ARTIST'S FLAT FILE CABINET. May double as coffee table. 36X36X17" high. 2 drawers, each 22+ inches X 27+ inches in size, about 4" high. Made by Riverside Furniture Corporation. $125

ARTIST'S CANVAS. Life size. Made of semi-hard plastic. May be affixed to a flat surface. $50

ART VASE. Stable with a heavy base. 12" high. 7" in diameter at the base, 4" at the top. Weighs 9#. It may be signed by Lisa Elright. $20

SCULPTOR'S TABLE, solid oak base, hand wrought hardware, craftsman style construction, splayed legs with cross bracing, mortice and tenon joinery, 27.5" high, 24X24X2" solid maple top, weighs ~80#, top revolves--but not too easily because you want your workpiece to stay put, decades old--from university sculpting laboratory, top is newer, because the top is removable, it may be shipped via UPS. $400. This table is really well built. Sculptors pounded stone on this tabletop; it is designed to support hundreds of pounds. When I got it, the original top was a bunch of oak wood fibers loosely held together because of the pounding and weight it had suffered over the years. The legs, however, are as sturdy as new. I am currently using it in my machine shop. The piece of equipment on it in the 1st photo weighs over 100#; it will support a whole lot more. I now have a 30" diameter maple butcher block tabletop available that you may have in place of the square top. Although, personally, I would prefer the square top with clipped corners--resulting in an 8 sided top to more closely match the base; I'll neatly clip the corners of the square top for you for $50.

Sterling silver rings. These are the blank scale stock for Dietzgen transits, ca. 1945. Inside diameter, 4.33". Outside diameter, 5.45". Thickness, 0.035". Each one weighs about 1.75 ounces. All 25 weigh about 2# 14 ounces. Price is 20% less than the going price of silver.

Sterling silver rings. These are the blank scale stock for Dietzgen transits, ca. 1945. Inside diameter, 5.20". Outside diameter, 6.08". Thickness, 0.035". Each one weighs about 1.75 ounces. All 8 weigh about 13 ounces. Price is 20% less than the going price of silver.

STERLING SILVER EARRINGS: DIETZGEN TRANSIT REFLECTORS, VINTAGE 1940s. These woud make pretty attractive earrings as is, with only the addition of a hanger of your choice. You need do little other than polish them and touch up or remove the paint on the back side. Designed as reflectors meant to be used in telescope tubes of Dietzgen transits. They sat at 45 degrees within the tube. The viewer looked through the center hole. There is a matte black painted side and a shiny side. There is a little tab with a hole in it at one end that was used to hold the mirror reflector in place. Back in the 1940s Silver, Gold, Jewels, copper rich solid brass, even Black Widow spider thread was used in transits. My how things have changed! These are, in fact, new-old-stock, complete with decades of scratches and tarnish from storage. I cleaned up a couple of them with a little silver polish and less than a minute of time. The remainder were left as found. It is amazing how well they have held up. But then that is why they chose Silver; it is not much susceptable to tarnish. I had a total of 55 of them; I now have 48 left. My balance beam scale only goes up to 220 grams without additional weights, so I weighed 25 of them.....which weighed 208 grams. Divide 208 by 25 and the result is 8.32. I then put one Silver oval on the scale and it did indeed weigh 8.32 grams. All 55 weigh 457.6 grams. They are about 2.5" long including the tab. They are about 0.025" thick. Shipping is the same price for one as for all. So, the more you buy, the better the price each. I will also pay for insurance on whatever you order. $10 each. $10 shipping for one or all. I sold one to an artist who said she planned to make a broach out of it. It would make a nice cameo. It could hang from a chain around the neck.

Sterling silver picture frame with "HLL" bezel. 8X10". Weighs over 4 ounces. Price is 20% less than the going price of silver.

Bucket O' Silver. Sterling silver shavings or chips. Machined off of Dietzgen transit scales, ca. 1945. Would melt easily in this form. The camera body is there for size comparison. Price is 20% less than the going price of silver.

Double pan balance, Cenco Scientific Co., white glass pans, sliding weights on balance beam to 210 grams, + fine tuning balance weight,+ you may add weights, will mount on lab stand or 1/2" vertical rod. Formerly used in a basement darkroom; some corrosion on metal parts. Porcelain plates or pans. Fully adjustable and functional. $100

ERTAN de Luxe numbering machine. Extremely well made in West Germany. Except for the felt ink pad and the handle, it is made entirely of metal. Instructions in 6 languages. 3/16" Antiqua Gothic numbers. 6 wheels, 5 actions. You may set it to repeat printing of the same number or consecutive, duplicate (001, 001, 002, 002, etc.), triplicate, or quadruplicate printing, $60


Nouveaux Caprices De Goya, suite do trente-huit dessins inedits, publies avec une introduction de Paul Lafond, Paris, societe de Propagation, Des Livres D'art, 1907, No. 379, the ~150X190mm plates are individually hand tipped in, binding bad, cover yellowed, interior good, plates perfect, all plates present, $700

101 Masterpieces of american primitive painting, from the collection of Edgar William and Bernice Chrysler Garbisch, hardcover w/DJ, 156 pages, color, Mint-, $25

Leonardo da Vinci, anatomical drawing from the royal collection, Windsor castle, Firenze, Palazzo Vecchio, 1979, softcover, 158 pages, many color and B&W plates, $25


ELECTRIC TILTTOP DRAFTING TABLE, clean & smooth 48X64X1.5" maple top, 5' parallel rule, heavy steel base, 38" high for standing or tall chair, solid construction, Ex+, $400

BURGLAR WINDOW GRATES, 26.5X68" with hinged screw down tabs around perimeter, heavy duty wire mesh, black finished steel, 2 available @ $60 each or 2/$100

MODERN FIRE DOOR, 35.5X80X1.75", white painted wood with gypsum interior. This was installed, but immediately removed because the specs called for a metal door. Drilled for hardware, hardware not included, $35


Art Deco Historic District, Miami Portfolio, softcover, 40 pages, color, 8.5x11", Mint, $10

Fallingwater, a Frank Lloyd Wright country house, hardcover with DJ, 10X13", 190 pages, great architectural photography and great architecture, inspirational, Mint, $60

Houses of New England, photographs by Graydon Wood, 213 illustrations, 63 in color, 208 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, Ex+, $20

Beautiful Castles of Britain, Nicholas Wright, 128 pages, hardcover with dust jacket, color and B&W photographs and illustrations, copyright 1978, Mint-, $20

American Masterworks, the 20th century House, hardcover, w/DJ, 11X11", 300 pages, great architectural photography of great architecture, Mint, $55

Respective Rehabilitation, answers to your questions about old buildings, prepared by technical preservation services, National Park Service, U. S. Department of the Interior, softover, 8X9", 185 pages, Ex+, $15

Hedrich Blessing, book of photographs, softcover, 8X12", about 50 pages, designed to introduce you and the prospective client to Hedrich Blessing, perhaps the world's premiere architectural photography firm, color and B&W images, Ex+, $20

Architecture Chicago, Volume 6: the Divine Detail, softcover, 8X11", 204 pages, B&W illustrations and photos, Ex+, $15

Modern Architecture, by Vincent Scully, Jr., hardcover w/DJ, 8X10", 128 pages, B&W photos, plans and drawings, library copy--withdrawn from circulation, Ex, $15

The Builders, marvels of engineering, hardcover w/DJ, 10X11", 287 pages, most interesting, Mint, $20

The Passive Solar Energy Book, a complete guide to passive solar home, greenhouse and building design, by Edward Mazria, hardcover, ca. 1979, w/DJ, 8X10", 435 pages, Mint, $20

Japanese Gardens by Irmtraud Schaarschmidt-Richter and Osamu Mori, hardcover w/DJ, 9.5X12.5", 325 pages, beautifully illustrated with color and B&W photos and drawings, maps, plans, bibliography and index, 1st edition, copyright 1979, Mint, $60

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