Pin-registered vacuum filmholder with punch. One of 12 such systems made by Warren Condit of Condit Mfg. Co. Warren Condit has since retired. You will be hard pressed to find another system like this.

As is so often the case with such a system, the photographer I bought this from bought it for one job. He billed his client for the expense. He said he used it less than a dozen times. It looks it; the system shows virtually no wear.

The filmholder: Single sheet filmholder. The filmholder has nylon bearings on the bottom side and springs on the top side to keep the filmholder positioned in the same position in the camera back each time it is removed and replaced. There are diagonally placed registration pins inside the filmholder. These registration pins allow you to place Kodalith or other masks over the film to be exposed. They also allow you to expose multiple sheets of film of the same subject--in registration. There is a perimeter pressure plate system that mechanically holds the film flat. There is also a vacuum system that holds the film flat. The film rests against a clear sheet of glass. As you know, glass is very flat. The clear glass allows you to view through the Kodalith or other mask to compose the image. There are 2 darkslides. The rear darkslide is required to allow you to view through the masks. A vacuum tube extends out the end of the filmholder.

The punch: is a standard Condit diagonal 8X10 film punch that puts 2 tiny holes in diagonally opposite corners of an 8X10 sheet of film. It is the same punch that Condit sold for darkroom use. It is the most "in demand" film punch today.

The vacuum pump: A foot operated pump for field or studio use is included. Also included is a several foot length of tubing to connect the vacuum pump with the filmholder.

How may I use this system: This system will allow you to make multiple images in-camera on one sheet of film. Say you want to place a nude on a ski slope. Photograph her in the studio. Make a mask from that film for use in-camera and take the camera to the ski slope for the 2nd image. Or, you may make multiple images of the same scene on different sheets of film. Say you want to photograph a scene of impossible contrast range. Photograph the scene optimized for the highlights. Photograph the scene on a 2nd sheet of film optimized for the shadows. In the darkroom, make masks as necessary using the film punch and print the films using a pin-registered carrier. There are many more uses for the system. You're a creative type, right?

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