

90mm F4.5 Elgeet Colorstigmat, coated, some marks glass, will still perform reasonably well, about 30mm threads, with flange, $15

90mm F4.5 enlarging lens in barrel, coated, with about 1" long lever actuated aperture control, a couple of spots near edge of glass, glass slightly cloudy, otherwise clean, 39mm threads, marked only "Made in Japan," $15

80mm F5.6 El Nikkor, coated, 32mm threads, Mint, $135 Note: Add $15 for jamb nut. Add $50 for 32mm to 39mm Leica screw mount adaptor. Add $50 for Durst lensboard.

80MM F5.6 COMPONON, several snowflakes in cemented layer, haze, smooth working mechanically, $25. Add $50 for Durst lensboard.

80MM F5.6 JANPOL enlarging lens w/color filters built-in, no need for an expensive color head with this lens (I tried this lens. It works as intended. Amazing!), may also be used for B&W variable contrast, coated, 42mm threads, with mounting ring, Mint, plastic case, $50

60mm F5.6 Componon, coated, mounted in Durst Latub 2 recessed lenstube with Ixodap diaphragm control, Mint, $300

60mm F5.6 Componon properly mounted on a Beseler lensboard with the fiber optic lightpipe. The 60mm F5.6 Componon was often found on slide copiers; it was designed as a copying lens as well as an enlarging lens. Mint-. $110. Lensboard only, $30. Lens with retaining ring, $90.

50mm F2.8 Minolta C. E., coated, illuminated F-stops, plastic case, 39mm threads, Mint, $100

50mm F2.8 El Nikkor, coated, 39mm threads, threads slightly damaged and repaired, so only $80

50mm F2.8 Rodagon, coated, 39mm threads, click stops may be engaged or disengaged, illuminated F-stops, Mint, $100

50mm F4 El Nikkor, coated, 39mm threads, Mint, $65

50mm F4 Componon properly mounted on a Durst lensboard. Mint. $100. Lensboard only, $50. Lens with retaining ring, $120. This 77mm diameter Durst flat lensboard is fine for many enlargers. If you want to use this lens on a Durst L138 enlarger you will need a recessed lensboard; add $75 for a NEW Durst recessed lensboard that does not put the lens so far up in a recess that you cannot get to it.

50mm F4 Componon properly mounted on a Beseler lensboard with the fiber optic lightpipe. Mint-. $90. Lensboard only, $30. Lens with retaining ring, $70.

50mm F4 Omega Schneider Componon, coated, 25mm threads, multi-leaved round diaphragm, some pinpoint spots in the coating on the back surface, it has no atmospheric haze and it will probably still perform well, $40

50mm F4.5 Rodenstock Omegar, coated, 32mm threads, Mint-, $30, add $15 for jamb nut

50mm F4.5 Isco-Gottingen Iscorit enlarging lens, 26mm threads, Ex+, $15

50mm F4.5 Microfilm Projection Raptar, coated, great Minox enlarging lens, Ex+, $30

40mm F4 Schneider Componon, coated, in barrel w/o diaphragm or mounting flange (designed this way), a speck of paint or something inside, otherwise Mint, $30 Note: Universal diaphragm lensholder is the way to hold this lens on your lensboard

32mm f4.5 to F22 Zeiss Micro Tessar, in barrel without flange, tiny, bubbles in glass, dirt specks in glass, probably still perfroms pretty well, if you want to see some photos made with a Micro Tessar, go to my stereo page, STEREO, $50

25mm F2.8 Leitz Summar (macro lens--in barrel w/o diaphragm), with Leitz helical focusing mount, coated, Mint, $100. Note: can also be supplied with 25mm long Leica 39mm threaded extension tube @ $200

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