14X17 Fidelity filmholders. NEW-IN-BOX. Medical cassettes. Double sided. Metal darkslides. Very robustly made. Made for X-ray use. There is no light trap ridge like on a traditional filmholder, yet there is a light trap end bar. There are safety pins that you disengage before you can remove the darkslides. These have 11X14 inserts held in with flat head socket screws visible in the last 2 pictures. You may remove these inserts for use with 14X17 film or leave them installed for use with 11X14 film. NEW-IN-BOX. You will not find better made filmholders. The filmholders are 15 15/16" wide and 21 5/8" long below the light trap. $600 each. 2 available. Note: I am considering building a 14X17" wide angle camera with pinhole lens to accept these filmholders. Such a camera could be manageable. Take a look at the 3# wide angle camera near the end of my VIEW CAMERAS web page. There you will find a pinhole image made with that camera. Let me know if you are interested in having me build you such a camera.

12X20 F&S vintage filmholder. Darkslides are in great condition. Wood is solid. Interior divider has some surface damage at bottom end of one side as illustrated. Difficult to find at any price. $OLD. I leave this listing up for your information. Note that the 12X20 F&S filmholder is different than the ANSI standard, which is what most other 12X20 filmholders are. If you do not have a F&S camera, do not buy it. If you have a F&S camera, do not buy other filmholders. What is the difference? Instead of a light trap ridge, there is a light trap groove that fits over a brass bar at the filmholder insertion end of the F&S camera. Occasionally a film holder manufacturer made F&S style holders for customers. One of my customers has some Hoffman made F&S style filmholders, but the film to film seat distance was not the same as the original F&S filmholder--SO BE CAREFUL IN BUYING FILMHOLDERS. Another of my customers has some Lotus made F&S style filmholders. If you order 12X20 filmholders from Lotus without specifying that you want F&S style filmholders, you are not likely to get what you need. Make sure you get the filmholders you need.

8X20 Great Basin filmholders are great filmholders. The design is an innovative design that cures a problem with most other film holders. The light trap bars are made of metal. The divider is made of metal. The darkslides are of extra thick Phenolic. Below you will see some photos of Great Basin filmholders. There is no bottom end flap. The bottom ends are fixed. This cures a basic problem or source of light leakage with most other filmholders. Note how you bend the film to install it into the filmholder. In this illustration I used paper for better contrast. The Great Basin filmholder design is not perfect, however. About 1995 I took in trade several 8X20 Great Basin filmholders. The customer took a long time in getting the filmholders to me. The customer had sent the filmholders back to Great Basin to have them repaired because he found that they leaked light. Well, they still leaked light when I received them. I disassembled them and found that an attempt had been made to repair the light leak. The problem with the repair was that the wrong problem was addressed. The fundamental design of the filmholders was flawed. I know how to repair Great Basin filmholders. The repair to correct the basic design flaw is $100 each filmholder. I have sold all the Great Basin filmholders I had in stock. These photos are for your information purposes.

11X17 Haloid or Xerographic film holder (from Xerox's 1st copy camera), "double truck" size or twice the 8.5X11" size, actual image size would be 10 5/8 X 15 9/16", you get one complete single sided holder with an extra Aluminum darkslide, perfect for the person building his own large format camera, darkslides are not bent and the top bars are solid. What this is really good for is as a photo print frame to hang on the wall. Make a print using your 13X19 inkjet printer. It is a bargain for the 2 darkslides. $125. The holder is solid. Paint is coming off some of the wood. There was never a traditional endflap at the bottom of the filmholder that the darkslide goes into as this holder was not meant to hold film, but a Seleniun coated plate; guaranteed to leak light as-is. It does not have the usual film retainer strips on the inside. There appears to be an image of some sort on the inside back of the filmholder. There is also a serial number on the back of the film holder. I also have available the lensboard from this copy camera; it held a Wollensak 13" F10 Apochromatic Raptar. That lensboard is available for $35. A bit of history: Haloid Corp. saw the potential in Chester Carlson's patent and developed the dry print copy machine, which embodied the basic principle of today's laser printers. The 11X17 copy camera Haloid built was one component of several that were required to produce a copy; this design proved to be too cumbersome for most customers. It was not until Haloid came out with the Xerox 914 copier (that utilized a selenium coated drum instead of a flat plate and was a one unit copy machine) that sales increased dramatically and they became very successful.

8X10 Kodak plastic-with-metal-pull film and plateholder darkslides. About 8.5" wide by 11.5" overall length. 0.040" thick. Darkslides only. New-old-stock. 10 available @ $15 each or $100 for all.

"UNBREAKABLE" METAL 8X10 darkslides for the latest Lisco and Fidelity filmholders. About 8.25" wide by 12.25" overall length. 0.025" thick. One piece black anodized aluminum with white paint. Darkslides on newer filmholders are very thin and easily damaged. These are a much better choice. Darkslides only. NEW. $35 each. 10 for $300. 50 available.

FIVE 8X10 FIDELITY CUT FILM HOLDERS WITH ALUMINUM DARK SLIDES. The plastic holders are used. The aluminum dark slides are new. The film holders are complete and intact, light tight and functional. The most likely to fail part of plastic film holders are the thin plastic dark slides. Now that the thin plastic dark slides have been replaced with aluminum dark slides, these film holders should be good for many years more. With 5 holders, you will be able to load a box of 10 sheets of film. $500

4X5 Linhof double pressure plate filmholders. These are listed in the Linhof section on my VIEW CAMERAS web page.

4X5 Polaroid 545i filmholder, Ex, $50

4X5 Polaroid 545 filmholder, shows more use than the above, $25

4X5 Linhof double pressure plate filmholders, only one left, $150. Note that Sinar charges not less than $450 for their single sheet pressure plate filmholder.

4X5 Fidelity Elite filmholders, like new in box, 2 for $40

4X5 Fidelity Elite filmholders, Mint-, 3 were sold so the remaining 3 are available for $50

4X5 Fidelity Deluxe II filmholders, Mint-, $16 each, 3 for $50

4X5 Fidelity Deluxe filmholders, Mint-, $14 each, 5 for $50, the rest were sold

4X5 Fidelity Deluxe filmholders, Each with the letter "K" painted on them, 3 for $25

4X5 Riteway filmholders, EX, $10 each, 7 for $50

4X5 Riteway filmholders, VG, $8 each, 9 for $50

4X5 grafmatic filmholders--see below

4X5 Fotac wood/metal filmholders, with metal darkslides (rare), Ex+, 2/$40

3.25X4.25" wood filmholders, need a little regluing, readily repairable, 4 for $15

6.5X9 single sheet filmholders, new, made in Germany, 6 for $60

6.5X9 single sheet filmholders, new, AP brand, made in France, 3 for $30

6.5X9 filmpack holders, new-in-box, $15 each

6X9 Lisco Regal Plastic filmholders, boxed, Mint-, 2 for $30

6X9 Grafic wood/metal filmholders, boxed, Mint-, 3 for $35

6X9 Grafmatic, Mint-, $100. These 6X9cm Grafmatics fit both the Graflex back and the Graphic back. Illustrated on both types of backs. 4X5 Graflex and Graphic backs and accessories are not interchangeable.

6X9 Grafmatic, locked up, needs repair, complete and cosmetically Mint-, $50. The inner cassette may be pulled out--as illustrated, but the darkslide may not be pulled out to access the septums.


All sold out of 4X5 Grafmatic filmholders

Septums for 4X5 Gramatic. Used, but usable. 18 for $35

4X5 Grafmatic 6-shot filmholders, box lot of several for parts, no septums, $50


Panoramic rollbacks, 60X185mm, for use with 120 rollfilm, 4 shots per roll, from military camera, no darkslide or slot for darkslide, no automatic advance and stop, no red window, high quality, aluminum, full length pressure plate, Mint-, $250 each. One available in Ex condition for $200 (illustrated with body). Additional photos of rollbacks that have been adapted to cameras and the cameras are available on my pano web page, panoramic cameras

Horseman 6X12cm rollholders