It was in the 1970's that I first heard of the coming of digital cameras. The person who told me about it asked if I thought digital cameras would be successful. I thought so just because of the cost of film and processing. I said I would love to have a 4X5 digital back. I am still waiting for a 4X5 digital back, although it is doubtful that a 4X5 digital back will ever be produced. Digital is here to stay. I like digital myself. Digital renewed my interest in some types of photography.

I have been deaing in analog photo equipment since the 1970's. I have gotten to know many of my customers over a long period of time. Certainly most have moved on to be strictly digital photograhers. However, those that were the most successful analog photographers are still successful analog photographers. They are art photographers for the most part.

It is understandable that analog art photographers would be successful. If I were investing in photographs as art, I would certainly prefer a silver gelatin print to a digital print. All other things aside, such as quality of vision, a silver gelatin print will likely hold its value more than a digital print. Platinum prints and other older processes are of even more value. I have customers shooting tintypes, daguerreotypes, cyanotypes, etc.

On several occasions, local photography instructors have sent their students to me to solve problems such as view camera light leaks in cameras as well made as a Linhof Technica. Usually, the problem is a matter of technique. The whole reason the instuctor had these students shooting analog cameras in the 1st place was to slow down the teach mindulness. Poor technique comes from a lack of mindfulness. These students are much younger than I and are well versed in digital photography, but they are shooting view cameras.....and loving it, they say.

The trend in photography is towards efficiency. The early professional enlargers had condenser heads. Condensers were expensive to make and required cleanliness and mindfulness to achieve the ultimate print. Diffusion heads are much less expensive to manufacture and much less demanding to use, but the prints are inferior. Digital printmaking does not even require an enlarging lens....or light. But, nothing compares to a condenser print. The ultimate condenser print is one made with a point light source.

Perhaps the best reason to do analog photography is to differentiate yourself from the crowd. The ease of use of digital cameras allows everyone to be a photographer.......of sorts. Few have the patience or skill set to do analog photography today. If you do have those skills, you will stand out.

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