5X7 DURST COMPLETE COPY STAND. 24X40" copy board raises and lowers on the lower column and is alignable. The camera support arm may be moved in or out and turned as necessary to align your camera. The camera support arm may be raised or lowered. You may position the camera to within about a foot of the copy board or as far as 62" from the copy board. The Mole Richardson type 2921 1000W quartz Nooklites are fully adjustable. In this illustration you see the lights evenly illuminating a 24X28" subject. The power cords travel down through the light support arms to make for a neat setup. The foot pedal allows for easier clamping and unclamping of the copy board on the column and the counterbalance spring makes it easier to adjust the height. The counterbalance for the rail rider that the camera is mounted on is adjustable for different weight cameras. You may use this copy stand for an 8X10 camera or a small digital camera. Stable leveling feet support the stand. In the next-to-the-last image, see the stand with a Linhof Technika on it. No camera included. This copy stand is completely alignable. Available with 3/8-16 camera mounting stud, 1/4-20 camera mounting stud, or both sizes. Includes GLENNVIEW custom made copy arm and copy board, which are available separately. $2700. There are additional components as well. See my DURST page for details. In the last photo see it with a binocular scope mounted on it; this scope is listed separately on my SCIENTIFIC and OPTICAL EQUIPMENT web page.

Portable copy stand for 4X5 or smaller cameras. Clamps to any flat surface up to ~5.5" thick, 33" high column, adjustable camera mount and adjustable copy light mount, with copy lights with reflector floodlamps, 1/4-20TPI camera mount, Ex, $150


Bencher transparency copy light, mounts beneath baseboard, 14X17" in size, strobe and incandescent illumination, with power supply, will work well with virtually any copy stand. There is incandescent illumination as well as strobe light built into this unit. This could also be used as an enlarging light source. $300


16X20" COLD LIGHT. Power supply runs on 120V, but puts out 600V. $400 for the coldlight. $100 for the power supply. Both available separately.

20X24" TRANSILLUMINATED COPYBOARD. A 20X24" double glass copyboard that clips to the shell of the 16X20" cold light is available. There is a piece of opal plexiglass that goes between the glasses. Glass and Plexiglass are clean. Aluminum frame. $250


Beseler CB7 copy attachment, 4X5 Graflok back, custom made, probably the only one you will find. This has now been black anodized as seen in the image against the yellow background. $150 as illustrated. Add $100 for 4X5 Graflok focusing panel with GG and Fresnel.

ORTHOPHOT universal photomicrographic camera.

Built by Silge & Kuhne of San Francisco in the early 1950's. American Optical Company, instrument division, marketed this for advanced research photomicrography and photomacrography. It consists of 3 basic components: an ORTHO-CAMERA, a VERTICAL COLUMN, and an ORTHO-ILLUMINATOR. Additionally, many accessories are included. Although built before the days of digital photography, it will readily accept virtually any digital camera or back you wish to use on it without adaptation. The camera may be removed from the stand and tripod mounted. The unit has an illumination system with different filters and other light attenuators built-into the base. There is an adjustable diaphragm in the optical path that allows you to cut down the amount of light. There is a high and a low power switch. Clamps on the base hold virtually any microscope in position and allow you to remove the microscope and replace it in perfect alignment. There is a light baffle between the microscope and the camera. The camera accepts lensboards and other accessories at the lensstage so that you may mount virtually any camera lens or shutter onto the unit. There are 3 lensboards included. One lensboard had a 135mm F4.7 Wollensak lens in Rapax shutter mounted on it, but that lens has been sold. A 2nd lensboard has another Rapax shutter mounted on it and is designed for use with a microscope as it has a right-angle device attached to it that is designed to accept a light meter; this shutter needs cleaning. I can have the shutters cleaned upon demand. The 3rd lensboard has a 43.5mm hole bored in it. Lensboards may easily be made as they are basically flat. The camera bellows assembly has a reflex viewing system with accessory flip-in/out magnifier built-into it. The camera back accepts 2 1/4 X 3 1/4" accessories. There is a 35mm rollholder included. There are three 2 1/4 X 3 1/4" double sided Grafic filmholders included. The camera accepts standard Graphic120 rollfilm holders designed for use on 2 1/4 X 3 1/4" cameras. The camera bellows assembly is a precise rack and pinion focusing sytem with micrometer markings. The reflex viewing sytem offers 2.5X and 5X magnifications for precise focusing. The bellows assembly may be mounted on the back of the column for photographing on the tabletop. There is an oblique extension arm included that adds distance between the optical axis and the column and it adds distance between the camera and the tabletop. Virtually any camera, digital or analog, may be mounted onto a flat board to fit the top of the bellows assembly. Amazingly high quality American made equipment--equal to the German or Japanese equivalent in quality and superior in innovative design and it will work with vitually any microscope. The original instruction manual is included as is a descriptive brochure. The 1st 6 images are from those publications; the other images are actual photos of the unit for sale. The unit is 38" high, 16" wide and 21" from front to rear. It may be disassembled for shipping. Ex+, $900

Orthophot universal camera holder, designed to be mounted onto an accessory 2" diameter column. The camera mounting plate is 3.5X8" and will accomodate virtually any camera with a 1/4-20TPI screw hole. The mounting plate is adjustable from about 1.5 to 6.5" from column. Illustrated on a 25" length of brass tubing that I just happen to have on hand--hardly long enough for a copy camera column. Designed to be used with a column that is very accurately made, very precisely round, 2" in diameter. I have 2 sets of these available. Very high quality construction equal to the Orthophot system above. Cast aluminum with a brass sleeve. $125 each set.

LEITZ COPY STANDS, accessories

The Leitz Reprovit IIa is the best copy camera Leitz made. Most convenient to operate; focusing is done by projecting grid onto copy--copy lights go on automatically and lens aperture is stopped down when camera is slid into position.

LEITZ REPROVIT IIa copy camera, for use with M-series cameras, maximum area copied 18X27" with 50mm F4.5 Leitz Focotar (lens extra), focoslide, focusing magnifier, and right angle light pipe for illuminating copy area and focusing with projection lamp built into head. Instructions, schematic. Mint-, $2000.

LEITZ REPROVIT IIa, as above but with non original 9X12 opal glass set into center of baseboard for use in copying transparencies. Instructions, schematic. Ex+, $1000.

LEITZ COPY LIGHT SET for REPROVIT IIa, 4 reflectors on 2 arms designed for the Reprovit IIA, with end plugs to mate with Reprovit, wires go through light arms to keep them out-of-way, Ex+, $400 with Reprovit or $500 separately

Leitz 50mm F4.5 Leitz Focotar. There is a matchead size spot of fungus on the outside edge of the rear element that will not affect the performance when stopped down to f8, which is where you want to print with these lenses. Otherwise clean. $100. I have another one with about 2mm of haze around the perimeter of the lens that will not affect the performance when stopped down to f8. $75.

COPY LIGHT SET for REPROVIT IIa, set of 2 Mole Richardson type 2921 Molequartz 1K Nooklites, 1000W each, 3200 degrees Kelvin with dichroic daylight conversion filters, with very high quality (adjustable angle and distance) light arm set designed to clamp to Leitz baseboard or another flat surface, with end plugs to mate with Reprovit and with standard endplugs for use off of Reprovit, wires go through light arms to keep them out-of-way, Mint-, $800

LEITZ M-SERIES FOCOSLIDE from Reprovit IIa, Ex+, $200

Copy camera adapter for Leitz Valoy II stand. This is a Glennview product. The 1st thing I did was to make sure the L-aluminum was a true right angle. It was, so I proceeded to use proper machinist's technique to accurately locate and thread the mounting holes. Holes were also provided in the L-alunimum mounting bracket for the locating pins that otherwise would have been in the way of mounting the L-alunimum mounting bracket. With the L-aluminum pointing up, there is easy access to the 1/4-20TPI camera mounting screw. $125

Focoslide with quality helical focusing mount and focusing optical magnifier, for Leica screw mount body, screw mount lens and Valloy II stand, Ex, $150

Leitz bellows with visoflex for use with screwmount bodies and with adaptor to mount on Valloy II enlarger and copy stand rail rider. Visoflex is designed to be used with double cable release, which I do not have. Choice of 2 bellows monorails (one with scales for 50 and 135mm lenses, the other with scales for 125mm and 135mm lenses). The imnage below is of one of these 2 bellows (this one or the one listed just below) mounted on a Leitz Valoy II copy stand. Mint-, $350

Leitz bellows with visoflex for use with screwmount bodies. Visoflex is designed to be used with double cable release, which I do not have. Choice of 2 bellows monorails (one with scales for 50 and 135mm lenses, the other with scales for 125mm and 135mm lenses), Mint-, $300

Leitz bellows (designed for use with visoflex--not included). Choice of 2 bellows monorails (one with scales for 50 and 135mm lenses, the other with scales for 125mm and 135mm lenses), Mint-, $100

Leitz Eldia printer, allows contact printing of 35mm film to 35mm film, allows you to copy fine line detail without loss of detail, Ex+, $100 Note: I once copied pages of type onto Kodalith, contact printed the negatives in an Eldia printer for finished slides for projection without loss of detail.

Leitz flat field enlarging and copy lenses listed on Leitz Enlargers web page. Leitz M camera bodies to fit Reprovits listed on "35mm list."


The Leitz Aristophot was designed as a vertical copy and microscope camera, mounted on a stand with space for a microscope or 2 or 3 dimensional copy to be mounted underneath. There are special fittings in the stand base for some Leitz microscopes to be bolted down--however, I have no stand. The camera has no movements and is essentially an optical bench--and is therefore absolutely rigid and in perfect alignment. Check any camera with movements and you will find it has play and misalignment. Either 4X5 backs or 35mm cameras may be mounted on the optical bench.

Leitz Aristophot 4X5 camera, 25" optical bench quality monorail, 6.5" additional extention provided by Leitz reflex viewer, front standard threaded for any lens that will screw into the front of a #1 shutter--such as the Aristophoto lenses with adapters listed below and lenses designed for the Polaroid MP4 (35mm & 75mm lenses listed below), #0 & #1 shutters will fit neatly on the front standard although the front standard is not threaded for them (two #1 Prontor Press synchro shutters with special flange to fit this Leitz front standard available), rear standard has revolving Linhof Technika back complete with focusing panel with GG and folding focusing hood, both the GG's are special, with clear glass diagonals for focusing on the aerial image, original leather bellows are light tight with the exception of one small pinhole (you would want to repair rather than replace these high quality bellows), base may be mounted at several positions along the optical bench, no camera movements makes for perfect alignment and absolute rigidity, basic 4X5 camera only (front standard w/o shutter, bellows, rear standard with revolving ground glass back with folding focusing hood, camera rail clamp and 25" optical bench), $600. Illustrated with some accessories that are available separately. The Visoflex adapter has been sold.

Leitz Aristophot accessories:

Leitz Aristophot shutter to microscope light bafflling coupling piece, Ex+, $40. Illustrated above with 4X5 Aristophot.

Prontor #1 size PC-synched shutter to fit Leitz Aristophot. Tested, works well. Times from 1 second to 1/125 second, Time and Bulb, with PC flash synch connector protected with a plastic cover. There is no diaphragm in this shutter because it was designed to be used with a microscope or with the below listed Leitz lenses with diaphragms and with adapters to fit this shutter. With special retaining ring for the Leitz Aristophot, $125. Other shutters on my View Camera lens shutters web page.

Copy of Leitz publication, "Aristophot Photographic Equipment, instruction book" 32 pages, $50

Leitz Aristophot Lenses and adapters:

These lenses have RMS threads. The adapters are designed to screw into the front of a #1 shutter or the Aristophot front lens standard.

42mm Leitz Summar, coated, with adaptor to screw into Aristophot lens standard or a #1 shutter, $400 or $200 w/o adapter.

35mm Leitz Summar, coated, with adaptor to screw into Aristophot lens standard or a #1 shutter, $400 or $300 w/o adapter.

24mm Leitz Summar, coated, with adaptor to screw into Aristophot lens standard or a #1 shutter, $400 or $300 w/o adapter.

24mm F4.5 Leitz Repro Summar, with diaphragm marked with stops 2, 6, and 12, with ~25mm long Leica 39mm threaded extension tube. This is the same lens as the one listed above, but with a different adapter. Mint, $500 or $300 without the extension tube. This extension tube will work with all 4 of the lenses listed immediately above. It will allow you to use these lenses on any piece of equipment that accepts Leica screw mount lenses such as Leitz enlargers and the Leitz Reprovit copy stand. See the MACRO, MICRO EQUIPMENT section below for a Leica screwmount to Nikon F adapter.

25mm f2.8 Leitz Summar (macro lens--in barrel w/o diaphragm), coated, with Leitz helical focusing mount. Let me tell you, having a Leitz quality helical focusing mount in a macro copy set up is wonderfully convenient. Lens has 20mm X .5mmp threads. Helical focusing mount has 55mm X 1mmp threads. Mint, $300. Can also be supplied with Leica 39mm threaded extension tube for another $100.

32mm f4.5 to F22 Zeiss Micro Tessar, lens has RMS threads, in barrel without flange, tiny, bubbles in glass, dirt specks in glass, probably still perfroms pretty well, if you want to see some photos made with a Micro Tessar, go to my STEREO page, $50

Adapter ring for 45mm Leitz Aristophot condenser lens, Mint, $OLD I leave it up because it relates to the below part.

Adapter ring for 40mm Leitz Aristophot condenser lens, drops into the above adapter, illustrated with above adapter, Mint, $20

Leitz Hilfsgerat, (Beeoy--Leitz's strange code name), copy stand with 3 sets of (4) legs that screw into a ring that is designed to clamp around a 50mm Leitz objective of 36mm diameter, one of 12 legs is missing, otherwise in box and Mint-, $60

You will find more Leitz copy cameras and copy camera accessories for Leitz enlargers on my Leitz Enlargers web page.


The adapter is 100% Nikon, abeit removed from a piece of Nikon equipment and machined round on the outside edge. The extension of this adapter is just sufficient to clear the camera's flash. This adapter allows the body to rotate 90 degrees. This part is $200. If you want me to neatly and professionally mount it on your lensboard or whatever, I can do that for you for a labor charge of $50 or more, depending upon the degree of difficulty.

The above Nikon adapter could be mounted on a flat plate to fit this Linhof adapter, which fits into virtually any 4X5 International back or Graflok back. This Linhof part is $75. The flat plate + additional parts and labor is $100. $175 total.


Nikon F bayonet mount on the rear, front designed to slip over 1" diameter standard microscope lens tube. There is a lens inside this adapter. Orange, green and yellow color filters. Original Nikon velvet lined leather case. You may use an analog or a digital camera; shown with a Nikon D300 and a B&L microscope--which are priced separately. $200


Nikon/Copal electronic shutter controller for Nikon AFM Microflex photomicroscopic camera system, battery operated, without connecting cable and without shutter, Mint-, $150

Copy of Nikon publication, "Nikon Photography Multiphot instructions," 32 pages, $50.

Copy of Nikon publication, "Theory and practice of photomacrography by Multiphot," 18 pages, $25

Copy of Nikon publication, "Nikon Multiphot Supplimentary Tables," 6 pages, $15

Copy of Nikon publication, "Nikon Multiphot Photomacrography System," brief description of unit, parts and accessories with pricelist, June, 1978, 4 pages, $15

Color copy of Nikon publication, "Nikon Photomacrography Multiphot," 15 pages, descriptive color brochure with great exploded diagram of parts and accessories and showing how they relate to one another, $40


MACRO/MICRO COPY STAND with ARCA SWISS MOUNT. Designed for use with your 35mm camera with macro lens. Can also be used with camera bellows. It started out life as a very high end slide copier, Forox model SD. I got only one film magazine with it; 2 film magazines are required. I had long wanted to convert it to a micro and macro copy stand when someone asked to buy the head with magazine and bellows. The original bellows was a Nikon PB-5 bellows without the rear end because the rear of the bellows was attached directly to the head. I already had a PB-5 bellows in stock for this conversion. The Nikon PB-5 bellows are therefore in perfect alignment with the copy stage; the bellows are attached to the steel rail rider with screws at either end of the bellows as designed. The copy stage has a 5.5X7.5" dichroic transilluminated lightbox built into the base, topped with rotating slide compound with screw-feed adjustable X,Y movements. The light box is an Omega 5X7 color head turned upside down, complete with dial-in Cyan, Majenta and Yellow filtration with high/low intensity, and an auxiliary filter drawer. The tri-post vertical column with rack and pinion adjustable head is very heavy duty with four sizable sleeve bearlings that ride upon the very clean and substantial chrome columns. The rack and pinion focusing system was designed for the heavy cast head with built-in motor and 2 cast film magazines, so it is overkill for the Nikon focusing bellows and Nikon camera. The head is counterbalanced nicely with a Nikon D300 camera mounted on it. The camera may be rotated 90 degrees (on the bellows only) so that you may do a vertical. The bellows accept Nikon bayonet mount lenses, or other lenses with adapters. Elsewhere on this web page you will find a Leica screwmount to Nikon F adapter and one or 2 other adapters as well. 2 Colortran Minibroads w/4-way barndoors on adjustable arms provide top reflected light illumination. The slide compound is removable. The original glass mounted focus slide is included. I have now added a 13.5X16.5" maple protective copy stage. I also made a cork over aluminum copy stage that mounts onto the slide copy stage, so that the stage may be revolved or shifted left or right or forwards or backwards. 41" high, about 50#. The image of the screw thread was made with this camera, utilizing the camera's backlight and reflected light. When I had to copy some 5X7 film, I found that I could not copy it using the bellows. The bellows eliminate some of the range and/or coverage available with various lenses. I made an Arca Swiss compatible clamp mount for the copy camera and a mating mount for a Nikon D300 and was able to copy the 5X7 negative using a 55mm Micro Nikkor. This Arca Swiss compatible clamp mount for the copy camera places the Nikon D300 centered over the lightbox. I sold the Nikon the PB-5 bellows attachment and PS-5 slide copying attachment and reduced the price of the outfit. You need only remove the Arca Swiss quick release mount in order to install your PB-5 bellows unit. I found, however, that Nikon macro lenses with or without extension tubes outperform lenses on bellows in almost all situations and provide more range and coverage. The Arca Swiss camera mount has now been black anodized.$2800


A set of Durst Rilu copy camera lights are illustrated on my Durst Enlargers web page. 2 sets of Polaroid MP3 and MP4 copy camera lights are listed below.

Set of 2 36" long strobe light tubes in reflectors for use with Ascor series 600, Speedotron Blackline, or Norman powerpacks, with modeling lights and mounting yokes, Ex, $500 each

Set of 2 copy light arms with 2 light sockets each, 40" long, with mounting brackets, Ex+, $250, and another set w/o mounting brackets, Ex, $175

2 Colortran Minibroads w/4-way barndoors on adjustable arms from Forox slide copier and copy stand, model SD, listed and illustrated below, arms about 2' long, with mounting hardware, $300.

Princeton copy camera 24X24" opal glass to fit copyboard for transilluminated copying, clean, $125. They are not making opal glass anymore; finding it in this size on the used market is difficult.

16X20" steel copy board with grid lines and 2 magnetic strips to hold copy flat, VG, $15


Polaroid MP3A copy stand on quality steel base cabinet. 56" high column, w/column rider, counterbalance spring, baseplate, 2 electrical outlets with hi & Lo, 1400W capacity. The 5" diameter camera mount is 2 part; the outer part clamps down on the revolving inner part--allowing you to rotate the camera. The MP3 rail rider is mounted on the column with cam adjustable bearings so that you may align the camera from front to back as well. This copy stand is completely alignable. The camera mounting stud is 53+" above the copy board maximum + the distance from your camera mount to the film plane. There is no effective minimum as your camera will go down to the copyboard. The maximum may be increased by mounting both standards above the camera rail clamp. No camera included. No lights included; I have sets of lights to fit this available separately. You may use this copy stand for an 8X10 camera or a small digital camera. The 24X48" Mahogany veneer copy board sits 34" off the floor. Remove the 4" high stainless steel stand under the cabinet and the copy board will sit 30" off the floor. The base cabinet illustrated is 28" wide by 25" deep. There are 4 adjustable shelves inside. This high quality steel cabinet was made for the US Navy. There is a lock on the cabinet, but no key. There are full length piano hinges on the cabinet doors. $1000. An extension shaft with a 1/4-20TPI camera screw to space your camera farther away from the column is available. A 9" high X 28" wide X 36" deep accessory drawer is available that sits between the base cabinet and the copy board.

Polaroid MP3L column, with Sinar optimized revolving mount, 56" high, w/column rider, counterbalance spring, baseplate, 2 electrical outlets w/hi & Lo, 1400W capacity. The MP3 copy head is not included. Included is a 3" diameter camera mount set up for any camera, with removable locating screws that fit into slots in the base of a Sinar rail clamp. The Sinar camera's optical axis is 15" from the front of the column at the baseboard. This copy stand is completely alignable. Note: specify thickness of baseboard to be used and I'll supply the appropriate mounting screws (+3/4"). Original MP3 baseboard and/or lights listed above. This particular Polaroid MP3 copy camera conversion mount illustrated in the 1st image below must stay with this MP3 rail rider because I altered the rail rider to accept it. The 2nd image illustrates a Polaroid MP3 copy camera conversion mount I made for a customer; it requires no alteration of the rail rider and is the style I am making today. The 3rd image illustrates the MP3 cam adjustable rail rider. Few copy stands or enlargers offer any alignment capability. The MP3 allows alignment from front to back and the GLENNVIEW MP3 copy camera conversion mount (with 3/8-16TPI camera screw) allows alignment from left to right--as well as the ability to turn your camera 360 degrees to copy something on the wall or ceiling. The 4th image shows an extension shaft with a 1/4-20TPI camera screw to space your 35mm camera farther away from the column. This is designed specifically for use with the above copy stand. It is the right length to place your camera right in the middle between the copy lights. This has been sold, but I can make another Sinar optimized mount for you.

Polaroid MP3 copy camera conversion mount. Convert your MP3 to a universal copy stand. Above see 2 MP3 copy camera conversion mounts that I made. I can supply yours with either a 3/8-16TPI camera stud or a 1/4-20 TPI camera stud. Yours may be custom made to fit your needs. These mounts revolve so that you may align your camera with the baseboard from left to right. The MP3 rail rider is mounted on the column with cam adjustable bearings so that you may align the camera from front to back as well. $300.

Polaroid MP3 24X28" butcherblock baseboard, 2 electrical outlets with hi & Lo, light arms with porcelain sockets, 1400W capacity. The part of the baseboard in front of the column is 24" square. The 2nd image was made in daylight with the camera white balance set for incandescent--hence the color of the background. The column has been sold. The original Polaroid MP3 baseboard with light arms and light sockets, but without the bulbs is available for $300. Or, buy the light arms and sockets by themselves for $200.

Polaroid MP3 butcherblock baseboard, 24X19.5". This also has holes drilled to accept the MP3 column reversed so that you may turn the column around and copy from a lower surface. Set up to accept a set of MP3 copy lights. $150

Polaroid MP3 extension lensboard with helical focusing, boxed, , Mint-, $200. This need not be used just for its intended purpose. The helical focusing mount may be useful for some other project.

MP4 Columns. No rail rider, counterbalance or base mount. MP4XL column, #44-03, 56.5" long, Ex+, $150. MP4 standard column, #44-01, 37" long, $75.

8X10 TTI reflex viewer and grid lined focusing screen with Fresnel lens. The reflex viewer is 10.5X12" at the camera end. The reflex viewer is made of aluminum with a fitted plastic light shield and a front surface mirror is $OLD. Still available is the grid lined focusing screen with Fresnel lens, $150. I converted the copy head to an 8X10 enlarger. See my 8X10 Enlargers, Enlarging Heads, etc. web page for details.

Polaroid MP4 base post for revolving mount. Mounting screws and nuts and washers included. $125.

Polaroid MP4 rotating column to baseboard mount. The rotating mount allows you to rotate the camera 360 degrees, allowing you to photograph something behind and beneath the baseboard. This includes the base post illustrated above and the part that rides on the base post. Mounting screws and nuts and washers included. $250.

GLENNVIEW made universal camera mount for Polaroid MP4. 2 versions as illustrated. Made of metal with a plastic face to prevent marring of camera base. 1/4-20TPI threaded stud. The longer version will allow you to copy larger artwork because your camera will be located farther from the MP4 column. The longer adapter is $300. I can make them in different configurations if needed. Want a 3/8" threaded stud? I can do that. Want to add some odd piece to your MP4 stand.....such as a binocular microscope? I can do that. The reason for the different color shafts: The shorter adapter is a canibalized part made of thin walled die cast zinc by Polaroid that I adapted. The longer adapter is one I made from thick walled aluminum tubing. Note: Both versions have been sold. I am willing to make a longer version upon request. I am willing to make a shorter version, but I will need the appropriate Polaroid part to alter.

Polaroid MP4 rail rider. Mint-, $200.

Polaroid MP4 small base board. $75

8X10 Fresnel lens and ruled focusing screen for Kenro model 1035 copy attachment for MP4, Mint-, $150, another, Ex, $100

8X10 Fresnel lens and ruled focusing screen for Kenro model MP 812 copy attachment for MP4, Mint-, $150, another, Ex, $100

Mirror for Kenro model MP 812 reflex copy attachment, Ex, $50.

135mm F4.5 Tominon in barrel, screws into front of #1 shutter, no lens caps, Mint, $150

127mm F4.5 Tominon coated lens elements only, w/o barrel, VG, $15

75mm F4.5 Tominon in barrel, screws into front of #1 shutter, fine lines inside lens, looks like fungus, lens will still perform well for the price and probably most and/or all of the lines will clean off with alcohol, $25

Polaroid MP4 PC synched shutter kit, Prontor shutter on MP4 lensboard, extension tube, microscope adaptor, boxed, Mint, $275

Prontor PC synched shutter on Polaroid MP4 lensboard, Mint, $175. This shutter is the one from the kit illustrated above.

Prontor PC synched shutter with mounting ring, Ex, $100. These Prontor shutters have speeds from 1 second to 1/125 second--activated by one of the cable release sockets. The other cable release socket activates the shutter in bulb mode.

Reverse mount lens tube, screws into rear of Prontor (or Copal) #1 shutter, has same threads on front of it as has the shutter front, accepts lenses designed to screw into lens front, 2 available, shutter and lens not included, Mint, $60 each.

Microscope light baffel, Polaroid part #152580, screws into Prontor (or Copal) #1 shutter and slips down over the microscope--excluding extraneous light, 2 available, shutter and microscope not included, Mint, $60 each.

MP4 4.75" extension tube or spacer, mounts between sliding carriage and bellows assembly, provides additional magnification capability, Mint, $100.

Polaroid MP4 4X5 bellows , with metal frames, perfect condition. Unscrew your old bellows and replace with these. $100.

Polaroid MP4 fixed camera head #44-40 with missing parts. What is missing is the metal attachment plate that is designed to mount the fixed head to the MP4 bellows assembly. In place of the MP4 attachment plate is a Durst L1000 atachment plate. Someone had mounted this on their Durst L1000 enlarger/copy camera. There is no ground glass focusing panel or cable release, although these parts are available separately. Ex, $50. The 1st photo shows the part that you get--complete with Durst L1000 attachment plate. The 2nd photo shows it with a Polaroid focusing screen. The 3rd photo shows it with a Polaroid 545 back as well. There is provision for installation of an automatic operated cable release. One of the above cable releases will work with this assembly.

POLAROID REFLEX VIEWER. Designed to mount onto either the sliding or the fixed Polaroid backs illustrated above. Polaroid reflex viewer without magnifying lens and without plastic viewing hood. $20.

POLAROID REFLEX VIEWER. Designed to mount onto either the sliding or the fixed Polaroid backs illustrated above. Also illustrated sitting on a Gowlandflex; these have many possible uses. $OLD. I leave it up just so you can see what you can do with the above reflex viewers.

MP4 ground glass focusing panel #44-50, Fresnel lens, scratch on Frenel near edge, otherwise Mint-, $100

Polaroid MP4 calibrated ground glass #44-54, with inch markings and metric markings, for sizing your image, also with 3X4 Polaroid markings and 4X5 Polaroid 545 markings, $125. The plastic housing is included if you want it, but I have a use for the metal ground glass clips and screws, so they are an additional $25.

Polaroid MP4 aerial image ground glass #44-51, with center cross hairs, center clear glass, also with 3X4 Polaroid markings and 4X5 Polaroid 545 markings, some sliight scratches on Fresnel, $100. The plastic housing is included if you want it, but I have a use for the metal ground glass clips and screws, so they are an additional $25.

Polaroid CU-5 close-up metal packfilm back camera body #88-01 with pistol grip with leather wrist strap in box, #88-3 75mm Tominon lens assembly with built-in strobe ringlight, AC power supply #88-8 with camera synch cord and power cord, separate boxed CU-5 polarizing filter #88-40, $150

POLAROID CU-5 OUTFIT WITH ACCESSORIES AND FILM.  Camera body with 75mm F4.5 Tominon lens.  Industrial accessory mount or copy stand and framing kit with Polaroid 1.5X close-up lens.  Intraoral mount.  Pistol grip.  120V AC strobe power supply.  There is a mechanical timer for processing affixed to the top of the power supply.  All equipment works.  Camera equipment and accessories show signs of use.  60 sheets of film in unopened boxes.  Film is perishable.  The film may or may not be viable. Film illustrated in the below listing, but included with this outfit. $150

POLAROID 669 FILM. 60 sheets. Film is perishable. The film may or may not be viable. $40

4X5 Polaroid 545 filmholder, Ex, $90

Note: Many more lenses suitable for copywork available--found on lens list and on darkroom list.

Polaroid Literature

"Polaroid MP4 land camera assembly and use", copy, $20

"How to use the Kenro MP-812 camera with the Polaroid MP4 System", copy, $15

"Exposure guide for MP-4 camera and lights and Polaroid films," copy, $10

"Documenting circuits with large instant pictures," copy, $10

"Photomicrography with the MP4," copy, $20


~27mm X .5mmp threads to 49mm adapter. Probably some sort of macro or micro lens adapter. $75

Bausch & Lomb microscope, with 3 objective lenses, (16mm 0.25) 10X, (4mm 0.65) 43X, and (1.9mm 1.25 oil immersion) 91X, one eyepiece, 10X, below stage built-in focusing condenser, mounted on base with built-in fan cooled quartz illumination system, large XY axis stage, coarse and fine focusing (each unit corresponds to a .002mm change), all optics newly cleaned and all gearing regreased, scratches on some of the lenses--although there is no apparent effect, $300 or $225 w/o the base illumination system. Lenscap for objective lens. Micrometer adjustable X,Y specimin table. In addition to the ordinary micrometer focusing system as found on any quality microscope, this B&L microscope has an extra fine focusing drive where each division = .002 millimeters; that is = .00008" and that is phenomenal.

Microscope adaptor leather bellows, made by Hasselblad, back side may be be glued or screwed to camera or enlarger lensboard, other end has felt lined inside diameter and slips over 1" diameter microscope objective, $100

Microscope to Copal #1 shutter coupling extension tube, Mint, $60

35mm camera bellows and other related equipment will be found on my 35mm cameras and accessories page.

SLIDE COPIERS and accessories

Comparative comments on the below listed slide copiers. They will all do the job. The Bowens copytran is the cheapest and is for the person who has a camera and macro lens and/or bellows that he/she wants to use. The Bowens Illumitran is a step up with built-in bellows and camera stand. The Kenro, the Forox, the ChromaPro, and the Beseler slide copiers have the advantage of built-in dial-in Dichroic filtration. The Beseler units have the advantage of contrast control and the option of strobe illumination. The one Beseler and the Forox have the advantage of the x,y, revolving slide carrier. The Forox is for large volumn and/or large capacity copying. I can supply a 4X5 adaptor for the Kenro or the Beseler slide copiers. The choice is yours.

Above you will find a FOROX MODEL SD slide copier converted to a FOROX MACRO AND MICRO TRANSILLUMINATED AND REFLECTED LIGHT COPY STAND AND SLIDE COPIER. It is still a viable slide copier. It even has the head connecting cable. All that would be needed to convert it back to the original design is a Forox head with magazines. Not that you are likely to want to use it to copy to film. Today, you are likely to want to copy to digital and that is why I removed the head with film magazine and substituted a camera mount instead. I am willing to sell much of the electronics in the base separately.

Kenro Specta 1000 slide copier, built-in dial-in dichroic filtration + an auxiliary filter drawer, with 35mm mounted slide carrier and 35mm filmstrip carrier, will accomodate 6X6cm image, with built-in camerastand and bellows, requires camera and lens adapters. Uses commonly available ESJ bulbs. This is a very simple slide copier. Simple translates to little to go wrong. It is also easy to maintain. Changing the projection bulb is done from the top. Lift a magnetically held down cover plate to access the I am doing in the 2nd photo. The film carriers are magnetic. There is a filmstrip carrier attached to the side. A mounted slide carrier is in working position. Thumb screws also hold down and locate the carriers. Remove the carrier to reveal a 6X6 copy stage. A filter holder slides in from the left. Majenta, Yellow and Cyan dial in filtration. The below white knob moves the filters in/out of position. $150

ChromaPro by Magnum-Sickles Industries, Inc., model 01-21115 slide copier, incandescent, dial-in Dichroic filtration, filter in-out lever, auxiliary filter drawer, 35mm and 6X6cm mixing boxes quickly interchanged via a sliding lever, spring loaded 35mm mounted slide carrier with some positioning capability, with built-in camerastand and bellows with millimeter scale may alo be quickly raised or lowered as a whole, requires camera and lens adapters, Mint-, $200

Magnum-Sickles revolving slide carrier with calibrated x,y micrometer adjustments, will mount on virtually any slide copier, designed for Beseler or Kenro listed above, $125

Honeywell Repronar accessory half frame slide carrier or perhaps some sort of stereo slide carrier for the Repronar. It accepts a 2X2 slide and is positionable in 2 distinct positions marked 1 & 2 (slides from side to side), could also be used with another slide copier, NEW, $35, Ex+, $20

See image of Honeywell Repronar carriers in use on a Bowens Copytran below.

Honeywell Repronar accessory 2 1/4 slide carrier, New, $30

Honeywell Repronar 805 literature package: copy of instructions (7 8.5X11" pages), copy of 2nd instruction book (16 8.5X11" pages), and copy of Repronar nomenclature (10 8.5X14" pages), $35

Bowens Illumitran:

Bowens Illumitran slide duplicator, strobe or incandescent, bellows and camera stand, light meter, requires adaptors (see below under Bowens Illumitron accessories for adaptors), with plastic filter drawer, without film carriers (all sold out), grey paint finish. Looks like the below black unit, but is grey in color. $75

Bowens Illumitran slide duplicator, strobe or incandescent, bellows and camera stand, light meter not working, accepts T-mount adaptors (see below under Bowens Illumitron accessories for T-mount adaptors), with plastic filter drawer, , has plug for contrast control unit, but no contrast control unit, black paint finish. $95

Bowens Illumitran litrerature package: copy of Illumitran-3 instruction book, copy of Illumitran-3S instruction book, copy of Illumitran-3 brochure, pricesheet, accessories, and copies of magazine reviews and how-to articles on the Illumitran. $40

Bowens Copytran litrerature package: copy of Copytran instruction book, copy of "Initial Calibration Procedure for Bowens Copytran," copy of Copytran brochure, copy of 3 magazine reviews of the Copytran. $20--refundable with purchase of Copytran

Honeywell Repronar mounted slide carriers work well with the Copytran listed above. Here are photos of 35mm and 2X2 mounted slide carriers mounted upon the Copytran, which has magnets to hold steel carriers in place.

Bowens Illumitran mounts are similar to, but larger in diameter than T-mounts. T-mounts will not work on Bowens Illumitran.

Canon body adapter to Illumitran, $60. .

Nikon F bayonet lens adapter to Illumitran, 4 available, $25. I do not have a Nikon F body adapter.

Miranda screwmount body adapter to Illumitran, $10

Leica screwmount lens adapter to Illumitran, $20 with purchase of slide copier and lens, $50 separately

25mm to Leica screwmount adapter--for use with the above T-mount and Schneider 60mm Componon or 55mm Repro Claron, with above T-mount, $20, or $40 separately

43mm thread diameter lens reversing ring to Illumitran. 43mm threads are a standard for the front threads of many enlarging lenses. New in package, $20

Lenses optimized for slide copying:

60mm F5.6 Componon, coated, 25mm threads, optimized for slide duplication, Mint-, $200

Film carriers:

3X3" flashed opal glass diffusion sheet for use with the plastic base stage, $20

6X6/6X7cm combination filmstrip carrier, plastic, 2 part and 2 position, $OLD.

24X36/18X24cm combination filmstrip carrier, plastic, 2 part and 2 position, $OLD.

2 1/4 slide carrier, plastic, $20

2 1/4 illumitran metal film stage, with filter drawer, for slides, $40 Note: In the 1st photo, you see it with the drawer out; this is what you get. In the 2nd photo, you see it mounted on an Illumitran with a Flashed Opal glass diffusion sheet mounted in the drawer.

Flashed Opal glass diffusion sheet, 67X67mm, for use with metal 2 1/4 slide carrier, $20. Note you may see one in the drawer in the 2nd photo above.

Flashed Opal glass diffusion sheets, 50X50mm, for use with metal 35mm slide carrier, $20

Opal plastic diffusion sheet, 53X53mm window set into 74X86mm plastic frame, $20. I do not remember what this is for, but I found it in my Bowens Illumitran box.

above listed Honeywell Repronar carriers could be adapted to the Bowens Illumitran

Replacement bellows, $40

Replacement bellows frame with geared drive, T-mount lock screws missing, $35

2X2" Kodak UV dichroic glass filter, $15


Bowens Macrolite, 2 very small strobelights and 2 very small quartz lights (1 strobe and 1 quartz light in same small housing) on flexible arms which are attached to a camera mounting plate, w/power supply, exposure guide and copy of brochure, $250. The Bowens Macrolite Exposure Guide is also available separately for $30. A quality copy of the 4 page brochure is available for $20. This can be used hand held as illustrated. It can be used with a view camera, a copy camera, etc.

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