At the apparent end of the tracks you see the Merchandise Mart, once the world's largest building. Behind that is the Sears Tower, once the world's tallest building. I did not even need a car to get to the subject. The CTA elevated line is just a couple of blocks from my house. All I had to do was get my camera to and from the train. The tripod used was a Saltzman with a GLENNVIEW made custom top plate that was large enough to support the front drop down extension rail in addition to the base section of the camera. The Saltzman tripod and head are specifically designed for use with large flat bed view cameras. The custom top plate I manufacture makes them work even better for that purpose. I have a Saltzman tripod and a Gitzo tripod with a Saltzman head as well as many other quality tripods on my Tripod web page. I do not have a scanner large enough to handle a 12X20 contact print, so I used a Nikon digital SLR with a 60mm Macro lens to photocopy this image on a copy stand. 55 inches between the film plane and the copy was required. Not many copy stands allow that. I used a 5X7 Durst enlarger which is also designed to be used as a copy stand to do the job. With an adjustable height easel as well as an adjustable height head, a tilting easel, a tilting head, counterbalanced easel and head, the Durst makes one of the best copy stands. I have Durst copy stands listed on my Durst Enlargers web page and other copy camera equipment on my Copy Cameras web page. Click here to go back to my View Cameras and accessories web page.

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