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4X5 Linhof Bi: The Bi camera had to be a great camera because it was designed to compete with the Sinar Norma. The Norma has only base tilts.....and not everyone is in love with base tilts. The Linhof Bi-axial camera has base tilts and axis tilts. This is better than most Bi's because it has chrome knobs instead of painted knobs--that the paint is always worn off of. It also has the original vintage leather bellows in great condition; no bellows are superior to these. Look closely at the bellows and you will see that there are 3 interior strips, or stiffeners, along each edge of each fold--which provides greater flexibility. Also note that the bellows are longer than the rail, and with the Bi-axial tilt you may take advantage of those longer bellows. Available with camera are extension rails, bag bellows and lensboards listed below. The fold out leather in the fold-up focusing hood (which is almost always deteriorated) has been replaced with extremely strong, light tight bellows material. 3 of the bubble levels are no good; one bubble level is like new. The plain ground glass has a small crosshair or "+" in the middle. There is no Fresnel lens. $1200

Linhof Bi or Kardan Color 45s extension rail, 335mm overall length, slighly less than 34mm diameter. A through threaded rod is attached to the Linhof labeled revolving black end cap. Uncommonly available in any condition and rare in this Mint condition. $250 with the above Bi camera, $300 separately.

Linhof Bi or Kardan Color 45s basic rail, 320mm overall length--not including the end coupler, slighly less than 34mm diameter. The exterior is nice and smooth. The standards move easily along the rail. The coupler has the correct diameter, but does not have the correct pitch to mate with the Bi extension rail. So the coupler is useless for use with the Bi. I do not know if the coupler works with the Kardan Color 45s extension rail. Best to consider it a basic rail with no possibility of adding extension or end caps. $120.

Linhof Bi or Kardan 4X5 bellows frames. The bellows are shot, but there is enough left to use as a pattern for the bellows maker. You may use the frames for making your own wideangle bellows; I will give you instructions with purchase. For $100 I will supply bellows material cut to size for 4X5 bag bellows. You could also send the bellows into a bellows manufacturer to have them copied with new material. $100

Kardan Bi flat lensboard, with Linhof crest, for #3 shutter, 65mm hole, with extension jamb nut and spacer to space the lens forward as required, Mint, $150 with camera, $185 separately. If you do not need the jamb nut and spacer, the price of the lens board by itself is $100 with camera or $125 separately.

Kardan Bi #00 flat lensboard, 26mm hole, Mint, $90 with camera, $120 separately, 2 available

Kardan Bi #0 flat lensboard, 34.8mm hole, with Linhof crest, Mint, $90 with camera, $120 separately

Kardan Bi flat lensboard, 39mm hole, Ex+, $90 with camera, $120 separately

Kardan Bi flat lensboard, 74.8mm hole, with Linhof crest, Ex, $70 with camera, $90 separately

4X5 Technika IV/V/VI to Kardan Bi adapter lensboard (custom), Ex, $150. The adapter accepts flat or recessed Technica lensboards, but will not accept #3 or larger shutters. The recessed lensboard is priced separately. You will find it listed below.


4X5 Linhof Technika model IV/V/VI bed stops. Only 2 sets remain. The top pair is $90. The bottom pair is $75. Photo of some stops in use on a Technika V camera.

LINHOF ELECTRIC RELEASE to fit most handgrips. No batteries included. Battery compartment free of corrosion. Untested. You will need the appropriate lens shutter to use it. Handgrip not included. $150.

LINHOF WIRE FINDER for Technika IV/V/VI. Works with most lenses. A parallax corrected rear peep sight is required. $40

Linhof filter holder for large Linhof filters about 76mm outside diameter, with blank filter holder, with front screw-in knurled ring, will accept Linhof lens shade, designed to slip over the outside diameter of the lens barrel of 70mm diameter--with adapter to slip over lenses of outside diameter of 60mm, Mint-, $60

Small Linhof filter, in frame about 63mm outside diameter, #2 yellow, Mint-, $35

Adaptor, Linhof Technika IV/V/VI lensboards to black Sinar P/C/F board, will fit Norma as well. Will accept flat and recessed Linhof lensboards. Works with #0 and #1 shutters. Does not work with #3 shutters. $275.

Linhof leatherette body covering, tan, die cut by Linhof for use in specific locations, all but one piece is new, pieces for various models, some I know are for the 4X5 Technika, some I know are for the 2X3 Technika. The piece in the upper right hand corner has been sold. This photo is out of date. I have sold a couple of pieces. Will update soon. All remaining for $125.

Linhof Technika lensboard with Linhof crest for #3 shutter to fit 4X5 models IV/V/VI, with extension jambnut and spacer to space lens forward as required. $150 or $100 w/o the extension jambnut and spacer.

Linhof Technika lensboard with Linhof crest with 42mm hole for #1 shutter to fit 4X5 models IV/V/VI, with cable release fitting. $125

Linhof lensboards to fit 4X5 model III Technika cameras and Compur Compound shutter with Linhof factory mounted flange (~59mm threads) properly mounted below center, as illustrated, your choice, $150. This is the size to fit 200 and 250mm Imagons, etc. These Technika III lensboards are very special. The too thin Technika III lensboards require special mounting with 3 screws from the front and 3 screws from the rear. Also, the flange needs to be truncated in the right spot. A 210mm Xenar in Compound shutter is another example of a lens and shutter to fit these lensboards. The lensboard on the lower left and the lensboard in the upper right in the 1st photo have been sold. Note that one of the Technika III lensboards has a notch in the bottom center and the other one does not--check your camera before ordering and order the correct one.

4X5 Technika III flat lensboards, about 94 by 100mm in size, with holes properly located below center, the lensboard on the left has a 34.5mm hole for #0 shutter in a thin black anodized plate the same thickness as the lensboard itself that sits proud of the lensboard and covers a large hole @ $125. The lensboard in the center has a 41.7mm hole for #1 shutter @ $125. The lensboard on the right has a 52.6mm hole and is $70.

4X5 Linhof Technika IV/V/VI recessed black lensboard with #1 hole size. This design allowed Linhof to manufacture one recessed lensboard for many different lenses by adding different extension lenscones. The extension lenscone brings the shutter back out to just the right place to utilize a quick release cable release fitting mounted onto the lensboard. This design also allows your camera to fold up with the lens attached. This will work properly for most lenses mounted in a #1 shutter. This lensboard came in with a 180mm lens attached; it works equally well with the 150mm lens. The 150mm lens is not included. $150.

Generic copy of 4X5 Linhof Technika IV/V/VI black lensboard with #1 flange attached, $125. Flanges are getting hard to find. They stay put! Your lens will not turn on you. You will not need a spanner wrench to install and remove your lens. You may reposition the flange to reposition your shutter in any of 4 positions. Instead of expensive adapter lensboards, buy a flange for each type lensboard and move your lenses. You will have better accuracy than with adapter lensboards.

Technika IV/V 135mm cam with bed scale, $65 Note that I have a 135mm lens on my VIEW CAMERA LENSES web page. Although the serial numbers do not match, experience tells me that usually does not matter.

Linhof leatherette doughnut. The hole is 12.5mm diameter. This is the part that surrounds the tripod socket.....you know.....the part that always gets ruined. $35.

Linhof ground glass retainer. $30.

Linhof angle release. Perhaps not by Linhof, but it was in my Linhof collection of parts. It swivels just behind the knurled section. Rare. $15.

Hardware to hold the Linhof handgrip plate onto the camera body. $30.

Linhof bed scales. The black one accepts scale inserts and is $40. Your choice of the others is $20.

Linhof #2 yellow filter. #51 just below the Linhof name. For the 51mm filter holder. Mint. $30.

Linhof empty filter frame holder. #70 just below the Linhof name. For the 70mm filter holder. $30.

6X9 Linhof lens board for 53mm Biogon lens. This lens board fits the 6X9 camera and the wide angle focusing device for the 4X5 camera. $100.

105mm 6X7 mask for 6X9 Linhof viewfinder. NEW-OLD-STOCK. $15.

Linhof lens board for early Technika. 75.44mm wide. 81.71mm high. 49.96mm hole. $30.

Linhof lens board for early Technika. 82.47mm wide. mm high. mm hole. Notch one side. With 6 screws and threaded holes. $30.

Linhof lens board for early Technika. 106.61mm wide. 107.06mm high with beveled edges top and bottom. 63.87mm hole. $30.

Linhof lens spacers. Various thicknesses. Invaluable when needed. It is extremely difficult to make your own. These need to be stamped out of thin shim stock. Lot. $150.

Box lot of Linhof parts. Judging from the lenses listed on the back folding hood, this was likely a 4X5/9X12 camera. $60.


Kardan Color intermediate standard + bellows with frames to mate with this standard. Early model. Designed to clamp onto 50mm diameter rail. Pinholes in bellows. This could be used as a subject stage by replacing the bellows with a grey card or whatever. It could be used to hold a front surface mirror. $100.

Technika Press helical focusing mount for 95mm lens. Mounted on an 8X10 Calumet lens board.........without altering the focusing mount. Quality Linhof focusing mounts for #1 shutters are RARE. Any #1 shutter will mount on this focusing mount; the distance scale will be off if not a 95mm lens. There is also a limit to the diameter of the rear lens barrel. Newly cleaned and lubricated. $650.

Linhof ground glass for 4X5 camera, with frame lines for 56X72mm, special size and thickness, NEW, $150

Linhof ground glass for 4X5 camera, with center crosshair lines and 4X5 corner lines, special size and thickness, used, $130

Linhof ruled ground glass for 6X9cm camera, with frame lines for 2 1/4 X 3 1/4" and 56X72mm, 10mm grid lines, special size and thickness, NEW, $125

56X72mm mask for 4X5 multifocus optical viewfinder, designed to slip over 50mm round VF, $50 separately, or $25 with purchase of Super Rollex listed below

6X7 (56X72mm) tan Super Rollex for 4X5 cameras with an international back, $350

6X7 black Super Rollex lever wind insert, for use with your 6X9 or 4X5 Linhof IV or V Super Rollex shell, $350

6X7 tan Super Rollex, lever wind, for 6X9 Linhof IV or V, new darkslide, $350

4X5 Linhof double pressure plate filmholders. 5 are shown, but 2 have been sold. What is left? 1 complete filmholders. 2 filmholders missing the top pull bars on the darkslides and one of those darkslides is broken at the top where the pull bar attaches. A copy of Linhof instruction book in German, English and French is included. The extra numbers were sold. Note that Sinar charges not less than $450 for their single sheet pressure plate filmholder. 1 complete filmholder is $125. All 3 filmholders are $200.

Linhof viewing aperture. Threaded on the back side. $20.

Linhof logo insert. $10.


Linhof Master Technika 4X5 owner's manual, 33 pages, copy, $30

First model Linhof "Technika" or Linhof "Standard" owner's manual for 10X15cm format, 16 pages, German, original, $50, copy, $20

First model Linhof "Technika" or Linhof "Standard" fold out owner's manual, for 9X12cm through 10X15cm formats, 12 pages, German, original, $50, copy, $20

Linhof Super Technika 4X5 owner's manual, 20 pages, copy, $25

Linhof Technika III 6X9cm/4X5" operating instructions, large foldout sheet, copy, $10

Linhof Technika III guide, 68 page booklet covering the Technika, the Super Technika and the Standard Press, CA early '50's, about 4X6", copy of, $50

Linhof Technikardan 6X9 & 4X5 9 page operating instruction and accessories list, B&W, copy, $20

Linhof Anatomical Grip instructions, 8 page brochure, about 5X7", VG, $15

Linhof "Exposure control at the ground glass" 4 page info sheet copy, $7

Linhof anatomical grip instructions, 8 page fold-out brochure, covers both left and right hand grips for all formats, Ex, $20


LINHOF 50th ANNIVERSARY CATALOG 1992 reprint of 1937 catalog, in German, 80 pages, 6X8", $90. Both the 50 and 70 year catalogs show views of the factory machinery. In 1937 most machinery was flat belt driven from overhead line shafts, whereas in 1957, machines had their own motors with enclosed V-belt drives.

Linhof's ca. 1953 catalog, 45 pages, in English and German, $50, copy of, $20.

Linhof new product report, 12 page 8.5X11 color brochure covering Kardan Master L, Kardan Standard, tripods and stands, Mint, $15

Linhof Kardan Master L 16 page B&W brochure, 8.5X11", copy of, $15

Linhof Technika large color foldout brochure, covers the Technika family or system, Ex, $50 35mm Technical pan copy negs of same, $20

Linhof "The new Multisystem Camera Generation", covering the Kardan Master GTL, Kardan GT, Technikardan, Reprotronica II NC, etc., 12 pages, 8.5X12", Ex, $20

Linhof Technorama 612 PC, color foldout brochure, 8.5X12", Ex, $20

Linhof Technika Press 2 1/4 X 3 1/4, 6.5X9cm large fold out brochure, copy of, $25

Linhof Bi System, copy of large foldout brochure, $20

Linhof lens shade/filter holder and filters, 6 page brochure, about 4X6", Ex, $25, copy, $7

Linhof Color Compendium 8 page brochure, about 4x6", Ex, $15

Linhof 220 large foldout brochure, Ex, $25

Linhof January 1959 pricelist, Ex+, $15

Linhof Kardan Color, color brochure, 8X8", 32 pages, Mint-, $40.

Linhof Kardan Color, color brochure, 9X12", 25 pages, Mint-, $50.

Kardan Super Color ST, color foldout brochure, 8.5X11", Mint, $20.

Kardan Standard 8X10, color brochure, 8.5X11", 4 pages, Ex+, $15.

Linhof focusing and light measuring bellows and (fixed) reversal mirror attachment brochure, 8 pages about 5X8.5", Ex, $15, and another that covers the vertical/horizontal (nonfixed) right angle mirror attachment, but not the light measurings and focusing bellows, Ex+, $15

Linhof Tripod heads, color foldout brochure, Mint, $15

Linhof Kardan TE/TEL, camera and accessories brochure w/price list, 4 pages, B&W, 1985, Mint, $15

Linhof Master Technika 4X5 single page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $5

Linhof Super Technika V 6x9 single page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $5

Linhof Super Technika V 5x7 single page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $5

Linhof Technorama 6X12 and Technorama 6x17 single page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $5

Linhof Technar 4X5 single page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $5

Linhof Technikardan 6X9 & 4X5 2 page simple description and price list camera and accessories, B&W, copy, $7

Linhof equipent for Macro Photography, photomicrography, copying 4 page B&W brochure and price list, $20, copy, $10

Linhof Color 45S 6X9 and 4X5, 4 page 8.5X11" color brochure, Ex+, $15

Linhof Kardan Standard large color foldout brochure, Ex, $20

Linhof passport, blank, with Linhof Crest on stickpin, Mint, $50, or w/o stickpin, $20, 2 each available


4X5, 5X7, 4X10, 8X10, 8X20 and 11X14 Sinar cameras, accessories available, see SINAR list.


6X9cm Plaubel Peco Jr. camera, 11" monorail, lots of front rise, fall and shift, lots of rear swing and tilt, focusing panel with grid-lined ground glass, folding focusing hood, 2 bubble levels on rear standard, rack and pinion focusing front and rear, positive locks, interchangeable bellows, with regular tapered bellows and with wideangle bag bellows, lensboards and lenses priced separately so that you may choose what you need, two 6X9cm Plaubel 120 rollfilm backs, outfit case, instruction book copy, THE HIGHEST QUALITY, LIGHTEST WEIGHT, MOST COMPACT 6X9 MONORAIL VIEW CAMERA EVER MADE. The back accepts also accepts Plaubel single sheet metal cutfilm holders (available below). This camera may be the perfect candidate for a digital back. $1800.

Panoramic Format Change kit for the above camera

6X18.5cm panoramic format change kit is available for the above 6X9cm camera. Below see the photos of the format change kit, which includes the rear carrier frame with integral bellows, removable GG back with integral focusing hood, and 2 rollbacks and outfit case. Many more photos of the panoramic format change kit installed available on my PANORAMIC CAMERAS page.

Plaubel Peco Jr. 6X9 focusing panel only, for use with Plaubel back that accepts rollholders and Plaubel cutfilm holders, like the one you see on the Plaubel Peco Jr. illustrated above, with ruled ground glass, Mint-, $150.

Plaubel Peco Jr. 6X9 back cover, replaces the ground glass focusing panel, leather covered metal. $25.

Galvin International back adapted to the Plaubel Peco Jr., for use with Graphic or Horseman rollholders and ordinary cutfilm holders. I call it a Graflok back on steroids. I consider the Galvin back a world class back. That's why I bought many of them before Jim Galvin passed away. The Galvin back even opens wide enough to accomodate a Glaflarger cold light head. More pictures of the Galvin back at the bottom of this page. Mint-, $OLD, but I have more new Galvin backs for sale. You may buy one and adapt it yourself. You will find the Galvin backs listed near the bottom of this page. You will also find below a lens board to fit the back of a Plaubel Peco Jr, which will make your job of adapting the Galvin back to the PPJr relatively easy.

Plaubel rollholders, 6X6, VG, $100 each, 35mm, Ex+, $200, Ex, $100. See Plaubel Peco Jr. images above to see rollholder image.

Plaubel Peco Jr. lensboards originally had a foam light trap on the back side--which will virtually always be deteriorated as seen in the lensboard on the left. You can revive the light trap by removing the old foam and glue and replacing it with more durable velvet ribbon as I have done in the example on the right. It is not a difficult task, just unpleasant and time consuming. I will do it for you for $75.

Plaubel Peco Jr. front bellows frames are similar to lensboards. Replacing the light trap on the bellows frame is a more delicate task. I will do it for you for $100. On the left is a deteriorated light trap on a regular bellows. On the right is what the original light trap on the bellows frames and lensboards looked like. I replace the foam with more durable velvet ribbon as you see on the lensboard above on the right.

Very slightly recessed (1-2mm) Plaubel lensboard, 26.7mm hole size, foam light trap material on back side needs replacing, dark grey, $125.

Very slightly recessed (1-2mm) Plaubel lensboard, 35.3mm hole size, foam light trap material on back side needs replacing, light grey, $100.

Because the Plaubel Peco Jr. is a favorite view camera that I use myself, I have some lenses mounted on Plaubel Peco Jr. lensboards. These lenses and lensboards are available. You will find details about the lenses on my lens list. Illustrated are a 75mm F8 Fujinon SW and a 90mm F8 Fujinon SW.

Plaubel Profia lensboard, 166mm square, 67-68mm hole, labeled #3 on back, $60

Plaubel Profia lensboards, 166mm square, 2 #0, $125 each, 2 #1, $100 each

Plaubel Profia flat adapter lensboard, 166mm square, now with new light trap matierial, $250, accepts 120mm square Plaubel lensboards.

Plaubel Profia flat adapter lensboard, custom altered, back filed flat,151mm high, 149mm wide, newer light trap material, $125, accepts 120mm square Plaubel lensboards.

Plaubel Profia recessed lensboard, 166mm square, $175, accepts 120mm square Plaubel lensboards.

Plaubel lensboard for the 4X5 Plaubel Peco, light trap foam deteriorated, may be replaced with velvet strips as illustrated on a smaller lensboard, rare, with only a pilot hole. Illustrated here on the back side of a Plaubel Peco Jr. camera. $150

Plaubel Profia recessed lensboard, 166mm square, $175, accepts 120mm square Plaubel lensboards.

4X5 Plaubel Peco Jr. recessed lensboard, 120mm square. 26.8mm hole size for use with jamb nut for 00 shutters. Cable release fitting built-in. 20mm depth of recess. The foam light trap material is still live; amazing! RARE. $225

Plaubel 8X10 to 4X5 reducing plate, Plaubel part number PG 1/348, NEW-OLD-STOCK, $200.

Plaubel Peco instuction book copy, covers 6X9 to 8X10 Plaubels, ~65 pages, $40

Plaubel Makina (vintage 1955 and earlier) automatic rollholder instruction booklet copy, $10

Plaubel 75 year anniversay book copy, 1902-1977, ~28 pages, $40


One of the smallest, lightest view cameras ever designed. Camera utilizes a Galvin Back. The back will accept Graphic and Horseman rollfilm holders meant for a 6x9 back w/o the need to remove the GG back. Will accept a 6X9cm Grafmatic. Fresnel lens included. Included is a 6X9cm Grafic rollback; addtional rollbacks are available here: VIEW CAMERA ACCESSORIES. Nothing locks down on this camera. Every movement has adjustable tension. Camera has full movements: rise/fall/swing/tilt/shift. The camera is well balanced because the front and rear standards move in and out simultaneously, making for faster focusing as well. A bag bellows is included. Camera has a mint condition 135mm F5.6 Componon lens in shutter. Will allow 1:1 image size. Not much of a tripod is required for this lightweight camera. The table top tripod may not be tall enough for your needs, but it is sufficient--although not included. $1000


Arca Swiss recessed lensboard, 13mm depth of recess, maximum size possible square recess allows easy access, 171mm square O.D., with rounded corners, small pilot hole, New, $70. Note that this lensboard has the double row of light traps around the perimeter on the back side. This is the current style Arca Swiss lensboard.

4 3/4 X 6 1/2" TOYO FIELD CAMERA

Similar in design to the Toyo 810M field camera. Although Toyo labels the camera as a 4 3/4 X 6 1/2" camera, Toyo made 6X9cm, 4X5", 4 3/4 X 6 1/2", 5X7 and 6.5X8.5" backs for this camera. Illustrated is one of these cameras with a 6.5X8.5" format change kit that also adds extra extension. Besides the light weight, what I like about this camera most is it's ability to accept wide angle lenses. You may focus on infinity with a 58mm lens on the camera. Works great with a 72mm Schneider Super Angulon-XL. Just about every one of these cameras I have seen has rumpled bellows. Rumpled bellows are a result of operator error. Avoid rumpled bellows by making sure that the front standard is allowed to move up and down freely before closing the camera. I also illustrate one of these cameras with a compendium bellows. These cameras accept 4X5 Crown Grafic lensboards.


4 3/4 X 6 1/2" Toyo Field camera with a 4X5 back. 1/4-20TPI camera socket. Nylon handle. Cold shoe, i.e., a flash shoe or a viewfinder shoe mounted atop the camera body. The latch that keeps the camera closed is missing; the rear tilt lock knobs do an adequate job of holding the camera closed. $900.

Crown Graphic lensboards to fit the Toyo Field camera. Find them listed on my VIEW CAMERA LENS ACCESSORIES web page.

Crown Graphic lensboard to fit the Toyo Field camera, Sinar lensboard, 2 brass lensboards that bayonet into either. Hole sizes are for #0 and #1 shutters. $300

I also have a Mint 180mm F5.6 Caltar II N (Rodenstock Sironar) available on a custom made lensboard to fit the Toyo Field camera. This lens came in with a Toyo Field camera. This lensboard is very special. It has a bayonet mount. A second bayonet mount, also for a #1 shutter comes with the lensboard as well as a flange designed to be mounted on a larger View camera lensboard......so you may use your lenses on both cameras. The lens is on my VIEW CAMERA LENSES web page.

Adaptor, any lens to Sinar and to Crown Graphic or Toyo Field, includes black Sinar lensboard, and 2 brass lensdisks that bayonet into the Horseman board and the Crown Graphic board. Brass disks bored for #1 and #0 shutters. The "apart" view is representative of any of the offerings of brass bayonet lens disks here and elsewhere on my web pages. $300

5X7 back for 4 3/4 X 6 1/2" Toyo Field camera. I do not think Toyo made a 5X7 back because there simply is not enough room to fit the back onto the camera without it extending beyond the perimeter of the camera body. If Toyo did make a 5X7 back, it is rare; you just do not see them. I have made them. I will attach photos of the last 2 5X7 backs I made for the Toyo Field. One was made from scratch, except for the ground glass frame. The other one utilized a commercially made mahogany 5X7 back that was rabbeted as necessary for clearance and added to the plate that I made. I can make a 5X7 back for your Toyo View upon demand.

Toyo 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 extension back for the 4 3/4 X 6 1/2" Toyo Field camera with new bellows and 3 Toyo 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 film holders. The new Nylon bellows have not yet been installed. I offer the outfit w/o the bellows installed for those who wish to save the cost of installation. The old belllows are still present. The new bellows were made in Japan. A fresh tube of cement was supplied with the new bellows. $800 or $1000 with the new bellows installed.

Reducing plate for the 6 1/2 X 8 1/2 extension back made for the 4 3/4 X 6 1/2" Toyo Field camera. This reducing plate was made for a customer who wanted to use his 4X5 through 5X7 backs with longer lenses. This is not in stock, but can be made upon demand.


VIEW CAMERA WITH MOVEMENTS or BOX camera. Designed for ease of operation. With AMERICAN OPTICAL COMPANY HIGH RESOLUTION AERIAL SURVEILANCE AND MAPPING LENS. SERIAL NUMBER 2. COATED LENS. HIGHEST QUALITY. There are many images including 2000 pixel wide images of the negative you see below and a whole lot more on this page: 8X20 GLENNVIEW

8X20 Sinar P camera complete, A GLENNVIEW product with 8X10 Sinar P heavy duty standard bearer, front standard, 18" rail, rail clamp, with new 36" bellows, horizontal format only, you'll have to turn the camera on it's side to do a vertical (this is actually quite possible--by simply rotating the camera on it's rail), made of black lacquered lightweight Mahogany, Mint-, with one rebuilt vintage filmholder that doesn't leak light (up to 10 new filmholders available). There is a bellows tab that keeps the bellows from sagging. Complete with custom focusing cloth which is held onto the perimeter of the rear carrier frame by Velcro. $OLD.


This YAW-FREE 16X20 view camera was eventually built. See an image of the completed camera on a Houston Feerless tripod in the immediately below listing. Film in large formats is readily available today. An alternative to film is Cibachrome positve paper shot directly in camera: CIBACHROME-IN-CAMERA. Although Cibachrome is no longer manufactured, there may be other similar products available. The image of roses was made directly in the camera onto 8X10 Cibrchrome positive paper with a Kodak Portrait lens at wide open aperture. The image of the pregnant tree was made directly in the camera onto 8X10 Cibrchrome positive paper with a 120mm F8 Schneider Super Angulon lens at about F11.

YAW-FREE 16X20 view camera nearly finished. I did receive a commission to finish it. The bellows have been ordered. The customer wisely requested a Sinar front carrier frame. Here are a few views of it.


Beautiful Mahogany finish, with solid brass hardware. As well made, if not better, as any of the vintage wooden cameras. In the 12X20 format, only the Deardorff is comparable in quality, but much more rare, because the Deardorff, when last produced, sold for $10,000. The Deardorff is also much heavier, larger, and less rigid. The Korona and the B&J are not nearly as stable or as well built as the F&S. The camera was designed as a banquet camera, for photographing large groups of people in a confined space with wideangle lenses and only has 22.5" of rail. There is a photo of a 12X20 F&S below with a listing for a custom tripod for a 12X20 F&S. This is an unusual 12X20 F&S because it has 44" of belows extension; I rebuilt the camera, including all 3 new rail sections and had custom bellows made for it. I am presently all sold out of 12X20 F&S cameras, but I have some accessories for the camera:

A customer commissioned a 12X20 F&S-filmholder-compatible Sinar format change kit. That has been sold and shipped out, but I will make another one on damand. See my Sinar web page for photos and description.

Another customer commissioned a 12X20 Deardorff ground glass back be installed on his 12X20 F&S camera. His camera came in with a cherry wood back on the mahogany F&S. After removing the cherry back, I found that whoever had installed new bellows on his camera had used too long screws. It is probable that the screws went through the camera into the original F&S ground glass back frame--screwing the frame to the camera, splitting and destroying the frame. The Deardorff mahogany back looks very much at home on the F&S camera. I have one more Deardorff groung glass back frame available listed below under Deardorff cameras and at the end of this web page under view camera backs. I took the cherry wood back in on trade and that back is also available; you will find it listed with view camera backs at the end of this web page. I illustrate the camera from a frontal view just for your benefit. The handle, the tilt pivots, the double bubble level on top and the back are not original; everything else is. The 12X20 F&S is as well made as any camera. I mentioned to Deardorff once that the F&S was "at least as well made as the Deardorff" (in order to be diplomatic); Deardorff agreed. In fact, the F&S is better made than the Deardorff. The major springs that keep the GG back flat against the camera and against the film holder were made by me. If you need custom springs, I can make them for you. The customer I did this work for said, "The camera with the work you have done looks fabulous!! I am very pleased with everything!! Thank you for all your efforts. I am looking forward to taking some great photographs with my "new" camera!! All the best!!"

12X20 F&S vintage filmholder. Difficult to find at any price. $OLD. I leave this listing up for your information. Note that the 12X20 F&S filmholder is different than the ANSI standard, which is what most other 12X20 filmholders are. If you do not have a F&S camera, do not buy it. If you have a F&S camera, do not buy other filmholders. What is the difference? Instead of a light trap ridge, there is a light trap groove that fits over a brass bar at the filmholder insertion end of the F&S camera. Occasionally a film holder manufacturer made F&S style holders for customers. One of my customers has some Hoffman made F&S style filmholders, but the film to film seat distance was not the same as the original F&S filmholder--SO BE CAREFUL IN BUYING FILMHOLDERS. Another of my customers has some Lotus made F&S style filmholders. If you order 12X20 filmholders from Lotus without specifying that you want F&S style filmholders, you are not likely to get what you need. Make sure you get the filmholders you need.

Custom tripod for 7X17, 11X14 or 12X20 F&S or any other similar folding rail wood cameras. The holes for the camera screw are optimized for the F&S cameras; holes may be added for other cameras. Surveyor's tripod Aluminum legs. 12X13X.25" Aluminum top plate supports the whole width of most flat bed view cameras and the joints between rail sections to provide superior support. 3/8-16TPI camera screw with large easy to handle wingnut for locking down the camera solidly. Removable canvas and Nylon shelf doubles as leg spreader. No tilts. Variable leg extension levels the camera. Rubber tipped feet screw in to reveal spikes. Mounting the legs at the edges of the tripod top provides far superior stability. Illustrated with a 12X20 F&S camera with 44" extension that I built and sold. About 14#. $400.

Custom Saltzman top plates made to fit your camera, about $100 to $200. Typically these will be for dual rail flat bed view cameras. The top plate will replace the original and will be the width of the rail and long enough to fully support the main rail section and the joint between the main rail section and front and rear extension rails and partially support any extension rails. See photo below of custom top plate for another tripod.

12X20 F&S front rail hook. This is the flat brass plate that swings about a pivot screw mounted on the top of the main camera body and attaches to a screw on the front end of the front fold up rail to keep the rail in the vertical folded position for transport. I had to make a custom extra long hook for the 44" model so this was available. I do not remember what camera the 2nd hook is from. It too has been sold. I leave this up for your information.

12X20 F&S lensboards. 6 uncut lensboards in black plastic. 1 uncut lensboard in unfinished Baltic birch. $50 each. 1 black stained Baltic birch lensboard with a hole cut for a #4 Ilex with a 14" Dagor mounted in it (73mm hole size), $75.

12X20 F&S front bellows frames. 2 available, $75 your choice. Top one is thicker than the bottom one. The bottom one is for the front tilt bellows. Each is 9.5X12".


305mm F5.6 American Optical Co. Type 1, coated, complete with yellow and red center filters, front and rear lenscaps, very wide angle, looks like a Hypergon w/o the fan, covers 12X20 with movements! Sharp and rectilinear (resolves 100 line pairs/mm), but decidedly soft focus @ F5.6. It's a true soft focus, too, similar to the Kodak Portrait lens in performance. It gradually, but rather quickly becomes sharp as you stop down. At f8, 3/4 of the soft focus effect is gone. At F11, almost all of the soft focus effect is gone. the center filters in that huge size would cost about $2000 each today. Center filters help even out the exposure on extreme wide angle lenses. Lens in barrel with water house stop set from F5.6 to F90, + 2 soft focus stop sets (similar to Imagon stop sets), + 4 blank stops, with manual slide shutter, New-old-stock, $2000. Also available in barrel with F45 fixed aperture mounted on Sinar lensboard @ $1500.

480mm F9 Rodenstock Apo Ronar, coated, barrel, stops down to F260, filter slot, 1/4" scratch front element, otherwise Ex, $200

480mm F9 Rodenstock Apo Ronar CL, coated, barrel with diaphragm and slot for filters, with slide in gel filter holder. The Apo Ronar CL is Rodenstock's best Apochromatic lens. It has 6 elements instead of4 like the Apo Ronar, the Apo Artar, the Apo Nikkor. The Apo Ronar CL is recommended for map making and other situations that call for higher resolution. Mint-, $600

480mm f11 Goerz Red Dot Apo Artar, coated, barrel, front reversing prism, the prism has protected the front element, Mint-, $650. I have the front cover ring for this lens. It screws onto the lens front and covers the external threads that the prism screws onto.

Plus lenses to cover 16X20 and 14X17" listed above


The 7X17 F&S banquet camera is just as well made as the 12X20 F&S, but with less competition, as Deardorff never made a 7X17. 7X17 F&S banquet cameras are all sold out. Below is a photo of a customer's 7X17 F&S that was sent to me for repair work. You will note that the camera needs new bellows. All of the bellows manufacturers have big negatives as well as positives. I am currently working on this problem. I have found a new-to-me and probably new-to-the-industry bellows manufacturer. I have received a sample bellows from this manufacturer that I am quite pleased with. I am awaiting a price quote. One of the problems with this manufacturer is that they will not install the bellows in the camera and are reluctant to install the bellows on the frames. Those are big negatives. Removing and installing the bellows on the F&S frames and in the camera is a really tedious job. Also, the bellows need to collapse enough to fit within the folded up camera and extend out enough for full extension and full tilt in the case of the front filt bellows. If the manufacturer does not accept the job of installing the bellows on the frames and/or on the camera they will not even know if they did the job right until they get feedback from the installer. I do know how to manufacture bellows, but it is not a job I relish. Hopefully I will not have to make the bellows for this camera.

While I am searching for a new bellows manufacturer with more positives than negatives, I am making some other repairs on this camera. The camera did not sit straight with the bellows extended because the rail was cracked and the bellows were stiff. It may be that the stiff bellows caused the rail to crack. F&S cameras are the best made vintage cameras. Even so, they have their weaknesses. One of their weaknesses is the rail. The rail on the F&S camera is usually made of a secondary wood. This rail was made of cedar. Cedar is a light weight wood, but it is not a strong wood and it is prone to splitting. I gave the customer a choice. I would replace the split member of the base rail section for $400 or I would remake the complete base rail section for $700. You may see a made-from-scratch F&S rail that I made for a 12X20 F&S a little way above on this page. In this case the customer opted to have me replace just the cracked rail member. The rail was well glued; I had to cut it apart. I was able to do this without losing any of the wood on the other base rail members. I used mahogany for this repair. I did not use just any old mahogany. I used some vintage mahogany that I purchased from Deardorff. I still have some of that mahogany in stock. After finishing to match as well as possible, it will in time match even better as the newly finished member develops an aged patina and gets some dirt ground into the side that rests on the tripod.

The 7X17 F&S bellows saga. The bellows manufacturer tried really hard to provide me with a fine set of bellows--and they did so within 4-6 weeks. Their bellows looked as good as their sample. They were very neatly attached to the bellows frames. However, even though I stamped a "T" to indicate "top" into the inside of the bellows frames and told the bellows manufacturer that those bellows frames needed to be installed in the same orientation, they were not. Also, the "perky" bellows material was wrapped around the inside of the frames--covering the screw holes. Those screw holes now angled in the wrong direction. And the front bellows did not collapse enough. These problems made the bellows impossible to install in the camera. I returned the bellows to the manufacturer. Actually, I was reluctant to have this manufacturer remake the bellows for me. The manufacturer did not return the old bellows to me and now I did not have those old bellows to give to another manufacturer to use as a guide. I knew that the manufacturer was experienced and capable; that is why I sent them the bellows in the 1st place. The manufacturer now had my money and my bellows. The manufacturer then took about 6 months and some serious prodding to get the 2nd set of bellows to me. This 2nd set of bellows has only a single light tight layer. There are no stiffeners nor is there an inner layer; they do collapse well within the confines of the folded camera and they were properly attached to the bellows frames. F&S banquet camera bellows are never easy to install, but because of my previous experience, I was able to install them as effortlessly as possible. Of course, I checked for light leaks after having installed the bellows. I found light leaks around the perimeter of the rear bellows frames. I suspect that the original camera had these light leaks because the bellows were properly installed using the original screws and screw holes. There was no caulk or felt or anything to prevent these light leaks on the original bellows installation. I solved the light leak problem invisibly. Here are some photos of the end result. The bellows were installed using original screws, screw holes, and bellows frames to preserve the integrity of this antique camera. I also sold the camera owner several lensboards that I made out of black plastic. The camera owner was from outside the US. He emailed to tell me he would be in NYC for 3 days. I did not even have time to total up the bill. I quoted him an approximate bill, which he paid immediately, and shipped off the camera to his hotel. Later I sent him a detailed invoice with a request for an additional $250, but I told him it was not mandatory. He sent the additional money promptly with a nice note telling me how happy he was with his camera--which he had already field tested. Such experiences with bellows manufacturers are common. This manufacturer stood behind their work. I have ordered from them since. There is another bellows manufacturer who will not accept any returns. I have ordered from them and may order from them in the future under some circumstances. But I am hesitant to do so. The last bellows they made for me were 12X20 belows. They were made out of multiple pieces of cloth. They reminded me of patchwork leather items made in the orient to use up scraps of material. Bellows should--whenever possible--be made out of a single piece of material. I was not happy with the bellows, but due to their policy had to accept them. However, it was that experience that sent me looking for a new bellows manufacturer. Another quite capable bellows manufacturer called me to ask if I really wanted all that bellows extension on the front 12X20 tilt bellows. I said that I did because that length of bellows was required to achieve full tilt. I had provided an extra 1/4" of space for those front tilt bellows in the 12X20 F&S camera that I had altered to provide additional extension. You will see that camera illustrated above a little ways on this web page. When I got that camera with new bellows installed back over a year later, I found that the manufacturer had not given me what I had asked for. The front tilt bellows were not made long enough and would not tilt to the maximum amount they were supposed to. After waiting over a year for the camera to be returned to me, I did not want to send the camera back to the manufacturer to have the bellows remade and reinstalled in the camera. I have used that manufacturer since, but each of the next 2 times I had problems with that manufacturer. There are no good bellows manufacturers in the US today. When I got a commission to complete the above listed 16X20 camera that I designed and built, I had to find a great bellows manufacturer. I did find one.....overseas. I have had them make 6 bellows for me. I now have the best bellows manufacturer I have ever worked with.

Custom tripod for 7X17, 11X14 or 12X20 F&S. See listing with photos under the 12X20 F&S listed above.

7X17 F&S lensboards:

Original 7X17 F&S lensboard. Slightly smaller than 5" square. Between 125 and 126mm square. 68.8mm hole size. $70

newly manufactured out of Baltic Birch plywood, $50 each. 2 available.


2 fiberglass developing trays for 7X17", Ex, $90


See lenses to cover larger formats listed above


Beautiful Mahogany finish, as well made, if not better than any of the wooden cameras. Skyscraper design with extra tall bellows that allow 4.5" lensboard rise--w/o the bellows even moving! Rear swing and tilt. Great wideangle architectural camera. Also good portrait camera. The 8X8" lensboard will allow very large lenses like the 405mm Kodak Portrait lens to be used. 27" hinged rail, composed of 6" section and 21" section, designed to fold up with the camera in the most compact way possible. Weighs 20-21#. 6.5X18X22" folded. New bellows of the highest quality. Ex+/Mint-, $OLD. Accessories listed below. I will leave this up for your information.

11X14, 12X20 FOLMER & SCHWING HARDWARE. BED RAIL, FOCUSING KNOBS AND SHAFTS, LOCK KNOBS, GEAR RACK, SPUR GEARS, GEAR SHAFTS, etc. Specialized components from a F&S copy camera. If you are restoring one of several F&S cameras, many of these parts are likely to be compatible with your camera. The focusing knobs, lock knobs, gear rack and spur gears are compatible with the 11X14 and 12X20 F&S cameras I have had in stock. The wood base rail with gear rack is compatible with an 11X14 F&S camera with extension rails that I had, but not with the currently in stock tailboard 11X14 F&S. You get: almost 6' of 32 pitch gear rack, 8 32 pitch spur gears, 4 wood focusing knobs, 4 brass lock knobs, 4 focusing shafts, etc. $500 or $400 without the 4 brass right angle brackets, which I have a use for.

CASE for 11X14 F&S, made for Hinelight (on my lighting equipment list), perfect size for the camera, thin tough hard fibre case, interior partition will have to be removed, $250, consider buying a Hinelight @ $450 or $500 to get the case.

Custom tripod for 7X17, 11X14 or 12X20 F&S. See listing with photos under the 12X20 F&S listed above.

11X14 F&S lensboards

newly manufactured out of Baltic Birch plywood or black expanded PVC, $50 each. See photo above of an expanded black PVC lensboard on the camera with UDL attached.

11X14 FOLMER & SCHWING LENSBOARD, 66mm hole, Mint-, $200. This one is extra thick and would be a good candidate for an adapter lensboard.

8X10 F&S Skyscraper front standard. Stripped, appropriate holes filled, not yet completely assembled, all ready for final preparation and finish. Geared rise and fall + lock hardware present, lensboard retaining hardware missing. 10" wide by 15.5" tall overall. Accepts 7" square lensboards. Beautiful Mahogany. You cannot buy Mahogany of this quality today. $250


See lenses to cover 7X17 and larger formats listed above + some lenses on my lens list


14X20, 12X20 and 8X20 Deardorff backs available--listed under Deardorff--found below on this list. You will find illustrations of these backs there.


WHY CHOOSE the 8X10 KODAK MASTER VIEW: It's a lightweight and compact folding field camera, ~13#, slightly smaller than a Deardorff. It's a great wideangle camera, accomodating lenses as short as 47mm. Front and rear standards may be centered over bed so that the bed isn't in the way and centered camera is stable. It has 27.5" maximum extension. The film back is ventilated; the ground glass therefore doesn't need or have cut corners. The original 8X10 ground glass has clear lines delineating 5X7 and 4X5, clear center crosslines and clear diagonal lines. These clear lines allow you to see the lens aperture from the corners of the ground glass and to focus on the aerial image and aid in aligning vertical and horizontal subject lines. I have never seen a factory made 4X5 back for the Master view. Camera has gross front rise, geared front rise, front shift, front swing and tilt, rear swing and tilt. The back is reversible. There is a front tripod socket for use of a 2nd tripod or monopod to add additional support to the front end when using heavy ong focal length lenses. The original and properly made replacement bellows have bellows tabs that allow you to clip the bellows to hooks at the rear of the front standard to keep the bellows from sagging into the path of the image forming light. The camera isn't perfect, however. The lensboards are made out of a very soft aluminum that is difficult to machine. Kodak Master view camera lensboards are also extremely difficult to find. The slide locking bar for the lensboard rides on 2 tiny and fragile #2-64TPI shoulder screws--which are often missing. I recommend that the front standard be converted to take another lensboard.

8X10 Kodak Master view, with new heavy duty original color brown bellows, with original ground glass with lines for 5X7 and 4X5 and with diagonal lines going out to the corners that allow you to view the lens diaphragm along the diagonals. The camera back is an original KMV 8X10 back with new springs, new light trap felt and new paint. The camera has a new leather handle. The camera has been adapted to accept Sinar lensboards. This eliminates the major imperfections of the camera. Sinar lensboards are available new in any quantity and they will fit your Sinar camera as well as this Kodak Master view. Now you may have the best 8X10 field camera that accepts lensboards of the best studio camera. Isn't life wonderful! Lensboards priced separately. The next improvement I will make to this camera is to replace the 1/4-20TPI tripod socket with a 3/8-16TPI socket. One has to be made from brass stock to fit the camera. $OLD. I illustrate it for your education and to show you the front standard adapted to accept Sinar lensboards. This Sinar adaptation is available as a service--see below. Also, I make and install new leather handle coverings for your Kodak Master view.

A new leather handle covering made for your Master View and installed. This is hand sewn in place. No glue is used. See photos above. $75.

3/8-16TPI replacement tripod socket for your Master View which always came with a 1/4-20TPI socket when new, Mint, $150. I just made one for a customer. Although I am all sold out of these, I can make more on demand.

1/4-20TPI original tripod socket for your Master View. The buyer of the Master View ordered it with the 3/8-16TPI replacement tripod socket, so the original is now available. $100

5X7 Kodak Master view original ground glass, water damaged, $20 as is

An assortment of Kodak Master view parts: Rarely offered. 3 lensboard slide locking bar shoulder screws, 3 washers, 1 stop pin and 4 bellows frame screws. $120.

Kodak Master view lensboard slide locking bars, $50 each or $75 for the pair. You do not have to use these on the KMV. They would look good and work well on other cameras as well.

Kodak Master view lensboard lower hook bar and lensboard retaining cover bar, $80 for the pair. 2 sets available.



Jack Deardorff "Aged to Perfection" at about age 68. Jack was the last of the Deardorff family to be actively engaged in camera manufacture. Jack is seen framed by a 12X20 Deardorff rear carrier frame. Jack is at his workbench in his last "factory" holding his last camera model, a 5X7. Jack was without a doubt one of the more interesting and knowledgable people in the camera business. Jack passed away at about age 70.


8X10 Deardorff NEW-OLD-STOCK (NOS) mahogany base for the latest Deardorff cameras. The base is constructed of some of the best wood available. This particular base is decades old, so the wood is even better than what is available today. If your Deardorff base is bad this is what you need. It is probably the only NOS one in existence. $400 for the base or $700 with the NOS base plate listed below. You save $100 by buying the base and the base plate together.

The NEW-OLD-STOCK (NOS) L. F. Deardorff & Sons, Inc. parts that I currently have in stock will probably be the last that I will be able to get. In the 1st photo you see a deep incised Deardorff logo base plate with 3/8-16TPI hole with 1/4-20 TPI insert with insert screwdriver and set of screws. I bought this Deardorff logo base plate in the early 1990's from Deardorff. I still have the receipt. This Deardorff logo base plate is the latest and greatest and is available for $250. In the 2nd image are ground glass spring clips--available at $25 each. In the 3rd image are spring shackels for 11X14" and banquet camera backs illustrated beside an 8X10 back so you can see that they are larger than those supplied for an 8X10, @ $35 each.


Below are photos of an 8X10 Deardorff that I refinished. This camera was built in the 1940s. The front swings were added later. The bellows are some that I installed about 10 years ago for this customer; they look like new. The base was badly scratched when the camera came to me. There were other problems. New parts were supplied where needed and available. Used parts were also used where new parts were not available. In the last 3 photos you see the refinished camera next to a 1970 model that has not been refinished. Note the differences in the color of the finish. Deardorff stains his cameras then coats them with stain in the top coat in order to even out the differences in wood color. The result is a more evenly colored camera, but the beauty of the grain is hidden. Mahogany is a beautiful wood. Why not show it off? I no longer refinish cameras. I do restore and repair cameras. See some Deardorff items below that I have restored and scattered throughout my web pages find some cameras that I have restored.


4X5 Deardorff Triamapro, field camera, no rangefinder, wire finder with peepsight, original light tight leather bellows, 19" bellows extension, revolving spring back, folding focusing hood, front rise/fall, forward and backward tilt, swing, shift, geared wideangle focusing of front standard inside body (not on front bed) via knob on side of body, front bed drop, front bed also tilts up for additional front rise, double bubble level on camera top, original leather side handle is like new, 3 tripod sockets, very tight camera--shows virtually no wear from use, with copy of original Triamapro literature from Deardorff. Deardorff's best designed and best built camera. I understand the appeal of a beautiful wooden Deardorff, but cameras are for taking pictures. This camera does a better job. $1800


Wood baseplate, used, vintage finish crazed, wood edge damaged, separation along one diagonal line from corner to center, $50

2 Baby Deardorff reversible back pins. They just happen to be taped to the back of a Baby Deardorff lens board envelope. Envelope stays with the lens board. NEW-OLD-STOCK, $20

Baby Deardorff lensboards listed below with other Deardorff lensboards

Deardorff ground glass retaining clips with screws, nickel plated spring phosphor bronze, will fit any size Deardorff camera, NEW, $25 each

DEARDORFF BACKS, accessories


I was testing a lens. I was having trouble focusing the lens. I switched to a Deardorff GG. Focusing was much easier. It was the GG. The other GG looked good, but simply didn't perform well. Deardorff has been in the business for decades. He knows view cameras. He knows suppliers. He supplies a quality product. Once, when Deardorff was out of GG, I ordered a GG from Wisner. Wisner's GG performed well, but Wisner didn't inform me that they had different thicknesses of GG available. Wisner simply gave me a price on their least expensive and thinest GG in order to make the sale. Deardorff's GG is full thickness and is less fragile. Also, Wisner will only sell GG with square corners. I needed GG with cut corners. Wisner does not sell GG with cut corners because there is risk in breaking the GG when cutting the corners. Wisner allows you to bear that risk. Deardorff cameras and most wood cameras require cut corners because the wood turns up at the corners. Also, most photographers prefer GG with cut corners so they may see the lens aperture. With most lenses, if you can see the full circular aperture from the GG corner, the lens will cover that corner.